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NYT Asks for ‘One Republican with Integrity’ to Vote down DeVos

The New York Times is asking Republicans to boycott Betsy Devos’s nomination.

The Hill reports:

In an editorial Saturday, The New York Times asked for “one Republican with integrity” to come forward and defeat the senate confirmation of President Trump’s nominee for Education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

The senate is set to hold a confirmation hearing for DeVos on Monday. Two Republican senators, Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) gave dramatic back-to-back speeches Wednesday announcing they would oppose DeVos.

The defections set up a potential 51-50 vote in the Senate to confirm DeVos, with Vice President Pence breaking the tie.

Should one more Republican senator come out against DeVos, she would officially be struck down from serving as Education secretary.

In the case of a tie, it would be the first time a vice president has been the deciding vote on a nomination, and the first time a vice president has had to break a Senate tie since March 2008, when Vice President Dick Cheney cast a deciding vote on a package of tax cuts.

The Times post titled “Wanted: One Republican with integrity, to defeat Betsy DeVos,” pointed to possible Republicans who could come out against DeVos.

“The extra Republican vote could come from one of several independent-minded senators; one candidate is Lamar Alexander, an expert on public schools who actually owes the country a good turn because of his failure as chairman of the committee vetting Ms. DeVos to question her closely and to give more time to her critics,” the New York Times wrote.

The editorial board also critiques other nominees put forward by Trump, and asked voters to call their senators ahead of the Monday vote.

DeVos, a GOP mega-donor long active on education issues, has been the subject of fierce opposition from teachers unions and other liberal groups opposed to her support for charter schools and tuition vouchers using public funds. Senators in both parties have also criticized her lack of experience with public and rural education.

Liberals made DeVos a top target and sought to jam Republican phone lines with protests over her nomination.

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