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Students Sign Petition to Have Gun Owners Executed in Concentration Camps

Mark Dice is a conspiracy theorist and author but also a media analyst and political prankster who records himself easily persuading people to sign petitions to repeal the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and even the entire Bill of Rights to show just how easy it is to get people to support, well, anything. This time, he was able to easily convince countless California college students to sign a petition to arrest and execute all gun owners.

He starts out harmlessly enough, asking people to sign a petition to repeal the Second Amendment. Seeing how easy that is, he begins to ask people to sign a petition to arrest all registered gun owners. Seeing how easy that is, he begins to ask people to sign a petition to have all gun owners executed. It never gets any harder for Dice as students are willing to put their signature on the petition no matter what he says it’s for.

“It’s just a simple repeal of the Second Amendment and we’ll be terminating and executing all of the gun owners,” Dice told one student who signed the petition and replied “Okay.”

“We’ll do door to door confiscations, we have lists of all the registered weapons, so the military will just go and take those away from people,” Dice told another student, to which he replied “Okay.”

“If they like their guns so much, let’s just feed the gun owners some of their own lead,” Dice told another student, who proceeded to sign the fake petition.

“We need to take these gun owners and put them into FEMA concentration camps to keep everybody safe,” Dice told several students. One responded by saying “well I agree with you there, keep them safe.” Another responded by saying “sounds about right.”

So far, Dice has been able to persuade people, without trying particularly hard, to support a repeal of the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Third Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, and even the entire Bill of Rights. You can see his latest video below and you can find all of them on YouTube.

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  • Cranberry Township-gay

    dear sir or vagina:

    my name is dylan terreri, and to show my
    solidarity with mark dice and the noble students in california who
    signed a petition to have gun-owners put into concentration-camps and
    then murdered, i would like to make my activism known.

    my name is
    dylan terreri, and i am starting a petition which calls for the violent
    and blood-spewing murder of every gay person and of every feminist in
    existence. if the pro-gun 2nd amendment needs to be repealed, then so
    does every pro-gay and pro-female law that was enacted as a method of
    overcompensation designed to get society to stop thinking of gays and
    girls as lesser people.

    my name is dylan terreri, and i believe
    that any little vagina who screams the words, “a woman can do anything a
    man can do,” needs to be raped and then executed. or executed and then
    raped, depending on one’s preference. these people are as dangerous to
    society as any gun-owning individual is. these “strong women” perpetrate
    lies, simply because “strong women” do not possess a level of physical
    strength which is comparable to the physical competence of a man. anyone
    involved in scholastic athletics should be aware of this, simply
    because scholastic athletics are always gender-based events which never
    permit men to compete against the shorter/smaller/weaker gender.

    name is dylan terreri, and terreri says that the lie of gender-equality
    is not simply a harmless placebo meant to un-break the egos of members
    of the little gender. he believes that this lie is as dangerous as a gun
    is. furthermore, anyone who utters the words, “a woman can do anything a
    man can do,” as well as anyone who enforces gender-equality, is
    weakening national defense and is therefore contributing to the deaths
    of our citizens and our entire way of life. feminists are traitors, and
    should be executed for their lies which are meant to dismantle the

    terreri believes that the reason why female lumberjacks
    use chainsaws to mechanically assist them in their competitions, is
    because frail and little bodies cannot duplicate the ax-wielding
    physical power of mens’ bodies. i’d venture to guess that the
    omnipotence of men is where the term, “often imitated, never duplicated”
    came from.

    the reason why dana capobianco can only curl 85
    pounds for 30 reps , after 15+ years of dedicated weight-training, is
    because women are lesser people. female bodybuilders are lackluster when
    compared to men bodybuilders. all the steroids in the world will not
    change that.

    terreri has little respect for any feminist who
    shouts the “a woman can do anything a man can do” lie, and he believes
    that these feminists need to be physically assaulted and forced into a
    concentration camp where they’d be murdered. females are doing a
    disservice to the military, to national security, to the reputation of
    bodybuilding, and to the notion of physical strength. they need to be
    tortured and executed because they are a bunch of masculine wannabees
    who will neverbee, and whose lackluster physical abilities are a
    detriment to the country (as well as anyone’s notion of strength).

