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Ann Coulter: Obama Would be Impeached if He Wasn’t Black

In an interview on Fox News, conservative author Ann Coulter slammed the president’s recent push to circumvent Congressional inaction through the use of executive powers, saying he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.

“Different branches have different roles,” Coulter said. “In terms of writing legislation, the president’s role is quite clearly laid out as he sort of indicates but then ignores with his pen, with his veto pen. That is his role. Then he has a phone. He can call Congressmen, he can call Senators and say, this is what I’d like in the law. But other than that, he has no role in writing legislation.”

Of course, that’s completely inaccurate. Presidents have always had a hand in writing legislation. It’s why we call the New Deal “Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal” or “Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Legislation.” Heck, even the “Bush Tax Cuts.” Presidents have always had a big role in crafting and pushing legislation.

“He is vetoing legislation by refusing to enforce it,” Coulter added. “The constitution demands that the president of the United States take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He has simply taken it upon himself to rewrite Obamacare, to rewrite immigration laws, — you indicated with the DREAMers thing — to rewrite drug laws.”

Rewrite immigration laws? While his calls for immigration reform have gone ignored by Congress, the Obama Administration has now deported more illegal immigrants than George W. Bush or any other administration in the history of the US. In fact, Obama has now deported a whopping 2 million undocumented immigrants since his presidency began.

Coulter went on to say “Colorado and Washington, sure, just legalize drugs that the federal government, that the Congress has written and made illegal. This is the bottom of the slippery slope, and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.”

So, apparently Coulter, who has always been an advocate for more state’s rights, is now blaming Obama for Colorado and Washington’s legalization of marijuana, claiming that it’s grounds for impeachment. Sometimes, if you just throw enough key words at the Fox News audience, “constitution”, “Obamacare”, “DREAMers”, “drugs”, you can pretty much rally the troops without even having to make any succinct point.

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  • whatcom_bassist

    This is a pathetic excuse for a human being; calling her a vomitous retard is an insult to vomitous retards. What credibility does she have? She’s become the shrill political pundit version of Miley Cyrus: no talent or intelligence, so all she can do is attempt to shock.

  • Mischelle Sowell

    She is one of the people that said we should respect all the presidents decisions made by the president when liberals wanted to impeach Bush for actually breaking the law. It seems to me she only wants the president impeached because he’s black.

  • Regina Arrendell

    She makes me want to hurl! Has she ever done a google search of use of executive order. The beloved Dubya issued more than Obama has…during wartime 1000s were issued (WWII). Gimme a break! I think she just talks to hear her head rattle. And rattle it does!

    • glogrrl

      Sorry to disagree, but “rattle” would indicate she has something in there. It is an eternal void.

  • glogrrl

    This woman is a waste of oxygen…Bush did the same thing. “when Bush struggled with Part D implementation, he used
    executive-branch powers to tweak implementation. Obama is taking the
    same steps now. The difference is, when Bush did it, no one in Congress, in either party, ran around whining about the president creating a
    “government of one.” It just didn’t seem that important – because it

    Hard to disagree with facts, isn’t it, Ms. Coulter? Oh, sorry, I forgot….facts have a liberal bias.

    • Amy Washburn

      Dubya also tweaked the HIPAA privacy regulation implementation, putting it off for a full year at the request of health insurance companies who could have complied on time, but did not want to. I know. I was a HIPAA privacy consultant.

      • glogrrl

        Further proof the media was complicit in covering up Dubya’s sins…..liberal media, my ass!

  • Dave

    Ann Coulter is to politics…..as what twerking is to dancing.

  • tommycustom1

    if Obama ran as a big eared white geek he wouldn’t have a chance of beating Billary.

    • kcponte

      Seriously tommycustom1, grow up.

  • Tiajuana seemynuts

    Coulter would be a WOMAN if it didn’t have a penis

  • kcponte

    Yes, and this POS would be erased if it weren’t a man.

  • thomasbone63

    Why do you continue to give this woman a platform. She means nothing to what’s going on in the government. The same can be said for Sara Palin. She’s only famous because John McCain made her famous.

  • Maleka Giovinco

    no you are trying to impeach him BECAUSE he is BLACK!!! you are a disgrace to women!!!

  • Jackie Heaton

    Woman never has let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • joey bischoff

    This woman is Queen of the imbeciles. All these conservatives are calling for obama to be Impeached but they have no grounds to impeach Obama this is raw meat to the knuckle dragging mouth breathers who believe her crap and nonsense.


    I would feature this on TheDailyRacistDotCom if I weren’t so sure the Coulter is just trolling for attention and trying to get attention. She’s pandering to her audience.