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Warren: Democrats Need to ‘Grow a Backbone’

Elizabeth Warren believes that the Democratic Party needs to enforce their beliefs, rather than change them.

The Hill reports:

Democrats need to take some responsibility for Donald Trump’s electoral win, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Saturday, urging party faithfuls to cast aside more moderate calls for strategic campaign reforms and “grow a backbone.”

Speaking at the Progressive Congress Strategy Summit in Baltimore, the progressive firebrand painted Trump’s election as a failure by Democrats to address floundering economic opportunity and a growing wealth gap in the U.S.

“There are some in the Democratic Party who urge caution,” she said, according to prepared remarks. “They say this is just a tactical problem. We need better data. We need better social media. We need better outreach. We need better talking points. “

“Better talking points? Are you kidding me?” she continued. “People are so desperate for economic change in this country that Donald Trump was just inaugurated as President, and people think we just have a messaging problem?”

Warren also blasted Republican leaders for bowing to Trump’s nationalist brand of politics, painting it as a move to pursue the party’s agenda at all costs.

“Donald Trump has stirred ugly racism, sexism, and hatred in this country, and the Republican politicians smiled and climbed right into bed with him,” she said. “That stink will be on them for decades to come. The national party that embraced bigotry.”

But she also aimed her criticism at members of her own party, arguing that some had turned to making excuses to absolve Democrats of responsibility for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss.

Trump rose to the presidency after a bitter and often chaotic campaign season, marked by a succession of controversies.

Warren has been among Trump’s most vocal critics, and has gained a reputation as one of the prominent members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

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