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Anti-Trump Employees Quit Their Jobs at Companies with Trump Ties

Political rifts at the workplace are causing employees to quit their jobs.

The Hill reports:

Executives at a number of companies that have come out in support of President Trump have had to answer to employees with opposing political views, with some employees quitting their jobs, according to a report by Bloomberg.

One such example cited by Bloomberg was of IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty, who, after congratulating Trump on his electoral victory, faced a petition from employees asking to “respect our right to refuse to participate in any government contracts that violate constitutional and civil liberties.”

An IBM senior strategist penned an open letter announcing her resignation after Trump’s electoral win.

Trump gathered together numerous tech CEOs and other business leaders after becoming president, causing problems for some of those companies.

After Oracle Co-Chief Executive Safra Catz joined Trump’s transition team, a manager of cloud operations quit his job, detailing his reasons for doing so in a post on LinkedIn with hundreds of thousands of views.

In some cases, the efforts have been successful, as was the case when Uber drivers knocked the ride-hailing company’s CEO Travis Kalanick for serving on Trump’s White House advisory council. Kalanick has since resigned from the position after backlash from employees.

Some job candidates have also canceled interviews at companies they say don’t share their beliefs. Bloomberg reported that a 39-year-old lawyer canceled an interview at the global law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius after reading that the firm Trump’s ethics and conflicts-of-interest compliance.

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