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Republican: If a Woman Has Right to an Abortion, a Man Should Have Right to Force Himself on a Woman

Republican Maine state Representative Lawrence Lockman is under fire for comments he’s made in the media regarding rape, abortion, and homosexuality.

An investigation by Mike Tipping, an activist with Maine People’s Alliance, found numerous offensive comments made by the Republican in various newspaper interviews.

Perhaps the most inflammatory was a press statement from 1995 in which Lockman says “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”

That wasn’t all.

According to the report, Lockman once implied that the HIV virus can be spread through mosquitoes and bed sheets. Lockman also asserted that liberals helped exacerbate the AIDS epidemic by assuring “the public that the practice of sodomy is a legitimate alternative lifestyle, rather than a perverted and depraved crime against humanity.”

In a letter to Bangor News, Lockman once wrote “Clearly the practice of sodomy is learned behavior, and those addicted to this form of biologically-insane sex are at high risk for all manner of serious medical problems.”

Lockman also spoke out against HIV infected students attending school, saying “It’s peculiar that the government is telling health care workers that surfaces contaminated with bodily fluids should be thoroughly disinfected, but at the same time they are telling us that toilet seats have some magical property that they are able to resist viruses.”

He also tried to alert people to a “secret gay affirmative action plan,” saying “You can bet the rent money they will demand that employers set up goals and timetables to achieve 10 percent homosexual representation in the workforce and in government contracts.”

Ben Grant, the chairman of the Maine Democratic Party, called for Lockman to resign in light of these statements, calling them “hateful, vicious, and offensive.” Grant also called Lockman “disturbed individual who holds some of the most abhorrent beliefs ever heard from a public official in Maine.”

Lockman has refused to respond to direct questions but released a statement, saying “I have always been passionate about my beliefs, and years ago I said things that I regret. I hold no animosity toward anyone by virtue of their gender or sexual orientation, and today I am focused on ensuring freedom and economic prosperity for all Mainers.”

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Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh

  • Kerry

    Where do these people come from? Their world-view is just mind-boggling. I mean, this doesn’t even make logical sense.

    • GaLiberal

      The voters approve of these outrageous statements and keep re-electing him to office. The only way to get these asshats out of office is to get off your lazy butt and vote for Democrats.

      • Bob Bobson

        >implying democrats and republicans are any different

        • regalrecaller

          Democrats are a good start in the right direction. We could make Democrats the new political right.

          • Jack Folger

            That’s pretty idealistic. We’d like to think that having Obama as president is better than having Romney, but truthfully nothing significant would really have happened and life would pretty much be the same now, regardless. Nothing gets done in our government anymore.

          • Steven Friedlander

            If Romney was president, we would be involved in a new war, the middle class’ taxes would have been raised, the top 1%’s taxes would have been lowered, and the poor would be starving. Yea, things would be a little different.

          • Patrick Moore

            If you honestly believe all of that then you are as crazy as the Republicans that claimed we would be in a communist nation by now if Obama was elected for one, much less a second, term. With the Democrats holding the Senate majority it would have negated all of those things happening…assuming that was really the Romney agenda.

          • Steven Friedlander

            Check out Romney’s platform. He was for tax decreases for the top 1% and increases for the rest of us. That scared the heck out of me. Certainly, John McCain would have influenced Romney to go into Syria and continue our ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          • Michael Reed

            Everyone since Kennedy has been for decreasing the top 1%’s taxes which is the reason they keep getting decreased or at the least not getting increased. As long as we have a federal government that supplements corporations and maintains a tax structure that allows the complexity of wealth the ability to burn and dodge tax records with outrageous loopholes, everyone outside of that 1% will be supporting the 1%. Likewise, if we do not decrease the numbers of government educated and able bodied individuals collecting rent, medical benefits, and food, while producing nothing, we will maintain an ever narrowing margin of the public sector supporting the fat on both ends of the spectrum. I loathe anyone, Republican or Democrat making outrageous statements about anything. Period. And they do, both sides. No Romney would not have achieved the starvation of the poor, and as of yesterday, John McCain was urging the current administration to NOT go back into Iraq. John Warner is one of the most level headed people in government and we will not likely ever see him elected as President because he is not on any side of the lunatic fringe. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. I would also vote for any reasonable and sound minded Republican, and there are many out there. I will not knowingly vote for anyone who is opposed to gay marriage, has a sense of superiority over any group based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, or who believes in continuing the dangerous economic and foreign policy practice this country has been engaged in since the end of the second World War. We, any of us, make a grave mistake in blindly following any party because both of them have led us to this current state.

          • karlleuba

            Michael, Kennedy reduced the top marginal rate to 72%. That’s more than double what GW Bush did. Kennedy’s tax system created economic growth. Consider this, I am a business owner, I pay 72% on the profits I take out of the company. Instead of taking the profit, I reinvest enough of it to drop to a lower, say 60% bracket. My business grows, my employees benefit, the economy grows because all the businessmen are doing the same thing, and then I have to pay more in taxes, and my well paid employees pay more in taxes, and the whole nation benefits. The incentive to invest drops with every reduction in the top marginal tax rate. EVERY TIME.

          • SheRa King

            Yeah, but I’m willing to bet, Mr. Investor, that you’re not a top 1% corporate business owner. Small business owners certain DO reinvest, because it doesn’t behoove them to hoard their profits or ship jobs overseas. All research shows though, that not just on average, but a MAJORITY of the time no matter how much a corporation increases their earnings when they are in that top 1%? Rather than creating new jobs, they simply increase the salaries of the top execs within their company. Unless of course, they outsource their jobs and have an opportunity to increase their profits even more. But you’re pretty misguided if you think that the top 1% operate the same way that small businesses do.

          • johnny luck

            No, I don’t know what “research” you are referring to, but the money which major corporations fail to reinvest cannot possibly be accounted for in higher salaries. More likely it is paid out in dividends to shareholders, or hoarded in offshare cash accounts in current times because the finance community STILL is not offering decent affordable credit, even to major corporations, to relaunch economic growth…

          • SheRa King

            Um… okay, but the person to which I was replying was saying that all of the tax cuts for the top 1% go to “job creators” and create more jobs. That’s the “trickle down” economic theory, and as tax cuts, loopholes, etc., have continued to rise in our country, allowing the top 1% to pay the lowest taxes in history, disparities in wealth have increased, and jobs and economic growth have remained stagnant. Record profits, decreased taxes, whatever the method toward “having more money in the pockets of wealthy corporations”, has neither a correlative nor a causative relationship with job creation in our country. You can look up research by the NBER or Congress Research Service, if you want more lay research on it, or if you want academic research I could link you to policy studies, but you’d probably need access to the journals to read them. There are plenty of reasons why “job creators” don’t use the money to create jobs, but bottom line is that they don’t simply by giving them a tax cut. Demand and a prospect of increased profit does create jobs. Unfortunately, in economic downturns? Cutting taxes on the 1% only while the consumers of the U.S. continue to remain stagnant or even worse, unemployed, doesn’t change the demand, and there’s no reason for them to create more jobs (unless it’s out of the goodness of their own hearts, but as we all know, that hasn’t happened).

            Whether they have an “affordable credit” or not was not the question, it was whether we continue to cut the taxes (which are only on profits, mind you, for the 1%). Cutting taxes on profits does nothing to incentivize corporations to create more jobs…

            I don’t know exactly what you mean (because it’s vague and there are different interpretations) by “offering decent affordable credit”, but regardless it has nothing to do with the top 1% tax rates. In theory, they should not need credit if you are speaking about government credit and the like.

            On the other hand, if you are talking about tax credits and tax incentives for hiring (or providing health care or anything like that related to employment), that is another matter altogether in that it could lead to job creation, but that is entirely different from cutting (or increasing) the base tax rate on the top 1% or on corporations, because tax credits don’t factor into the base tax rate.

