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Clinton: The World Looks to America Because of Its Values

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on Tuesday where she talked about how the rest of the world looked up to America.

The Hill reports:

“Diplomacy is one of the greatest forces for peace and prosperity and progress the world has ever known. And today, the lessons of this museum are more vital and urgent than ever,” Clinton said at the opening of a new exhibit at the State Department, according to CNN.

The brief address one of just a few public appearances Clinton has made since conceding the presidential race.

“Democracy, freedom and the rule of law are under attack around the world. A rising tide of authoritarian and illiberalism threatens that foundation of the post [World War II] global era that American diplomats have built and defending since Marshall and Acheson,” the former secretary of State said.

The new museum at Foggy Bottom, part of which is reportedly named the Hillary Clinton Pavilion, will also include exhibits named for current Secretary of State John Kerry and former Secretaries James Baker and Henry Kissinger.

Since conceding the election to President-elect Donald Trump, Clinton also spoke at a gala in November for the non-profit Children’s Defense Fund. She also spoke briefly at the Capitol to mark then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) retirement.

“We should remember that the world looks to America as the indispensable nation not just because of the size of our military or the strength of our economy, it looks to us because America stands for universal values and aspirations and if we stay true to those values, like the best of the men and women whose leadership an d services will be commemorated here, then our country will weather every storm on the horizon,” Clinton said Tuesday.

Trump is set to take the presidential oath of office on Jan. 20.

Photo credit: Greg Nash.

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