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Cory Booker, Rand Paul Unite on Twitter Over Festivus, War on Drugs

Bipartisanship is a rare find on Twitter but Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker reached across the virtual aisle on Monday, in the spirit of Festivus. In an exchange riddled with Seinfeld references, the two Senators have united on a quest to push through mandatory minimum sentencing reform along with hemp and marijuana law reform.

The exchange began when Paul was airing his “Festivus grievances.” Festivus is a reference to a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza’s dad wages a campaign for a new holiday that could replace Christmas. A Festivus for the rest of us, so to speak. One of the Festivus traditions in airing your grievances about everyone at the table.

Paul tweeted “One more Festivus grievance about bipartisanship. @CoryBooker doesn’t RT me enough.” Booker replied “U, me & feats of strength: Senate floor, name the time.” Feats of strength is another Festivus tradition that is exactly like it sounds.

The exchange moved to serious terms when Paul replied “How about mandatory minimum sentencing reform instead?” Booker agreed, saying “Yes, if you throw in reforming Fed Hemp & Marijuana laws u’ve got a deal!” Paul tweeted back “I am the Senate author of Hemp bill!” to which Booker replied “I know. U told me last week. Here is to a 2014 where we take on the failed war on drugs.”

So it appears that a Democrat from New Jersey who has been in the Senate for less than two months and a polarizing Tea Party Republican from Kentucky have formed one of the more unlikely alliances in the Senate, at least on one issue, over an episode of Seinfeld from 1997. And they said Washington was broken.

Paul has long been a staunch supporter of legalizing hemp so that farmers in his home state of Kentucky can grow the misunderstood crop once again. Booker has consistently been an advocate on sentencing and drug war reforms as mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

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