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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits Buying Illegal Drugs, Refuses to Resign

Following hours of frenzied deliberation with City Council, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford confessed to consuming and purchasing illegal drugs in response to aggressive questioning regarding a video leaked earlier this year.

“There’s nothing else to say, guys. I really f-ed up and that’s it,” shrugged the mayor.

However, in spite of his numerous apologies and City Council’s majority vote to petition his resignation, Ford decisively maintained that he will not step down. “I’m definitely keeping this job,” he reassured those in the hearing. “I made a mistake. I am human. I apologize. I want to move on.”

The video, allegedly showing Mayor Ford smoking crack and speaking incoherently, has not yet been publicly released.

In the meantime, City Council remains powerless to take the mayor from his seat unless he is actually convicted of a crime. Nevertheless, though symbolic, the vote serves as a blunt reminder of his approval in the public’s eye.

“Together we stand to ask you to step aside and take a leave of absence,” said Councilor Jaye Robinson, being met with cheering applause. Outside the hearing, protesters roared for the mayor to resign.

Councilor Doug Ford stepped up as an advocate for the mayor, at times speaking in a hostile tone towards his fellow councilors, addressing what he perceived as hypocrisy on their behalf. “The whole council will stand up, so don’t come across, don’t come across, like you’re holier than thou, because you’re not,” he said. “Everyone should be careful about throwing rocks in a glass house. Have you ever done illicit drugs Minnan-Wong? Don’t pretend you’re a Christian when you aren’t.”

Nevertheless, the mayor faces a tough road of judgment ahead both from City Council and Toronto’s residents, as councilors stressed the possibility of further scandals coming to surface, distracting the city from handling its more pertinent affairs.


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