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America’s Next President: Mike Huckabee?

As Chris Christie plummets from frontrunner status amid numerous scandals and a federal investigation, former Arkansas Mike Huckabee has suddenly taken the lead in the Republican primary race and is within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in general election polling.

Since mid-January, Chris Christie’s poll numbers have dropped quickly from the high-teens to low double-digits. Once the frontrunner, Christie’s numbers dropped to 13 percent two weeks ago and to just 10 percent last week, according to a CNN poll.

In the meantime, Mike Huckabee, who wasn’t even included in most polls last year, has quickly climbed into a narrow lead, placing first with 16 percent in the latest PPP poll and 14 percent in the latest CNN poll. Without many big names among the GOP pack, the 2008 candidate could be next in line for a nomination nod, just as Mitt Romney received in 2012 after losing the 2008 nomination.

More interestingly, Huckabee also presents a danger to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. According to the latest PPP poll, Huckabee trails Clinton by just 3 percent, well within the margin of error.

In 2008, Huckabee finished third in the Republican primaries, winning eight states and 20.4 percent of the national vote. Mitt Romney finished second with 11 states carried and 22.4 percent of the national vote, and John McCain won with 31 states carried and 47.3 percent of the national vote. Huckabee won almost every county in Iowa, winning the state’s caucus with 34 percent of the vote.

Aside from having campaign experience, Huckabee is also the most popular potential 2016 GOP candidate. Outside of Sarah Palin, of course. In the latest PPP poll, Huckabee saw a 64 percent favorable rating. By comparison, Chris Christie is down to just a 40 percent favorable rating.

Certainly, there’s more than plenty of time left until the 2016 primaries and general election but Mike Huckabee already finds himself in a very strong position without even campaigning.

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