            They are two separate issues, and to confound them is to be disingenuous. Of course incentives and the appropriate incentives for hiring new workers and creating jobs in the U.S. is one potential way to get them to create new jobs — that’s not a tax cut. Tax cuts have no conditions, no liability attached to them, and allow large business owners to pocket the money and use it however they please. Tax credits and incentives, fair trade policies (which we by and large do not have because we’re so into “free trade” which allows jobs to be shipped overseas to child or unregulated and unethical labor with which the U.S. and no real industrialized nation would ever allow breeds impossible competition), and decrease of tax burden for the working and middle class (which increases demand and thereby increases economic growth and job growth) are all different types of policies that both theoretically and in international studies have been shown to create jobs.

          • johnny luck

            A rare intelligent comment in the debates among americans on this subject. What you say is absolutely true.

          • Paul

            Actually it’s NOT true at all, as a study of reality shows.

          • Paul

            30 years of “trickle down” policy proves you wrong Karl. We’ve been dropping the marginal rate since 1980 and the Bottom 90% have seen their incomes flatten. Meanwhile, deficits soar as a large part of the nation’s wealth ends up in the Top 1%’s hands, and then in the Cayman Islands, untaxed.

            Oh, there’s this place called Bain Capital that completely dis-proves your little example of cutting the marginal rate.

          • captainawesome

            Your last statement is actually false. There is a proven theory in economics known as the Laffer-curve, the point at which lowering taxes will increases revenue. We have been on the wrong side of this curve many times, and we are on the wrong side of this curve right now. Additionally though, tax breaks and loopholes to corporations given out like candy by both democrats and republicans, are posing just as great of an issue. Tax reform will be meaningless unless it truly eliminates almost all loopholes.

          • Kris Bright

            Okay explain to me how lowering taxes on the top 1% who provide jobs to all the middle and lower classes is a bad thing?
            Very few middle class people provide jobs to other people so why would raising taxes on the so called rich help anyone?

            More taxes on the people who provide jobs would be like biting the hands that feed you as a child.

          • jmvks

            OK Kris but does it really make the top 1% hire people? Do they share their profits? To whom much is given, much will be required.

          • SheRa King

            Actually I’ll explain — The top 1% are actually not small business owners who reinvest, they are large corporations who often succumb to greed. For instance, the oil companies — they had record profits and continue to have low taxes, but they didn’t create any new jobs. Most of the larger corporations who were given tax breaks and even bailouts (our money), rather than actually reinvesting and generating new jobs gave bonuses to their executives, but didn’t create any further jobs, and actually closed several places in the US, decreasing jobs so they could increase personal profits.

            All research has demonstrated that while small business owners (who aren’t in the top 1%) sometimes will reinvest their money and create new jobs, far more often than not the more breaks and more profits that corporations make? That’s all that happens — it’s the more they make. The term “job creators” was a bogus term made up by pundits to brainwash the unlearned and those who don’t actually discriminate their resources or study reality to make sheep think that the top 1% corporations actually “reinvest” in the job market. They don’t.

            The top 1% who DO reinvest, such as Microsoft, are actually in favor of higher taxes, and are fine with paying them — and they are committed to continuing to create jobs regardless of the taxes. The rest? They continue to outsource — and as long as we continue to promote bogus “free trade” rather than “fair trade”, they’ll continue to do so.

            I will say that the top 1% have created a lot of jobs… in China. So if you would like to move there and work for pennies a day — go ahead. Aside from that? You’re very misguided if you think their tax breaks go toward anything but personal profits.

          • captainawesome

            People seem to be very confused. There is a very big difference between corporations, and individuals (in general). Additionally, it was not a reduction in the personal income rates of the “top 1%” that sent jobs to China, it was the increase and holding of the high CORPORATE tax rate. By the way, the USA still has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, do you think that stimulates business here? Or sends it overseas? People gripe and gripe and gripe about the “1%” and their tax breaks, but very seldom understand what they are talking about. It kills me.

          • SheRa King

            Then you should probably be dead, because I’m going to say some more on this.

            For one, you’ve obviously forgotten that our Supreme Court ruled that corporations ARE people. For two, people harp on about the “corporate tax rate”, and how “high” it is, but no corporations pay that tax rate (even if their jobs are here, not in the U.S.), not by a long shot. There are so many credits, reductions, loopholes, etc., that plenty end up paying next to nothing, so to pretend as though these corporations are being so economically burdened by our “high” corporate tax rate is ludicrous. Three, how many of the top 1% wealth is not tied in with a corporation or vice versa — who runs the corporations? Are corporations run by robots and machines? Or are they run by… humans, and regardless if your argument is that the 1% aren’t in any way associated with corporations at all then why does it matter where we set their tax rate? If they’re just rich guys without businesses — giant, giant businesses — then by definition they aren’t job creators, and their tax rate means f*ckall at all and has nothing at all to do with the argument — so then set it at 99% and it won’t affect corporations at all by your logic because it’s only the corporate tax rate that matters with relation to job creation. But by and large wealth in our country is tied to corporations. Who, as we already established… are people. People without a soul, conscience, or any responsibilities for their actions, but people. Kind of like sociopaths, really.

            I agree with you that we have an idiotic system, and I already said this– it was the inane agenda to push “free trade” so hard, rather than “fair trade” so that our workers who have rights and safety standards and a minimum wage could not compete with the child labor or other unethical labor in other countries. We are effectively rewarding our corporations for shipping jobs overseas, and that’s just dumb policy. But cutting their corporate base tax rate, as has been found time and again, and even giving them tons of government money, yay! Taxpayer dollars to failing corporations! Somehow has still failed to incentivize them to create jobs. Weren’t we all just shocked and clutching our pearls when they stole our money and gave themselves bonuses. And you know what? It was not some ambiguous amorphous corporations that voted and gave themselves bonuses, they were men, actual human beings, who took that money and didn’t create jobs, and those men fell into what income bracket? That’s right! The 1%! See how intertwined people and corporations are when we talk about the 1%?

            So, I guess feel free to be killed by that.

          • captainawesome

            I do not think the ruling by the Supreme court ruling means what you think it means -__- You make a very valid argument that tax breaks for corporations are over the top and reduce the impact of lowering the corporate tax rate (by the way who was that candidate who advocated eliminating loopholes and deductions…) You are however, incorrect in your analysis of corporations, and the effect of taxes on them. One great example i’ll give is of a meeting that Steve Jobs had with President Obama, he said something along the lines of “If you keep the corporate tax rate this high, higher than everyone else, Apple will move even more jobs to China”. President Obama ignored this and Jobs’ explanation on why the corporate tax rate was an issue, and Steve Jobs simply moved more jobs to China. You also mentioned failing corporations, I hope you aren’t an Obama supporter, because he has given more government money to literally failed corporations than any other president ever. I also believe (though don’t quote me here), that he has given more tax deductions to corporations than any other president before. I believe that a much simpler tax system, with no loopholes and with flat rates (two perhaps) would solve almost all of our problems. I really don’t have the time right now to spend hours typing up my views on the issues with taxes in our country, but the issue is not that they are too low, it is that there are too many loopholes, which results in too few very wealthy corporations and individuals paying the actual tax rates.

          • SheRa King

            Again, you have to take context and nuance into account. The money that Bush gave that was stolen was given with no strings attached, and allowed businesses to simply take the money and run. His presidency was based upon a platform that deregulation was good for the economy and it allowed our money to be used regardless of whether jobs were created or not. There was no debating that.

            Money that went into the revitalization package under Obama came with conditions and companies were not allowed to simply give their top guys raises or move jobs overseas. They got the money, but it conditionally meant keeping manufacturing and jobs here — pretending as though they are the same thing is to be disingenuous.

