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NYC Murders Twice as Likely to be Solved When Victim is White

In a Twitter-dominated world, racism has come to mean an offensive statement by a reality show star or an offhand remark by a news host but the real pervasive racism rears its ugly head in institutionalized bias. According to a new report by the New York Daily News, murders in New York are twice as likely to be solved if the victim is white instead of black.

According to the analysis, murder cases where the victim was white were solved 86 percent of the time while murders with black victims were only solved 45 percent of the time and murders with Hispanic victims were solved 54 percent of the time.

The report points to big cuts to detective budgets in areas with high murder rates but mostly minority victims as funding has been redirected toward more affluent areas like those in Manhattan. Overall, while patting themselves on the back for record-low murder rates, the city has cut the number of detectives from 7,151 to 5,137. The number of murder detectives has been cut by 50 percent to 74. The number of cold case detectives that investigate older unsolved cases has been cut from 50 to eight.

More importantly, the number of detectives per homicide is far higher in Manhattan than in the outer boroughs. In some precincts, there are just 12 detectives for 1,500 cases. Brooklyn’s 63rd precinct in East Flatbush has just 1.5 detectives per every eight homicides while precincts in Manhattan have anywhere from five to 26 detectives per homicide.

The systematic racism exists up and down the justice system as even the death penalty is rarely given to someone whose victim was black. In 2013, 32 of 39 executions in the United States involved a white victim while just one case involved a black victim. Since 1976, 77 percent of death row sentences have involved a white victim compared to just 15 percent that involved a black victim and six percent that involved a Hispanic victim.

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