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Republican Writes Bill to Ban Gay Players From NFL

Despite openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam being largely embraced by the football world, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman has penned a bill that would ban gay players from playing in the National Football League. According to Huffington Post, one Senator and five House members are considering sponsoring the legislation.

Burkman released a statement to the media, saying “We are losing our decency as a nation. Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country.”

“If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it,” Burkman added.

Although he didn’t name any lawmakers considering getting behind the bill, he insisted that the low level support could soon turn into five Senators and 36 House members.

Burkman is the founder and president of lobbying firm JM Burkman & Associates. According to The Hill, his firm has signed 70 new clients in the past year, the most of any K Street lobbying firm.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Burkman said that as a conservative, he dislikes the idea of government getting involved in a private business, but “there are times when that is trumped for reason of great urgency or necessity. And I think this is it, because I see the society sliding in the wrong direction.”

“I felt that if the NFL doesn’t have any morals, and people like [Commissioner] Roger Goodell, who are just go-along-get-along guys, just want to appease advertisers, appease corporate America and all that stuff,” Burkman added, “I figured, well, it is time for conservatives in Congress to step in and define morality for them.”

When asked if this bill was at all unlike Major League Baseball’s longtime ban on African-American players, Burkman replied “This is not about bigotry. It is about common decency and civility. Society is moving to a point where we are going to have unisex bathrooms and the next generation thinks that is OK.”

Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC co-Defensive Player of the Year for Missouri, is expected to be taken before the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft which would make him the first ever openly gay active NFL player in the league’s history. Last week, Jason Collins signed with the Brooklyn Nets, becoming the first openly gay active player in any of the nation’s four major sports leagues.

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  • whatcom_bassist

    Imagine that, a conservative dipshit lecturing others about morality. Fuck him.

  • Joan Coleman

    Who made Congress the arbitors of morality. It is not in their job description. It is so unbelievable that we have such idiots in office.

    • Scott H-Man

      the guy is a lobbyist, not a Congressman. Funny that liberals are upset about Congress legislating morality unless it’s some action they disagree with, then legislate away!

  • Tessie Trejo

    What if YOUR SON was the GAY player? Oops!
    Funny how Law Makers get involves with STUPID STUFF…

  • Joseph Davis

    I remember once when people wanted to bar African Americans from playing in the NFL……..what are we coming to America? Are we trying to backtrack ourselves to the 1950’s?

    • tiedtotheair2

      The racist and homophobic extremists in this country are in the minority. Let’s not forget that America elected AND re-elected our first Black president. Everybody has at least one gay member in the family. And almost every family has a Black person married into it… or vice versa. Whatever. Nobody cares. We as a people are more accepting of Gays than every before. And multi-racials are the fastest growing segment in society today. However, there is a small minority of extremists who feel threatened by all the progressive changes the country is experiencing, and they do have a very loud voice in politics. This is proven in the way they are now desperately fighting against, civil rights, voting rights, women rights, immigration, education and assistance for the poor, disabled and elderly, the new gun laws, stand your ground and privatized prisons that now hold a record number of minority men. There are those of us who are aware of this very ominous and alarming trend. The conservative politicians started this fight subtlety, behind closed doors, even before President Obama was elected. But now they have become more open and bolder in their desperate fight for to return to the old ways. Do not shake your head in denial… They have managed with propaganda and down right lies, to brain wash the the uneducated and the uninformed. They have painted the president in such a bad light that even some of his avid supporters are now confused. Remember when Obamacare was a good thing? (HELLO! It’s still the same frigging Healthcare Act!) Open your eyes people, and see what’s going on in the world of politics and policy. Do your research and stop getting your news from one source. These tea party republicans who were voted into office in 2010, through questionable redistricting while “We the People” were cat-napping after our glorious win in 2008, believe that the we will sleep through their attempts to take away our rights. Wake up people! Do not let them catch us sleeping again! These mid-term elections coming up in November are at least as important as the presidential election coming in 2016. Let’s show them that while we may not blog as much or watch Fox News and listen to right-wing radio… we are here. The silent majority. But now we are awake. We will NOT be caught napping again. (VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN 2014 AND 2016!!!)

      • mrwallstreet

        They are non inclusive, non inclusive means losing votes which means that they will never have the votes to win a national election. I was once a republican, and they have gone so far right that I am now (although basically the same person with the same positions) a socialist tree hugger as would Nixon be or Reagan if they were around today…

  • Dale Blackstock

    What more proof do we need to know that the Republican Party is now the KKK in disguise. What does it take for people to realize this? Remember, the KKK lynched blacks and burned crosses all in the name of Jesus. It’s a fact!

    • common sense

      The Republican Party does consist of more than just a few bigots. Don’t be as ignorant as the fuckwads that proposed this idea.

    • Scott H-Man

      umm…if you’re being honest, the KKK was 100% Democrat!
      You also are confusing Social Conservatives vs Fiscal Conservatives and Libertarian leaning individuals. It’s a big tent Dale. Thanks for being a typical small-minded liberal. Turn off MSNBC and step away from Media Matters.

      • Brian Steven

        The new Republicans were the Reagan Democrats. Both parties changed .

  • dozr

    Burkman released a statement to the media, saying “We are losing our decency as a nation. Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country.”

    Why is he trying to make it sound like the NFL wants your child to be forced to shower with adults(gay or otherwise)?

  • Stephen Hilyer

    “When asked if this bill was at all unlike Major League Baseball’s longtime ban on African-American players, Burkman replied “This is not about bigotry. It is about common decency and civility.””

    What a load of horse sh** your an ignorant bigot hiding behind religion.

    • mrwallstreet

      They can stuff their religion up their asses, because they are the antithesis of Jesus Christ.

  • Tim Powell

    Talk about no morals. I would say that lobbyist’s have less morals than any other body of people that prostitute themselves for money.