            It’s the same thing with “loopholes” and “tax incentives”. When you give a company a loophole that grants them extra money and decreases their tax rate when they ship jobs to china, that’s what’s called a perverse incentive. When you give a company a tax incentive when they provide health care and benefits to their employees so that the standard of living in the U.S. goes up and more employees can spend and help stimulate the economy? That’s a sensible incentive. So again, not all incentives are created equally.

            Do I agree with every piece of legislation that has come out of the Obama administration or everything he has done? Of course not. But to pretend as though “all things are equal” just because you call them by the same names is an utter non-sequitur.

          • Paul

            Wrong Kris.

            You’re pretending that people who make the most money are the ONLY ones that can make investments into the economy to create jobs. WRONG. A better banking system would do that.

            You’re pretending that by virtue of having more money, there’s nothing the very rich can do that CAN’T create jobs for Americans. For instance, if they were inclined to hire a bunch of grape peelers, viola! Jobs for Americans. WRONG. As actual reality has shown, they often take that money and park it overseas in tax-free havens. Or invest it in foreign operations. Or buy up the stock of a corporation that is outsourcing its American operations to the Third World.

            The one sure way to create more jobs is to give the bulk of the population higher wages and more money to spend- FACT.

          • Jay Merrick

            Taxing the rich gives the government more money to provide stimulus to the economy. More money for the middle class goes right back into the economy as spending.

          • captainawesome

            This might be the first sensible comment I have read on this post.

          • captainawesome

            Though you make a good point about blindly following any party, i’m less confident in your views on foreign affairs. That is more a matter of opinion than anything else, but as many anti-isolationists, I will bring up WWII, and the mess that isolationism got us into there.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Except everything Friedlander listed are things that Romney said he would do…

          • Robert Benscoter

            We’d definitely get involved in wars.

          • Jay Merrick

            Nah, Romney would have used executive orders, and the lunacy of the house would have been much worse. He didn’t even want to be President.

          • ytv123456


          • bobsaget

            All of those things are actually happening right now under Obama. Haha.

          • Esperance Dawson

            Middle class taxes were raised under Obamer, social security taxes went up and the tax cuts that were enacted under Bush were allowed to expire.

          • Paul

            False. Middle class taxes were lowered. Social Security taxes were cut as a TEMPORARY measure for the depth of the Great Recession, which is as it should be. The Bush tax cuts that were allowed to expire for for the wealthiest income earners- which BTW were the only group to see any real income growth from 2008 to 2011. You want a pity party for them?

          • ronshorey

            obviously you aren’t poor. I just ate some ramen soup for lunch. we are in a new war. we just sent 1000 marines into Iraq… Obama and bush are cut from the slice of lame

          • Kris Bright

            Actually you are dead wrong. Most of major wars we got in involved in were because of democrats you idiot. FDR was a Democrat presiding over WW2 and Woodrow Wilson was also a democrat during the first World War.

            Lyndon B Johnson was a democrat in office who escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War. John F Kennedy was also a democrat in office right before he was assassinated and succeeded by Lyndon B Johnson.

            George W. Bush was the only Republican in history to start a war.

            Learn your history before you spout such nonsense about the Republicans.

          • SheRa King

            Oh really? I’m only including those in which the US was a primary aggressor and not an ally, and I’ll spare the American Indian genocide “wars” because hey, douchebag presidents on both sides.

            War of 1812 Part of what eventually became the Republican party.
            Civil War – Republican president
            Spanish-American War – Republican president
            Vietnam War – I like how you use “escalated” but actually started by Eisenhower — Republican
            But if “escalation” is what counts for you, then the Cold War was escalated by Eisenhower, so either way you lose that one.
            Panama Invasion – Republican
            Gulf War (I) – Republican
            Gulf War (II) – Republican

            Seems as though you like to cherry pick, pal.

          • captainawesome

            I’d like to point out the fact that the War of 1812 was unavoidable, the Civil War was a war fought for progressive social change. The first gulf war can be listed here, but it was not really what many would consider to be a war and had extremely limited US casualties.

          • SheRa King

            Oh, is *that* why the Civil War was fought 😉 Haha. Riiiiight. Better believe that.

            Regardless, the claim above that only 1 Republican has ever engaged the U.S. in a war is a outright lie.

          • Paul

            I love when right wingers prove how WRONG they are on history.

            Any president would have gotten us into WW1 and especially WW2 at the points that we did. So basically you’re complaining that a Democrat was president when we had to enter these global conflicts. Lame.

            Hey, wasn’t there a Korean War when a Republican was president? (Yes) Didn’t George W. Bush’s father get us into the first Iraq war? (Yes)

            Man, you suck at trying to argue this, and I love that you do.

          • captainawesome

            Ha. This is why president obama won, not sure if intentionally spreading ignorance and false statements, or simply ignorant and believes false statements by other ignorant individuals -___-

          • vancall

            Seriously? Romney would have stood up for lgbt population? Would have supported equal pay for women? Healthcare for all (only in his state)? Ended two wars? Supported vets ( no thanks to republicans)? You really believe there is no difference? Get thee to Google and look up the difference.

          • susansrwc

            you are delusional.

          • captainawesome

            There is very little the government can do for equal pay and he did say that he supported universal healthcare, just not the horrific Obama plan that no one even bothered to read because it was so needlessly complex.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            People like to say that the Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same because they think it makes them sound cool and non-mainstream, but its completely untrue. If Romney was President, we’d probably have ground troops back in Iraq, Obamacare would be gone, Obama’s student loan plans revealed this week would never have happened, we would not have gotten new carbon emission policies, we probably would have bombed Iran, and may have even been at war with Russia.

          • Kris Bright

            Explain to me how Obamacare has actually helped anyone? I make less in a year than most people and yet I don’t make enough to qualify for Obamacare?

            I have to make $15,000 a year or more in order to qualify for Obamacare, it hasn’t done anything to help me or anyone else in my situation, yet my taxes have gone up and I have to pay MORE for fuel than I did when Bush was in office.

          • jmvks

            How’s that trickle down economics working for ya, kris?

          • SheRa King

            Obamacare isn’t a health insurance plan. You con’t have to make that much to qualify for “Obamacare” everyone qualifies for the ACA. It’s a policy not an insurance plan. If you make under 15K? It means that you qualify not for the open market exchange (which has a fee), but probably your state’s Medicaid program (or equivalent), which is FREE, under the rules of the ACA, and has expansive coverage. You should probably contact your state health and family services and sign up for that.

            Under the ACA you also cannot be discriminated against for pre-existing conditions, and your insurance cannot cancel you for getting sick. If you are a kid up to 27 you can stay on your parents’ insurance, or if you have kids up to that age, they can stay on yours. So in that way millions of people also “qualify” for the ACA and has helped people.

            The reason that you shouldn’t sign up on the exchange is because you don’t make enough money that you should be paying for insurance. You fall under the federal poverty level — which means you auto-qualify for Medicaid, which means you don’t have to buy insurance, you get it free… so really, your post just means you don’t understand what the ACA is, and you’re looking for something to whine about when, in fact, you could be signing up for free health care as we speak.

            So… continue to ask rhetorical questions and spread ignorance about all the people it doesn’t help, or go call dhfs and get the actual help you are completely eligible for. Obama cannot help stupid though, he can’t change your ignorance. That is one thing the ACA did not fix unfortunately.

