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Allred Says Woman to Announce Lawsuit Against Trump

According to civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, a woman who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by President-elect Donald Trump will soon launch a lawsuit against him.

The Hill reports:

The woman will hold a news conference Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif., with Allred to announce the lawsuit.

Multiple women came forward last year to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct after the release of a 2005 “Access Hollywood” video in which Trump was heard making lewd comments about women.

In the tape, Trump talked about how he could grope and kiss women without their consent because of his celebrity status.

Allred has in the past represented some of the accusers.

She said in October, after the release of the video, that she was hearing accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump before the 2005 tape emerged.

“Many women contacted me even prior to the release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape,” Allred said. “They just wanted me to know what Mr. Trump had done.”

Allred has harshly criticized Trump in the past, calling him a “fourth-rate politician and a fifth-rate human.”

“Please understand that you will not intimidate me,” she said in a statement directed at Trump. “Others who are smarter, richer and more famous than you have tried and failed.”

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