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Chris Christie Addresses Bridge Scandal: “I Am Ultimately Responsible”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claimed responsibility for any “good and bad” caused by his administration during his State of the State address and vowed to “cooperate with all appropriate inquiries” regarding controversy over accusations about a possible political vendetta.

“Mistakes were clearly made,” the embattled governor said early into his speech to state officials on Tuesday. “And as a result, we let down the people we are entrusted to serve. I know our citizens deserve better. Much better.”

The newly-reelected governor also addressed doubts of his leadership during the recent scandal. “But I also want to assure the people of New Jersey today that what has occurred does not define us or our state,” Christie said, receiving roaring applause. “This Administration and this Legislature will not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people’s lives in New Jersey to be delayed,”

Christie continued by focusing on the economic growth of New Jersey, encouraging the state to continue working together for a better future.

The governor faces a current investigation by the U.S Attorney’s Office in New Jersey. Over 2,000 pages seem to suggest that the partial obstruction of the George Washington Bridge, which caused caused several traffic delays and perhaps a death from ambulance delays, was fueled by a political grudge. Christie dismissed two members of his administration for their reported roles in the ordeal.

Another ongoing investigation will probe whether or not Christie redirected funds from relief set for the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to launch an ad campaign promoting New Jersey’s recovery which featured the governor and his family.

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