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Colorado Pot Shops Will “Run Out” Within Days Due to High Demand

Colorado’s recreational marijuana stores will not be able to meet consumer demand if it continues at this rate, according to pot shop owners.

“We are going to run out,” said Toni Fox, owner of the 3D Cannabis Center in Denver. “It’s insane. This weekend will be just as crazy. If there is a mad rush, we’ll be out by Monday.”

Fox said she had enough marijuana to sell until February, but given the overwhelming demand, she will have to reevaluate her available supply.

Denver City Council officials were initially concerned with maintaining security, as long lines would form outside of pot stores, which allow cash-only sales, but now they’re concerned these stores will run out of legal weed and redirect would-be tokers to seek the ever-present black market alternative.

“[W]hen the novelty wears off, people will be tired of having to go to the stores and paying much higher prices for the same weed,” said a street dealer in Pueblo identified only as Tracy. “Street dealers will charge less, and we deliver.”

Tracy cited taxes on marijuana sales as a particular incentive to buy illegal weed. ““When you can buy an ounce from me for $225 to $300, the state adds as much as $90 just for the tax.”

High demand also stemmed from out-of-state visitors, or “smokebirds,” who rushed to Colorado to get legally high and be a part of history.

Mike Stetler, owner of Marisol Therapeutics, said 3 out of 4 customers so far have come from out of state. “They come for a quarter or an eighth,” he said. “They travel all this way just to get that receipt to make history.”

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