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Sarah Palin Most Popular Potential 2016 GOP Candidate

With Chris Christie’s campaign on the ropes, Republicans are scrambling to find the new face of the party heading toward 2016. If the latest PPP poll is any indication of what the voters want, that face may be none other than former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. According to the poll, Palin receives the highest favorable rating among Republican voters than any other potential candidate.

The poll, conducted last week, found that 70 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of John McCain’s former running mate, higher than any other likely 2016 candidate.

Coming in second was former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, whose potential campaign could see a big boost with Christie on the slide. Among Republican voters, 64 percent have a favorable view of the Fox News host.

Where does Chris Christie stand these days? Way down the list with a favorable rating of just 40 percent, with 38 percent having an unfavorable opinion of the former GOP frontrunner.

Overall, 58 percent of Republican voters have a favorable view of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, 58 percent have a favorable view of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, and 56 percent have a favorable view of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. On the flip side, just 45 percent have a favorable view of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, although 35 percent said they didn’t know enough about the Tea Party favorite to form an opinion.

With Christie’s campaign on life support before it even began, this latest poll showed Mike Huckabee, who has not even been included on most election polls conducted thus far, taking the lead over the rest of the GOP pack. Huckabee received 16 percent of the vote while Jeb Bush got 14 percent, Chris Christie got 13 percent, and Rand Paul got 11 percent. Palin was not included among the options.

Without Huckabee in the race, Jeb Bush leads the pack with 18 percent of the vote, just ahead of Chris Christie’s 17 percent.

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