          • Susan Jodoin

            If “Obamacare” isn’t working for you, it’s because the Republicans in your state decided not to expand medicaid. Gas prices started going up when Bush was president, they only dropped, temporarily, after his policies crashed the economy. As far as your taxes going up, you’re probably talking about payroll or state taxes, not federal. The payroll tax holiday was only temporary and they went back to their normal rate. As far as your state taxes, you can thank the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. The states have to make up for that lost money from somewhere, mainly working class stiffs.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Yeah, and gas prices are lower now than Bush’s high, so I don’t know what he is talking about. Besides, President’s don’t control the price of gas.

          • captainawesome

            First off, gas prices are low due to an increase of American companies drilling for gas in America. Secondly, Presidents can absolutely affect the price of gas, keystone pipeline (among HUNDREDS OF OTHER UNAPPROVED PROJECTS) hello?

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            The Keystone Pipeline would not reduce the price of gas, as most of that gas would go to other countries. Gas prices are set on a global level, not local.

          • captainawesome

            This is just wrong on so many levels. Obamacare isn’t working for many, many Americans who have plans through it because the way it was designed ensured that many hospitals and doctors wouldn’t accept plans from it, it had nothing to do with anything to do with state government. Additionally, I hope you know that Obamacare took away insurance from millions of Americans who were perfectly happy (something dems promised wouldn’t happen) and also raised the costs of insurance to level that weren’t affordable to most americans. It truly is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.

          • johnny luck

            Well, part of the Obamacare program was to help individual states expand medicaid programs to cover those people who, like you, do not make enough to be able to afford commerical health insurance. However, if you unfortunately live in a state run by a republican legislature or governor, well, all those states refused to expand medicaid!

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Obamacare has already gotten insurance for millions of uninsured, including tons of people under the age of 26 who are able to stay on their parents plans. It means that insurers have to cover you if you get sick, instead of denying coverage even though you’ve been paying for a plan for years. If you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes, you can now be insured. It means insurers can’t use lifetime caps, and cut off care because your cancer treatment has cost too much. Fuel right now is lower than the $4.50 high it reached under Bush. If you make less than $15,000 a year, I don’t see how its possible that your federal taxes have gone up. If your state is expanding Medicaid, you can qualify at $15,000 with a two person household, but if they are not expanding Medicaid, you can qualify for lower rates at up to $45,000. Have you even checked out healthcare.gov?

          • captainawesome

            You are aware that Obamacare has also cost millions of their insurance that they were perfectly happy with? Something that democrats and Obama promised over and over again wouldn’t happen? You are aware that many people had their rates go up to un-affordable levels due to Obamacare? You are aware that many with insurance under Obamacare can’t go to any of the hospitals near them or any of the best doctors in the fields that they need help in? I can’t imagine that you are because if you were I can’t imagine that you would be advocating for it so heavily.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Yeah Obama was wrong about the “if you like your plan you can keep it” thing for 2% of the population, and he apologized and accepted responsibility. However, most people have had their rights go DOWN if they used the health care exchanges.

          • Paul

            And the state you live in is…..? You might have noticed that states that are run by the GOP are refusing the Medicaid expansion, which gives more lower income people coverage. You might have noticed that in states run by the GOP the Medicaid cutoff is ridiculously low, like in Texas, where they act as if someone making $15k a year doesn’t need any help in paying for health coverage.

          • captainawesome

            The problems with Obamacare run MUCH deeper than states refusing Medicaid expansion (which many are doing because they can’t afford it). You can see my posts above to learn about why that is.

          • Paul

            I don’t see your “posts above”, but what you’re saying is false.

            “Directly disproving Republican claims, an extensive study reveals that the Affordable Care Act significantly benefits states by reducing their uncompensated care costs. In the months preceding the passage of the ACA, the President’s Council of Economic Advisors released a report on the impact of the bill on state budgets. Though the bill hadn’t yet passed when the report was written, the Council studied the Medicaid expansion which has since become law. The Council looked at the uncompensated care spending of 16 states demographically and geographically representative of the country (AR, CA, FL, ID, IN, IA, ME, MI, MN, MO, NE, NC, OR, PA, VT, WY).

            The report reveals that states are currently spending billions each year providing coverage to the uninsured in three ways. Obamacare addresses each source to reduce state health insurance costs.”


          • Woogy Lewis

            Yeah, there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, I was mistaken to have voted Democratic my whole life – actually I was wrong to have ever voted at all.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            So none of the things I listed count as differences? There are so many stupid things in your short statement, I don’t even know where to start.

          • Woogy Lewis

            I was actually being sarcastic to make the point that voting DOES matter and that everything you listed as being different would have happened had the voting been in Romney’s favor.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Oh ok I’m sorry then, I thought you were serious.

          • Woogy Lewis

            Unfortunately, so many people are disillusioned with the political process that my sarcasm wouldn’t startle them.

          • FunctionalForm

            We just sent almost 300 troops to “provide support and security for U.S. personnel and the American Embassy.” It’s a slippery slope from that point to actually deploying ground troops.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            I’m about 90% sure we won’t be sending any combat troops back into Iraq (at least that aren’t special ops), there would never be enough support. The 300 being send in are not combat troops, they are security to make sure there is not a repeat of Benghazi. Any action we do take will involve air support and possible special ops, but not ground combat troops.

          • Patricia Weinmunson

            Jack, I remember feeling the same way right after the 2000 election.

          • LadyeCatte

            WRONG. First, DOMA would still be in place and honorably-serving soldiers would still be getting kicked out merely for their choice of mate. Second, my daughter would not now have health insurance for her problems were it not for Obama’s fortitude.

            No, Romney would have done to the country what he’s done to countless small corps he and his cronies raided, raped and reduced to nothing. And Benghazi! would still have occurred.. we just wouldn’t keep hearing about it over and over and over again.

          • captainawesome

            Actually get your facts straight on Romney there chief, Bain capital built up FAR more corporations than it took down. The vast majority of corporations that had interactions with Bain were either helped, or full blown rescued by them. The issue with Benghazi isn’t that it wouldn’t have occurred (it still probably would have, though not definitely), its that the President could have down more to help those on the ground (i.e. the AC130 Spectre gunship that was in the air could’ve helped the Navy Seals on the ground begging it for help). Additionally, I like to think that Romney wouldn’t have lied about what happened and its cause, and then defended the person who lied.

          • SHH88

            We’ve felt the same about our government in the UK recently, but I have to say that the two main news stories we’ve been aware of from across the pond has been the new healthcare bill and this new gay rights bill and I think it’s a huge improvement, despite the frustrating mess a lot of Americans feel they’re still in. It’s slow progress, huh?

          • Tawanda the Avenger

            Slow progress indeed, and would have been a total reversal of anything positive had Romney been elected. Mr. “Corporations are people, my friend” would have thrown the middle class to the wolves at an even faster rate than the Republican Congress has done.

          • captainawesome

            Yes because Obama made soooo many great changes in his first 4 years of presidency that Romney would have undone. Remember when he fixed the economy? Oh wait, he didn’t, instead he passed an idiotic healthcare bill. But do you remember when he lifted oil restrictions and approved the keystone pipeline to create hundreds of thousands of jobs? Oh wait, he didn’t. Remember when he didn’t give billions of dollars away to corporations that he was friends with? OH WAIT, HE DID, SOLYNDRA, HELLO? God the ignorance displayed on this forum is mind blowing.

          • Tawanda the Avenger

            Because an individual writes something you disagree with, they are ignorant. Yours is a narrow view, sir, and I use that term loosely.

          • captainawesome

            No actually, this new healthcare bill has hurt thousands of americans. Its really not a good thing at all.

          • Woogy Lewis

            Nothing significant would have happened and life would be the same? You don’t see any difference in Romney’s agenda that would have been significantly bad? Sorry my friend, but you are jaded to the point of blindness.

          • Paul

            Supreme Court nominations, for one, prove that statement to be completely false.

          • Jay Merrick

            Romney would have been much much worse. Especially since the Republicans in the house would have had free reign for their idiocy.

