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Crack Mayor Rob Ford Officially Running for Re-Election

Undeterred by the critics and photographs of him smoking crack with teenage drug dealers, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has filed to run for re-election. Filing for re-election on Thursday, Ford told reporters that he was “the best mayor this city has ever had” and promised his dwindling supporters “Ford more years.”

Ford had continually denied rumors that there was a video of him smoking crack with some young African-American drug dealers until the Toronto police got hold of the tape in October. He has since admitted his drug use but said it was the result of a “drunken stupor.” We know that wasn’t a one-time thing because court documents released last month show drug dealers discussing their deliveries to the mayor on police wiretaps.

Following the original crack incident, reports found that Toronto police had compiled 1,000-plus pages of testimony from former Ford aides detailing his binge drinking, drug use, prostitute indulgence, verbal abuses, and drunk driving incidents. The police have not charged Ford with anything but Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair told reporters that “there are still some matters that are being investigated and pursued.”

Ford has since been adamant that he has quit drinking and is pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Many aren’t swayed by the mayor’s pursuit of clean living. Toronto resident Inna Evtoushenko says “That pathetic excuse for a mayor should get the hell out and stop embarrassing this beautiful city.”

But Ford hasn’t lost all of his supporters. Toronto resident Derek Killins says “Other than embarrass the hell out of himself and the city as a public figure, has he done anything pertaining to his job that was detrimental to the city’s well-being from a financial or economical standpoint? Most people I ask say that he’s done a good job for the city otherwise.”

Ford’s candidacy is great fodder for late night comedians but it’s certainly not outside of the realm of possibility that he is re-elected. Canadian elections typically have more than two major candidates than in the US and Ford is currently drawing a solid 31 percent of the vote which could be enough to win against three other significant candidates. Left opposition leader Olivia Chow, the widow of Jack Clayton who had been the leading leftist opponent in Toronto until his death in 2011, currently leads the polls with 34 percent of the vote.

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