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VIDEO: Phil Robertson: Marry Girls When They’re ’15 or 16′

Phil Robertson, star of the reality series “Duck Dynasty,” stirred controversy again after a video showed him saying men should marry women while they’re still teenagers.

“Look, you wait ‘til they get to be 20 years old the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket,” said the series’ patriarch in a recently resurfaced video from 2009. “You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They’ll pick your ducks.”

The clip, part of a speech Robertson made at a George Sportsmen Ministry event, shows the reality star reminiscing on some “river rat counseling” he gave to a young man with a girlfriend, adding that he “check with mom and dad about that, of course.”

Robertson, who married his wife, Kay, when she was 16, also mentioned other prerequisites in his advice. “Make sure that she can cook a meal,” he said. “You need to eat some meals that she cooks, check that out. Make sure she carries her Bible. That’ll save you a lot of trouble down the road.”

The video is the latest in a recent string of polemic statements made by Robertson. Less than two weeks ago, he was suspended by series network A&E for making remarks against homosexuals. “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus,” he said in a GQ interview, also comparing homosexuality with bestiality.

After receiving backlash from supporters of the show, including conservatives such as Sarah Palin, A&E withdrew its suspension and allowed Robertson to continue to appear in the show.

Robertson has already addressed his comments in his book “Happy, Happy, Happy,” in which he writes that his advice was “a joke, and a lot of people seem to laugh at it, but there is a certain amount of truth in it.”

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