          • captainawesome

            Yes because Obama made soooo many great changes in his first 4 years of presidency that Romney would have undone. Remember when he fixed the economy? Oh wait, he didn’t, instead he passed an idiotic healthcare bill. But do you remember when he lifted oil restrictions and approved the keystone pipeline to create hundreds of thousands of jobs? Oh wait, he didn’t. Remember when he didn’t give billions of dollars away to corporations that he was friends with? OH WAIT, HE DID, SOLYNDRA, HELLO? God the ignorance displayed on this forum is mind blowing…

          • Alex Brideau III

            I didn’t vote for Obama, but to his credit he did push for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and for using his bully pulpit to help to move the centrists away from DOMA. Neither of those things would have occurred under a Romney administration. Dems and the GOP are indeed alike in far too many ways, but they are not identical … well, not yet anyway.

          • regalrecaller

            Wow, that’s incredibly simplistic and naive. Romney was a travesty. He sucked the teat of whoever paid the most for him. At least Obama unseated Billary in 2008 and stole the election from the blue dog wing of the democrat party. Such hopes. Hopes aside, have you seen Kansas’ economy lately? Mitt Romney would have been to the USA what Sam Brownback is to Kansas. And he would have done to the USA what Sam did to Kansas. At least I have healthcare now and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau exists. Don’t be so goddamned apathetic.

          • Celeste King

            Yes! The republican party will eventually die out, and when they do, the Democratic party with be the new “right wing”…Until that day, I will vote Democrat because I want my vote to count…If the republican party dies out in my lifetime, then I will probably register with the Green party.

        • Michael Aronson

          Yeah, they are. Democrats actually believe women are human beings.

          • Booboo

            *sniff* you smell that? Smells like a Dem-approved drone strike in a third world country. Along with a hint of approval of NDAA and SOPA. Really, they’re two sides of the same coin.

          • bananaspy

            Tell em! Why use drones when we can send in actual people?! It’s asinine.

          • Tawanda the Avenger

            Right on, Michael.

          • Maggie Ahrens

            Blanket statements like that do us no service. We have our own brand of crazy/frightening, just as the GOP does.

            To say we’re all better than them isn’t true, and it doesn’t help forward any kind of meaningful dialogue.

          • Robin Swenson

            Well said Maggie!

          • Michael Aronson

            No, it’s not the same at all. Just look at all the bans on gay marriage getting shot down left and right.

          • captainawesome

            So do republicans, ignorant fool. Look at this fella, as mind washed by the media and liberal government as anyone I have ever seen. As a fairly moderate democrat, I feel I have the right to comment on how the self righteous savior pro women pro social issue act of the democratic party is a cover for how incredibly stupid and unpopular their economic and other actual important views are.

          • Michael Aronson
          • captainawesome

            and this has nothing to do with my post about how the democrats constantly bringing up social issues is largely an act to divert attention from economic views. This is coming from a moderate democrat who has fairly liberal social views. I just try to look past the spin given by both parties and their media, you seem to be unable to do this and have bought into the republican witch-hunt :/

          • Michael Aronson

            Nope. The fact you seem to only pay attention to social issues does not mean they are not trying to make progress on multiple fronts simultaneously.

          • captainawesome

            No no no, i’m saying that you and many others are only paying attention to social issues. My mind is focused largely on where every american’s mind should be focused, economic issues.

          • Michael Aronson

            The fact you think people should only have one concern, and that nothing else should be given any importance, is a sign of mental illness.

          • captainawesome

            You once again misinterpret what i’m saying, i’m not sure if you are simply too ignorant to understand what I am saying, or if you are intentionally distorting it -__- I said I was “focused” on the economy, I never said that I wasn’t aware of and giving thought to other issues, that’s what you are claiming that I said. Though a nice try at diverting the argument from the issue, it really was quite obvious. To explain my point further, I believe that the economy should be the most important issue (of many) on every american’s mind because it is causing millions of people to be jobless, feeling unfulfilled, unable to properly provide for their families. Issues such as gay marriage, are not having quite the same devastating impact.

          • Michael Aronson

            1. What exactly leads you to believe that Americans’ priority of these issues is so different from yours?

            2. You are still saying that because YOU don’t care about gay rights, they’re not important.

          • captainawesome

            Nope. Please quote me as saying #2, somewhere, anywhere, quote me as saying that. I said one issue was THE MOST IMPORTANT. Never did I say that any issue wasn’t important. What leads me to believe that Americans’ priorities are different from mine is a poll that I saw in the 2012 election in which 9% of the population listed social issues as their biggest concern, over economic and security issues. Please, please, please, please stop distorting what I am saying. It is really getting out of hand.

          • Tawanda the Avenger

            All hail captainawesome, Michael. He should change his screen name to mr.knowitall, as he is convinced that he knows it all, and the rest of us are all ignorant fools. SMH in disgust.

          • captainawesome

            and its your willingness to buy into these social issues so blindly and focus all of your attention on hating republicans, that is the issue with this country. You are not helping our country progress and move forward, you are stoking the fires of hate and reaction-ism. You are doing exactly what the democrat machine wants you to do, just like many republicans are doing what the republican machine wants them to do. Its really not helpful at all, I just wish people would educate themselves and focus on moving forward rather than bickering over the stupidest things, like the comments of some white trash guy who doesn’t know anything about anything.

          • Michael Aronson

            Says the anonymous keyboard warrior.

          • Treva Eley

            excuse me? Women’s issues are not important? um… could you please elaborate on this so I do not misunderstand something? And by “social issues” are you referring to lower, middle, and upper-class families? Or are you referring to social issues like autistic, or mentally challenged people have a right to an education? Or that our Veterans are not getting proper treatment and are dying or worse yet, they are riddled with trauma from having to go through a war and not getting treatment so they self medicate with alcohol and drugs and abuse their children or their wives…which of these do you wish to take off the table as “not important”?

          • captainawesome

            I was saying that some of those issues, such as womens issues and gay rights issues, which while still important issues, are not AS important as economic issues which are devastating and affecting millions. However, Veterans issues are very serious and that I would put right up there with economic issues, if slightly lower, as I think someone who has served our country cannot be left behind or forgotten.

        • Eady Trice Morgan

          Implying???? No, I am flat out stating that you won’t hear democrats making such horrible statements.

          • Esperance Dawson

            What about the Dems who state that women’s only defense against an attacker is a whistle. When a man has got a broken bottle to a woman’s throat she need more than just a whistle. she needs to be able to fend of the attacker by any means possible.

          • karlleuba

            Or, she needs to attract attention. Why did you yell “fire” when you fell into the Chocolate, Tommy?
            Dickie, nobody would save me if I yelled “Chocolate.”

          • Treva Eley

            I don’t think saying “fire” is a good idea because although you will attract attention, and your perpetrator will most likely run, you might get a ticket for inducing a panic. Maybe scream applesauce or something as loud as you can… you will get strange looks but that is attention. (sarcasm, possibly…)

          • ???

            Honestly. Applesauce is NOT threatening. And I’d say that a measly ticket is a small price to pay for defending a life

          • Dani Ilges

            just carry a knife or get a CCL

          • Brian

            so carry a gun…

          • chynna

            Carrying a gun has never stopped any rapists yet.

          • Liz

            You’re KIDDING, right? Of course carrying a gun has stopped rapists… guns have stopped over 3,000 rapes every single day. That’s an incredibly idiotic thing to say, chynna.

          • Jay Merrick

            Source on on your 3k stat please. Gun’s don’t prevent most crime, most people have their smart phones glued to their face and have the situational awareness of a blind/deaf person.

