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Ann Coulter: Obama Would be Impeached if He Wasn’t Black

In an interview on Fox News, conservative author Ann Coulter slammed the president’s recent push to circumvent Congressional inaction through the use of executive powers, saying he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.

“Different branches have different roles,” Coulter said. “In terms of writing legislation, the president’s role is quite clearly laid out as he sort of indicates but then ignores with his pen, with his veto pen. That is his role. Then he has a phone. He can call Congressmen, he can call Senators and say, this is what I’d like in the law. But other than that, he has no role in writing legislation.”

Of course, that’s completely inaccurate. Presidents have always had a hand in writing legislation. It’s why we call the New Deal “Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal” or “Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Legislation.” Heck, even the “Bush Tax Cuts.” Presidents have always had a big role in crafting and pushing legislation.

“He is vetoing legislation by refusing to enforce it,” Coulter added. “The constitution demands that the president of the United States take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He has simply taken it upon himself to rewrite Obamacare, to rewrite immigration laws, — you indicated with the DREAMers thing — to rewrite drug laws.”

Rewrite immigration laws? While his calls for immigration reform have gone ignored by Congress, the Obama Administration has now deported more illegal immigrants than George W. Bush or any other administration in the history of the US. In fact, Obama has now deported a whopping 2 million undocumented immigrants since his presidency began.

Coulter went on to say “Colorado and Washington, sure, just legalize drugs that the federal government, that the Congress has written and made illegal. This is the bottom of the slippery slope, and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.”

So, apparently Coulter, who has always been an advocate for more state’s rights, is now blaming Obama for Colorado and Washington’s legalization of marijuana, claiming that it’s grounds for impeachment. Sometimes, if you just throw enough key words at the Fox News audience, “constitution”, “Obamacare”, “DREAMers”, “drugs”, you can pretty much rally the troops without even having to make any succinct point.

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