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‘SNL’ Mocks Trump News Conference

SNL continues to comment on Donald Trump’s actions, most recently his calling out of CNN as “fake news.”

The Hill reports:

“Saturday Night Live” during its latest show mocked President-elect Donald Trump’s news conference last week and his relationship with the press.

“God, I’m loving this press conference,” Alec Baldwin as Trump said. “I love the press. I respect the press. Let’s take another question from the press.”

“Yeah, I’m from Buzzfeed,” an actor says.

“Not you, Buzzfeed,” Baldwin responds. “You’re a failing pile of garbage and you want to know why?

“Because I took your quiz yesterday. And I’ll tell you right now, I’m not a ‘Joey,’ I’m a ‘Rachel,’” referring to the news outlet’s “Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You?” quiz.

“Who else has a question? I love the press,” Baldwin’s Trump continues.

“Yes, Jim Acosta, CNN,” another actor says.

“No, not CNN either,” Baldwin responds. “You’re overrated.

Fake news. I tried to watch your network last night — there was just some crazy blonde woman spouting lies.”

“That was Kellyanne Conway,” the fake Jim Acosta said, referring to one of Trump’s top aides.

The real Trump last week berated Acosta and refused to take a question from the CNN reporter during the news conference.

CNN earlier in the week had reported that intelligence officials had briefed Trump on an unverified dossier alleging that the Russian government is in possession of compromising information about him. CNN reported the two-page summary was also provided to President Obama and a small group of lawmakers with jurisdiction over highly classified material.

Buzzfeed, however, published the full 35-page dossier in its entirety.

Trump and his team have staunchly denied the claims in the report.

Photo credit: CNN/Screenshot.

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