          • Stan

            To claim guns prevent over 3000 rapes a day is a completely ludicrous and unsupportable claim. It also suggests that 3000 American men would commit rape every day, if it wasn’t for those pesky conceal / carry killjoys. .

          • Autumn

            The idea that 3,000 American men rape every day isn’t a reaching number. The actual number is closer to 1,900 (according to the CVS). But yeah, I have no idea where she’s getting that number. It’s ludicrous.

          • Liz

            It was the first thing that came up when I googled “How many rapes do guns stop each day?”. I went with 3000 because it was a more conservative number than 3600, but still. If it stops 1, it’s worth it.


          • Liz

            It was the first thing that came up when I googled “How many rapes do guns stop each day?”. I went with 3000 because it was a more conservative number than 3600, but still. If it stops 1, it’s worth it.

          • motherseer

            Sources need to be reliable, not unsubstantiated ones with an angle to flog.

          • Alexis

            while situational awareness is important, I think the gun stat on rape prevention is more problematic since it brings to mind the “dark-alley-stranger-danger” scenario when in truth many victims are raped by someone they know and possibly trusted enough to be alone with them in the first place. If i’m alone on a street at night, i’m more worried about getting mugged than raped, because getting punched in the face and having my things stolen is a more likely scenario to happen in a city at night. I worry about rape more at parties/bars/clubs. I once had a friend pulled away from me through a really crowded party, it was like once second she’s there and the next she’s not. it happened really fast. A guy pulled her away and tried to assault her and luckily a group of girls saw her in trouble and pulled her into their group. I’ve had other possibly scary things happen at parties/bars/clubs but thats why you always go with a group of friends and stick to them like glue the whole night, and of course never let a friend go home with a stranger.

          • Agent Dhestroyer

            This is sadly true. I have my phone put away while out walking, and I see people all the time that are glued to theirs and walk into people and objects. If I were a criminal they’d be sitting ducks, the perfect target. They wouldn’t realize what was happening until it’s too late.

          • Liz

            It was the first thing that came up when I googled “How many rapes do guns stop each day?”. I went with 3000 because it was a more conservative number than 3600, but still. If it stops 1, it’s worth it.

          • Patricia Robertson

            Guns have stop rapists because usually they strike when the women are away from the weapon like a sleep in the bed, or jogging, getting out of a car, etc . Some of those who carrying weapons now are doing so because the nra has putting a false fear into their minds that the president is going to take their guns from them. Even though the president has not passed not one law to take their weapons at all but the nra has played on that fear to continue to get rich off of them. Their thinking is so low that they don’t realize that if the president was going to do this he would have done all these dictator things the first day he took office. He wouldn’t wait until his term is almost over to start acting as a king, it would have been in the very beginning. As much stuff he have taken from the republicans and teaparty , he would have taken his pen and written an order and put them all in slavery. That is the biggest fear of the republicans and teaparty is that the president will put them into slavery , so they keep trying to stir up a revolution by the whites hoping they will strike before the president in their minds put them in chains. They don’t like the karma that have came to the door and they don’t know how to close it.

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            I fail to see what the second amendment has to do with the GOP war of economic genocide that they have been waging on the working classes for thirty years. Besides, I have yet to meet a handgun owner who was not a whining sniveling coward without it.

          • motherseer

            And that is an incredibly unsubstantiated myth perpetuated by the gun industry trying to 1) terrorize women into making them feel like OHMYGODIHAVETOBUYAGUNORI’LLBERAPED and 2) make them feel like if they have a gun they’re not statistically much more likely to have that gun taken & used against them than to ever be able to use it for self-defense. Find some real stats to back that up – oh, wait, sorry, you can’t – because they don’t exist. I’m not an anti-gun-ownership pacifist. But I AM an anti-fantasy-perpetuating realist who thinks it’s a super bad idea to tell our daughters hey, get a gun & you, Rambotina, will be able to fend off the thousands of rapists who will attack you. Ignoring the reality that women use a gun for self-defense a miniscule number of times compared to the number of times said gun will be taken from them & used against them, thereby coasting them their lives when without the gun they’d still be alive. Or even making them so paranoid they go shooting anyone who startles them. This America you lot seem intent on creating looks like something out of Mad Max, and you can have it.

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            ” Guns don’t kill people people kill people toght liz? Fact guns don’t kill people people with guns in open carry,stand your ground states murder people.

          • shots

            so you don’t believe in defending yourself?Would you be ok to put a sign out front of your house saying you don’t believe in gun ownership to defend ones self?

          • Maggie Ahrens

            ^ Absolutely.

            As a pro-gun left-of-center former Librarian, it’s hard to have rational dialogue with many folks because ZOMFG GUNS ARE BAD

            Other folks of Liberal bent don’t understand that the demonized redneck teabagger is far from representative of firearms owners.

            Have folks forgotten about the Pink Pistols?


          • Daniel Petersen

            The left being anti gun is a plan made by the government to disable any revolutionairies in this country. Historically who has sat around while horrible regimes repress their people? Conservatives!

            Which groups throughout time were the ones to topple such regimes? Liberal Guerrilla warfare groups.

            For a liberal to disarm his body and mind is exactly what the government wanted and planned for!

          • Jay Merrick

            No, we just don’t like paranoid morons having guns. There are no revolutionaries in this country just domestic terrorists who have no idea how lucky they are to be born in this country. They aren’t patriots, they are delusional fools who should not be able to own guns. Have a nice day.

          • chrystal

            Thank you. Well said.

          • Don Griffin

            LIBTARD ALERT !

          • Daniel Petersen

            Domestic terrorist is just a fancy word for insurgent… Read history and stop following others thoughts… make some of your own!

            Your are obviously talking about doomsday preppers and the like on the right…

            Missed my point entirely didn’t you?

          • jfree

            Where are your stats that there are no revolutionaries in this country? Just because you, and no one you know are revolutionaries, does not mean that there aren’t any elsewhere in these 50 states. Daniel is right, but the conservatives own the munitions manufacturing facilities which are then contracted by the government for trillions of dollars. Typically, revolutionaries do not have that type of bank account, and therefore they just can’t afford to stand up against the government. But if you look at France about 240 years ago, a revolution happened. It was possible because the people leading the revolution were not insanely outclassed in firepower. Back then it was musket rifles and pitchforks. Now it would be semi auto rifles and hand guns v bombers and tanks? We are already living in 1984. But if it makes you happy to just sit there and play the Piano Stevie Wonder, then who am I to remove those shades from your blond eyes?

          • Daniel Petersen

            The emergence of planes, bombs, tanks, and security has not belittled the ability of Guerrilla warfare to be able to do damage. This has been shown time and time again throughout history from Indonesia, vietnam, china, to even Cuba. In indonesia they dropped an insane amount of bombs in the 6 years of conflict between the government forces and the guerrillas. In the 6 years of bombing they killed a total of 12 Guerrillas… ( LiusTaruc: He who rides the tiger)

          • Chris Wolf

            I am an Australian, and we are known to have some of the strictist gun control laws in the world

            In Australia you can own guns legally, but we restrict who can access them. If you have a severe mental illness (demonstrated or high potential to harm others), a criminal conviction for violent behaviour, or the like you are not permitted to own firearms.

            If someone has a domestic violence order, or restraining order (where violence is feared) a gun owner must surrender their firearms to the police custody until the order expires or is lifted.

            Just as you need a driver’s license to drive a car (due to the potential danger to others), we require that you have a firearms license. This involves a federal police check, and proof that you have undergone a firearms safety course (with regular retraining to make sure you are still safe).

            And what is the civilian need for an assault rifle? You don’t hunt with a fully automatic, you slaughter.

          • Jason Brandt

            Assault rifles are not fully automatic. Fully automatic weapons are illegal in every state unless you have a class 3 license and about 50k to buy a fully automatic weapon.

