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BuzzFeed Editor on If He Has Regrets on Publishing Dossier: ‘Absolutely Not’

Buzzfeed has no regrets publishing the Trump dossier, even if the claims inside the dossier are “alleged.”

The Hill reports:

The editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed on Sunday defended the website’s decision to publish an unverified dossier alleging Russia had compromising information on President-elect Donald Trump.

“Absolutely not,” editor-in-chief Ben Smith said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” when asked if he had any regrets about publishing the document.

“We’re proud we published it. And I feel, three days later, it seems clear it was the right thing to do, if you look at how much more we know than we knew three days ago. And I think in three months, it will look even clearer.”

Smith said he thinks Buzzfeed was “well within the tradition of American journalism” in its decision.

“Every time you use the world alleged on your air, every time you see the word ‘alleged’ in print or on the web, that is saying we are repeating a claim we can’t verify,” he said.

“That is a totally, within the standard particularly of covering law enforcement.”

When deciding what to publish, Smith said his publication asks why it shouldn’t share something.

“I think we are trying to best inform our audience to be true to our audience, to treat our audience with respect,” Smith said.

“I think you are too. I think these are different traditions of that.”

CNN on Tuesday reported that Trump had been briefed on a two-page summary of the document, but did not mention specific allegations included in the document.

Buzzfeed then published the document in full, a decision that sparked controversy.

The president-elect has strongly denied the allegations made in the dossier and attacked both Buzzfeed and CNN for its reporting.

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