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#HillarysLosers: Rand Paul Trolls Hillary for Dems’ Defeat

Rand Paul, Kentucky senator and now professional Twitter troll, goaded Hillary Clinton after many of the candidates she endorsed lost in the recent midterm elections.

In a move that sets the stage for 2016 presidential election rivalries, the Kentucky senator took to Twitter to challenge Hillary’s decision to back losing Democratic candidates with the hashtag “#HillarysLosers.

“You didnt think it could get worse than your book tour?” Paul mocked. “It did. Courtesy of the U.S. voters.”

Paired with the tweet were photos of the tentative 2016 presidential candidate backing each of the candidates that lost Tuesday night’s congressional elections. And although not all of her endorsed candidates lost (most did), it still deals a political blow to Clinton, who now more than ever might have to solidify her position as 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and rub off any notion of hesitation.

In an e-mail to Breitbart News, Paul reinforced that very notion. “Clearly, Hillary is yesterday’s news,” Paul said, implying that Democrats “got wiped out” due to Hillary’s influence over the party.

The GOP took control over the Senate on Tuesday night, capturing at least the seven seats necessary to strip Democrats of the Senate hold they had had since 2007. Dissatisfaction with the current administration as well as with the Democratic party has been attributed to the latest GOP victory.

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