          • Daniel Petersen

            An assault riffle has selective fire. Barely any civillians in the US have rifles with selective fire anymore due to the insane amount of red tape…

            Other than the Firearms license we have all of those regulations and restrictions on firearms ownership as well.

            99.9% of “assault rifles” reported in the news in the US are actually just rifles.

          • shots

            Chris please tell me how much does it cost you to get a “permit” to own a firearm and can you use it to defend yourself or where does it have to be stored? And how much does a firearm cost? Can the common man own one? Or is the price high enough that only the well off can have one?

          • Quantum Looper

            Thanks Harry Reid. Nice to see you on here. But please try to stick to the talking points and just go directly to saying pro 2nd Amendment people are terrorists and all the mass shootings are the fault of every American legal gun owner. This way you stay in the game with all the rest of the liberal ignoramuses who are just not thinking clearly or are easily swayed by their emotions. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

          • Mads

            How curious are gun-lovers to facts regarding guns in ANY other developed country in the world…..

          • Marcus Toroian

            Let me get this straight. Are you saying that if you like guns, you shouldn’t be able to have one? I am not a paranoid delusional whack job. I simply enjoy shooting and collecting them(I don’t hunt, not really into killing stuff). I carry one because I have seen the horrible things that people are capable of, and I prefer not to be a victim if I can prevent that.

            Please don’t take your narrow idea of how you wish things were and try to force me to conform to them.

          • Decere Tiozon

            Mmm . . . not all liberals are anti-gun. I’m a liberal-moderate. Guns. Guns are needed. If you throw them all away, a black market will explode anyway. And why would we need more restrictive laws? Criminals are criminals for a reason: they break laws.

          • Jack Johnson

            Wow, a rare liberal with sense. Be careful so it can repopulate .

          • Patricia Giannattasio

            When you say words like “historically” and “throughout time,” you are being very vague. And that is one of the biggest problems with making grandiose statements; imprecision.

          • Madeleine

            Orrrrrr…. Maybe the government is sick of people dying from gun related violence.

          • Quantum Looper

            Nope. Open your freaking eyes.

          • Dani Ilges

            Hitler was liberal as a socialist sooooooo

          • Daniel Petersen

            Yeah use 1 example to special plead out 3 thousand years of Guerrilla warfare history…

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            Crap!1 the Republican,supply side,voodoo,slight of hand economics,is a weapon of economic genocide on working people,designed to turn the country into a nation of mansions and tents with nothing in between.

          • Susan Jodoin

            Really?! You’re going to compare “using a whistle” to “men have a right to rape”?!! Smdh.

          • Woogy Lewis

            Your statement is going to negatively impact rape whistle sales (Bo Burnham).

          • Eady Trice Morgan

            What are you talking about?

          • Nodramame

            I have never heard anybody, let alone a Democrat advocate a using a whistle when a man has a broken bottle at her throat. I have heard them advocate doing something to attract attention.

          • LibertyMonger

            Yeah like pee their pants instead of pulling a gun and making the rapist pee his

          • Dani Ilges

            like a whistle

          • I’ve never heard anyone but you make that ridiculous statement.

          • Killian Walsh

            that’s hardly the same thing as saying its ok to rape

          • jotunndigital

            And while you’re all arguing who’s worse, nobody will have thought to just start their own center-isle party.

          • ZealousCrusader

            You’re right, that’s a stupid argument, however it isn’t a hate fueled bout of vehemence. More moderates are needed, but I don’t want the kind of moderate that tolerates bullying and hate because it’s easier to not stand up.

          • Will Deegan

            if an attacker has a broken bottle to a womans neck a gun wont do her much good…

          • Eric Foto Anderson

            Dem’s don’t want you to have a gun, so now what? A knife?

          • mro1337

            these statements are the result of babbling out of context statements and not as ‘in your face’ as hitler walking up to a podium and saying kill all jews.

            yes, this guy is an idiot, but he was misquoted and misinterpreted in regards to many of the things ‘quoted’ in this article. the old guy should just shut up

          • Woogy Lewis

            Glad that he’s not as bad as Hitler, I was worried for a minute.

          • Charlie Plummer
          • seeingeye

            There are always a few numb-knuts in all political parties. (Just like a few bad apples in every barrel.)

          • captainawesome

            LOL, the typical ignorant democrat. Blanket labeling Republicans and elevating Democrats to the level of saints. I’m not a fan of many politicians in this country, democrat or republican. I do, however, like to think that i’m a pretty well educated individual (at least on economic and financial matters). I can say with absolute conviction that democrats have done just as much as republicans to financially and morally corrupt this country, if not more. Anyone who argues otherwise is a complete fool and should not be allowed to vote… The problem with this country is that its government and voting system were designed for an EDUCATED population, our population (even those brown and other wild/art school) is horribly ineducated and incapable of making logical decisions.

          • Treva Eley

            Below is a link where one can see that intelligence and insanity walk hand in hand according to the many people who have studied Poe, Van Gogh, etc… These are not just every day smart people these are highly revered people out of which beauty sprang by leaps and bounds… while they were having a manic mood swing… or having paranoid visions of people out to get them… whatever the case may be. So to say that an educated, intelligent person were the one’s meant to vote… which is NOWHERE in the constitution I might add.. what IS there is that EVERY man is created equal; but I digress… if you wish to read the constitution, the bill of rights, all the groundwork for what we have today, it is very easy to access.

            That said, I am a woman, I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology degree, I am fine with people owning guns, I am fine with people having a different religion than I do, I am fine with someone making the most difficult decision to have an abortion, and I am fine with the death penalty. I am also fine with spanking a child if the need calls for it. I do not base my self worth on the opinions of others. I walk my own path and they walk theirs. I am NOT fine with someone else telling me what I can and cannot do with my body. I am not fine with someone touching me when I did not give them express permission to do so.

            I would also like to add that it is UNeducated or UNDEReducated, and if you are going to be pompous concerning the lack of education one has to an educated individual….you should probably say all the words correctly. We tend NOT to listen to ramblings. Thank you and good day.


          • captainawesome

            Once again, you will have to take that up with my auto-correct program, I suppose that what I get for choosing a shady third party program rather than an official one. That said, I never said or insinuated that you should be fine with someone touching you without express permission, and as for your reference to abortion… There is more than just you at play there, you can do whatever you want to your body until you become pregnant, and even then for a few weeks. I am very familiar with the bill of rights, the constitution, and many of the significant social welfare, power expansion/reduction and regulatory bills that have been passed in our history. An uneducated individual simply cannot make a decision that requires a knowledge of the complex issues that make up the politics of today. That was my point, and beyond being a point, it is a fact.

          • Treva Eley

            That’s very peculiar because one of my best friends went through this due to severe medical issues and the radiation she needed to keep her alive to care for her other children had one and she did not have to know anything except for where the place was and that she needed to take care of herself afterward. That is it. What’s so complicated?

          • jfree

            Speaking of the UNeducated, “ineducated” does not mean what you think it means. It actually isn’t even a word. So you may have proven your own point with your own words, but the way you did it created a paradox. MIND BLOWN.

          • captainawesome

            I think you’d have to take that particular argument up with my auto-correct program, which disagrees with you, though I do believe you are correct in saying that it is wrong. I think though, that the fact that you focused solely on the misspelling of one word in my post, rather than respond to any of my points, is very telling in and of itself.

          • Donna Kirdahy
          • captainawesome

            I’m unsure of how sending me links to news articles displaying biased opinion books and biased opinion articles is supposed to enlighten me, or disprove my comments in any way :/ If anything it reinforces what I said before.

          • Kimberly Jane Baldwin

            Wow! Ignorance is bliss I guess!

          • nynetguy

            Really? Are you seriously that naive?

