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2016 Election Includes 50 ‘Highly Alternative’ Candidates

While most of the 2016 talk revolves around Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, more than 50 candidates have already filed to run for president in the upcoming election and, many of them, are not exactly “traditional” candidates.

A recent report by Politico notes that if you skim through the applications that the Federal Election Committee has already received, “you’ll stumble across ‘President Princess Khadijah M. Jacob-Fambro’ from San Francisco. She writes on her forms that she is running with The Revolutionary Party, and on the section of the FEC filing where potential candidates are asked to write the name of committee, she wrote, ‘From one alien to another.’ Likewise, in the address section of his FEC filing, Chuck Zeiger (no party affiliation), writes ‘Unknown District, Arizona, Planet Earth, Middle of North America (United States of America).’”

Another candidate is Kip Lee, who has regularly “run for president” since the eighties. Lee isn’t out to woo voters, he’s out to please the Ashtar Command, what he says is a “benevolent group of cosmic friendship.”

Another candidate is California’s Doug Shreffler who says he’s a former CIA agent with the codename “Strong Ramrod”, although he admits that the CIA won’t confirm that he ever worked for them. But you know how secretive those guys can be.

Another candidate is Phil Bralich of California, a Democrat and Occupy Wall Street activist. Bralich says his philosophy is “More liberal than Chomsky, less liberal than Christ” and would pick Ann Coulter as his running mate.

One name that people might recognize is also the most controversial. Florida pastor Terry Jones is running on behalf of the group called “Stand Up America Now.” Jones holds the distinction of being the infamous pastor who tried to start a Burn a Quran day back in 2010. Jones says his goal is to fix the country.

In an interview with Politico, Jones said “I’m pretty devastated by the condition of America, the moral condition, the spiritual condition, the economical condition,” though he admitted that he didn’t have a “game plan.”

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