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Rand Paul: ObamaCare Screwup Gave My Kid Medicaid Card

Rand Paul was no fan of Obamacare before, he’s certainly less of one now after the Kentucky healthcare exchange mistakenly sent the Senator’s son a Medicaid card.

Paul went on ABC’s This Week waving the Medicaid card and calling Obamacare an outright disaster. Paul said “We didn’t try to get him Medicaid; I’m trying to pay for his insurance, but they automatically enrolled him in Medicaid. For a month, they wouldn’t talk to us because they said they weren’t sure he existed. He had to go down to the welfare office, prove his existence. Then the next thing we know, we get a Medicaid card.”

Paul went on to say “So, really, most of the people in Kentucky are automatically being enrolled in Medicaid. I’m trying to pay for insurance and can’t pay for it. And I’m uncertain now whether I’m enrolled in D.C. and/or Kentucky … It’s a mess.”

While most of the people in Kentucky likely aren’t being enrolled in Medicaid automatically, the exchange rollout has had plenty of problems. Still, as of last week, 2.1 million people had signed up for a new private insurance plan through Obamacare. Half of those people signed up through state exchanges while the other half signed up through Healthcare.gov, the federal marketplace. Of course, it’s impossible to know if those people were uninsured or were dropped from their existing plan and had to get a new one.

Meanwhile, more than 4.3 million people have enrolled in Medicaid in states that expanded their program under the Affordable Care Act guidelines. Another five million people would be able to sign up if the hold out states expanded their programs.

The Affordable Care Act also allowed all Americans 26 and under to be covered by their parents’ plan which has insured an additional 3.1 million people. In total, that’s about 9.5 million people who have gained coverage through the ACA. The administration’s goal was 10 million signups by April.

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