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Students Sign Petition to Have Gun Owners Executed in Concentration Camps

Mark Dice is a conspiracy theorist and author but also a media analyst and political prankster who records himself easily persuading people to sign petitions to repeal the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and even the entire Bill of Rights to show just how easy it is to get people to support, well, anything. This time, he was able to easily convince countless California college students to sign a petition to arrest and execute all gun owners.

He starts out harmlessly enough, asking people to sign a petition to repeal the Second Amendment. Seeing how easy that is, he begins to ask people to sign a petition to arrest all registered gun owners. Seeing how easy that is, he begins to ask people to sign a petition to have all gun owners executed. It never gets any harder for Dice as students are willing to put their signature on the petition no matter what he says it’s for.

“It’s just a simple repeal of the Second Amendment and we’ll be terminating and executing all of the gun owners,” Dice told one student who signed the petition and replied “Okay.”

“We’ll do door to door confiscations, we have lists of all the registered weapons, so the military will just go and take those away from people,” Dice told another student, to which he replied “Okay.”

“If they like their guns so much, let’s just feed the gun owners some of their own lead,” Dice told another student, who proceeded to sign the fake petition.

“We need to take these gun owners and put them into FEMA concentration camps to keep everybody safe,” Dice told several students. One responded by saying “well I agree with you there, keep them safe.” Another responded by saying “sounds about right.”

So far, Dice has been able to persuade people, without trying particularly hard, to support a repeal of the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Third Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, and even the entire Bill of Rights. You can see his latest video below and you can find all of them on YouTube.

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