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Virginia Senator Stabbed, Son Fatally Shot In Possible Murder Suicide

Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds was hospitalized after being stabbed multiple times on Tuesday. His son, 24-year-old Austin “Gus” Deeds, was shot to death in what authorities are preliminarily investigating as a possible murder and suicide.

“We’re still piecing together the exact circumstances that led up to the altercation and then followed afterwards,” said Corrine Geller, spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police. “But based on the evidence we have right now, we are looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide.”

Geller said an altercation did occur between father and son prior to the stabbing and shooting, but did not confirm that Gus stabbed the senator. Nevertheless, Geller stated that no one else was in the house at the time of the incident, and authorities do not currently have any other suspects.

Senator Deeds, who received multiple stab wounds to the head and body, is in fair condition. He walked away from the scene and was picked up by a cousin near Route 42, placing the 911 call soon after, according to an update on the VSP’s Facebook page.

Gus Deeds received an emergency mental health evaluation on Monday, but was not admitted due to a lack of psychiatric beds available in the western Virginia area, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report.

The Virginia lawmaker, a Democrat, previously ran for attorney general in 2005 and for governor in 2009, losing in the latter to the current Virginia governor, Republican Bob McDonnell.

“In this tough and sad time, our thoughts and prayers are with the Deeds family,” McDonnell said in a statement. “The news from this morning is utterly heartbreaking.”

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