    also believes that gays need to be physically assaulted and forced into
    a concentration camp to be murdered. anyone who relishes in being
    cross-eyed curious when in the presence of other members of their own
    gender, has as much of a gender-identity issue as feminists have. gay
    “men” are not real men. gay “men” are only men on the outside – they may
    maintain a facade of masculine identity and security on the outside,
    but their minds are amazed and flabbergasted when in the presence of
    other men. gay “men” do not possess a remnant of self-love, simply
    because a gay “man” does not provide himself with a sense of masculine
    fulfillment – the gay “man” is searching for a boyfriend or a husband
    because the gay “man” does not think of himself as the perfect specimen
    of manhood (or as the man of his dreams). gay “men” need to be
    physically assaulted and then put into concentration camps to be
    murdered, this is because gay “men” are as much a bunch of “masculine
    wanabees” as feminists are.

    aside from pride and lust being two
    of the infamous “seven deadly sins,” which god hates, aside from
    godhatesfags.com meaning the same thing as godhatespride.com (though the
    two are completely different websites), aside from
    religion…homosexuality (and homosexuals) should be disrespected for
    the mockery that homosexuality makes of one’s sense of self-love and

    in the 1990s, terreri came up with a quote: “if you’re not the man of your dreams, good luck filling anyone else’s void”

    was not born feeling like a masculivoid. likewise, nobody is born gay.
    one is not born with any knowledge of either gender or of the way a
    specific gender makes one feel. not even kreskin! there is no gene that
    bestows emotional feelings onto a person’s brain – anyone who believes
    that they were born gay or born with a genetic predisposition to
    gambling or to shopping or to theatre…they are just mistaken. i was
    not born with a favorable opinion of hairy armpits, i can tell you right
    now that there was not a day in the boys’ locker room when i didn’t
    feel like an outcast – from age 8 or 9 until…well, a tbi (traumatic
    brain-injury) stopped me from taking gym class for the last two years of
    high school…so, i was a jealous masculivoid in the locker room until
    just before i turned 16.

    terreri’s sense of masculine
    gender-identity was tormented rather than cultivated, both by his
    hairless armpits and by his sister. terreri’s sister, laurel, had a
    nickname for him – “grit”. to laurel, terreri was nothing more than “a
    cross between a girl and an IT” – laurel could not regard terreri as
    masculine. dylan terreri says “thank you” to laurel

    terreri did
    not excel at sports like the celebrated boys did, the celebrated boys
    who girls fawned over, this is another reason why dylan terreri is gay.
    as a high-school actor, dylan terreri was always trying on different
    personalities because he was unsatisfied with himself. why do you think
    so many actors are gay? there is no gene that makes any boy psyched for
    men or for theatrics – there is no gene that gives anyone an opinion,
    favorable or unfavorable, of anything. this is because opinions have to
    be developed through life.

    my name is dylan terreri – i was not
    born with a predisposition to let the internet waste my life away. video
    games (pac-man) came into my life when i was around six years old, and
    it wasn’t until video games came into my life that i was able to form a
    favorable opinion regarding video games. personal computing came into my
    life around age 10, and it wasn’t until personal computing came into my
    life that i was able to form a favorable opinion of
    computer-programming. the internet didn’t came into my life until age
    21, and i was not able to form a favorable opinion of the internet
    before it came into my life…i don’t even think anyone had heard of al
    gore’s invention before i became an adult.

    if i was “born with” a
    favorable opinion of chest-hair, then why wasn’t i aware of the opinion
    until after the realization developed that i was a lackluster specimen
    of manhood in comparison to other specimens? come to think of it, if a
    heterosexual man was “born with” a favorable opinion of the female
    gender, then why was he crying in the presence of a vagina? did he not
    know that he was near a vagina? did he not know that he was near a naked
    specimen of femininity? why would he be crying if he was “born with” an
    interest (and opinion) of females’ bodies?

    if i was not born
    with any knowledge (whatsoever) of men, then how could i have been born
    with any sort of predisposition to lust for them? sexual arousal doesn’t
    happen without mental arousal. i am known to say that gay males are
    only men on the outside, and this is why i believe that they should all
    be taken to the aforementioned concentration camp for gun-owners.

    and feminists both suffer from gender-identity issues. by advocating
    for the legitimacy of their own gender-identity issues, they are doing a
    disservice to psychological integrity of the country, and it is for
    this reason i believe that gays and feminists should be murdered in the
    same concentration camp meant for gun-owners.

    mr. dylan terreri, i
    dr.. sheldon cooper, ii
    http://www.jaggedlittledyl.com, LLC
    “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it.” – Madonna