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More New Scandalous Allegations Emerge About Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford went on a media tour to admit his binge drinking and crack cocaine use, many assumed that was the worst of it. This week, however, a judge released witness testimony about Ford’s years as mayor. Witnesses claimed Ford abused drugs regularly, partied with prostitutes at City Hall, and attacked staff members.

The testimony was given to police by a number of Ford staffers, nine of whom have since left. The investigation is focused on Ford’s relationship with a known drug dealer stemming from the leaked crack smoking video that he has become most infamous for.

One former staffer testified that he worried that Ford drove drunk often, sometimes through school zones and recalled a time when the mayor chugged a 12-ounce bottle of vodka in the car. The staffer also said that he and other junior staffers would regularly be sent on alcohol runs. Staff members also told police that they would encounter women in the mayor’s office that said he had offered them a job after smoking marijuana with him outside of bars.

Staffers also claimed that Ford was drinking heavily with an escort at City Hall during last year’s St. Patrick’s Day. According to staffers, Ford verbally abused a taxi driver and threw a handful of business cards at him before being kicked out of a bar for snorting cocaine with an unknown woman.

Staffers also claim the mayor returned to City Hall after that incident where he continued drinking, reportedly attacked two staff members, and then got in his car and sped off after a taxi brought him home.

The mayor has not responded to the new allegations. Earlier this week, he had to defend himself in front of the Toronto city council which voted 37-5 to ask the mayor to step down. Ford has not yet been charged with any crime and has vowed to stay on as mayor.

These allegations were just some found in a 474-page affidavit that the police have on Ford. It’s likely safe to assume that Rob Ford’s closet isn’t as skeleton-free as he made it out to be in front of the city council earlier this week.

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