            “(Harry Reid) was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama — a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

            “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent.” — Joe Biden

            “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.” — Spike Lee

            “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go.” — Marion Barry

            Yeah. Democrats never say anything horrible.

            You’re an idiot.

          • Wurz

            You won’t hear them say it because it’s behind closed doors.

          • Ken Williamson
          • BitcoinMiner Baart

            Are you enjoying your illusion of freedom ?

          • Eady Trice Morgan

            Yes, I am enjoying the life I created for myself. Very much ?

          • SeniorDragonborne

            I think it’d be great one day if we looked past stereotypes. I don’t think all democrats are good, nor do I think all of them are bad. The same goes for republicans. Maybe one day, just one day… people will vote for someone on what their views are, not what the party says their views should be.

          • tikitools1

            out loud!

        • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

          Have you ever heard a democrat saying men should have the right to rape women? Are you even serious?

        • Sarah Elizabeth

          I’m gonna go ahead and assume you aren’t a Democrat……

        • Dee

          Democrats and Republicans ARE different. Stop perpetuating the stupidity and laziness of false equivalency. Are Democrats doing the best the can do? No. Does that make them the same as the cancerous regression that Republicans espouse? NO.

          NOT THE SAME.

        • Jacob Eagleshield

          I hope you are not comparing Obama to that neo facist loon Ted Cruz

      • Shawnon Marie

        Um, Obama is a Democrat… enough said there…. ugh. There are people within both political parties that are f*cked in the head. Neither is better than the other….

        • Ralph Sampson

          This is actually the problem. Each ‘side’ offers choices that are so bad they will vote by party. Of course many are mindless as well. Romney was a good middle ground and a lost opportunity. The people need to come together and end the party system.

        • Kris Bright

          Obama also increased taxes on the Middle Class and Obamacare doesn’t actually help people who actually need it(anyone who makes less than $15k per year do not qualify).
          And his Obamacare increased taxes on oil and other goods even more than they already were.

          • SheRa King

            False. Anyone who makes under the FPL gets free insurance under the ACA, so to say they don’t “qualify” for “Obamacare” is just plain idiotic. You probably just went out and tried to buy it on the exchange, and got back the result that was a polite, “No dummy, you make under the FPL so you should sign up for free Medicaid which you are now eligible for under the ACA, because we don’t charge people on the exchange when they get free full choice insurance”

          • Paul

            Kris The-Opposite-Of-Bright…..you’ve already been told that the $15k cutoff is in one state- Texas- not nationwide. And it’s if you make MORE than that. Man, The Stupid, it burns…..

      • Kris Bright

        Democrats were responsible for both world wars and the Vietnam war.
        Democrats were the ones who rallied for Slavery and didn’t care
        about African Americans men or women. The Democrats wanted to continue
        slavery and Republican Abe Lincoln was the president who freed the
        Obama himself said that he believed slavery should come back.

        • guest1222

          Are you serious? The parties are not even comparable anymore and Obama never said that. Thats almost as stupid as a Jewish man saying “you know, the holocaust wasn’t such a bad idea.” And the world wars were different, it doesn’t matter who was in power our involvement in both of those wars was inevitable. Besides FDR pulled us out of the great depression and world war II helped us dramatically. Obama just got screwed because republicans that are entirely unwilling to compromise control the house of representatives. He has to clean up bush’s mess and he get absolutely no help.

        • Trolololol

          Man this is what sub $15,000 talk looks like

        • jmvks

          Please stop talking, you are embarassing yourself. Also Abe Lincoln has been quoted as saying: “Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

        • Susan Jodoin

          You’re not that bright, are you?

        • SheRa King

          The democrats were “responsible for both world wars”? Wow… that is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen today, and I’ve seen a lot of ignorance.

          Both world wars were going on long before the U.S. joined via their relationships with western civilization. So perhaps you’re saying they should have allowed Hitler to take over England too and continue the genocide? That would have been BRILLIANT. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen who said democrats were RESPONSIBLE for he world wars. That’s hilarious.

        • chynna


        • Treva Eley

          Slooooooow your roll there, guy! Back in the days of Slavery, the Republican Party were what we call the Dems today. Lincoln was a republican, HOWEVER that party, in that time, was very liberal. And if you are going to sit there and tell me ANYONE with African-American blood wishes there was still slavery, you are out of your mind! You had better start posting some links because you have just jumped in and took over the crazy train, and you are going off the rails!

      • Maggie Ahrens

        Or Independant. Frequently, the Liberals have their own brand of crazy.

        Don’t fall into the False Dichotomy trap; there are frequently candidates who are really promising and are overlooked because the Media perpetuates the two party system.

      • Charlie Plummer

        http://www.tpnn.com/2014/06/17/video-hillary-clinton-trashes-and-smears-a-12-year-old-rape-victim/ Yeah vote for Hillary. The audio is at the end of the article scroll down and listen. She laughs while being interviewed about getting a 41 yr old man off for raping a 12 yr old girl.

      • nynetguy

        Yes, because Democrats never say hurtful, moronic things.

      • Robert Klemme

        Democrats are terrible!

      • Summer Britton

        lmao way to take it to a political issue and completely drive attention away from the original issue. Rape.

    • Willow

      ironically, this is “learned behavior.”

    • shadowind

      Are there ANY decent Republicans out there?

      • Treva Eley

        I actually have a lot of conservative friends who are kind, gentle, will give you the shirt off their backs and would never hurt a soul. We have to stay away from political discussions but we tiptoe around it from time to time. So, to answer your question, yes there are decent republicans out there.

    • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

      The come from the Republican party…

    • Guest

      Um, Obama is a Democrat… enough said there…. ugh. There are people within both political parties that are f*cked in the head. Neither is better than the other…

    • John S.

      Capitalism: that’s where these people come from.

    • Where? Trollville – from under bridges!

    • Axel

      It does make logical sense given the premise that a foetus is a living human being deserving of the same rights as born men and women. Here is how.

      Premise 1: A woman, a man and a foetus are all human beings deserving of the same rights.
      Premise 2: The fact that a foetus resides inside a woman does not limits it’s rights as a human being.
      Premise 3: A woman has the right to kill a foetus for her sexual freedom.
      Premise 4: Rape is less or equally bad as killing

      Conclusion. A man has the right to rape a woman for his sexual freedom.

      Is this a illogical statement? Almost all the stuff antiabortionists are saying makes sense if you treat a foetus like a human being.

      edit: i could add more quite reasonably premises to make it more water tight, but i think you get my point. I dont support him however, so dont go bashing for no reason.

    • These are the ancient politicians that were in the state for the last century. They have an ancient ideology.

    • captainawesome

      I think its a flawed and morally incorrect statement and an unfair statement, but it does make logical sense.

    • mich08

      It’s pretty typical in Maine.

    • Civil Society

      well, he lives just down the road from me. I can tell you that he is pretty clever at whipping up his base with weekly diatribes and invective. To tell you the truth Im not sure that he himself believes ANY of it. I think he’s almost worse than that. He’s a Goebbels…

    • James R. Olson

      Are you kidding, Kerry? we mass produce them here in “Murka” Have you never heard of Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh etc.?

  • Vickie Caylor

    For every asinine idea from a member of the GOP/teabaggers,they must submit to mandatory sterilization.

  • Robert W Crowley

    I hope the DEMS are keeping all of these crazy Republican statements to use in 2014 and 2016.

    • Anita

      That is Bidens job.. he is not much brighter

      • Kathi Geukes

        And you know this because….I think our Vice Prez is a hell of a lot smarter than you are….the fact that you made this statement shows how truly ignorant YOU are!!!

        • Anita

          All you have to do is listen to him… They don’t let him speak in public much because he can’t get any facts right…. Their are idiots in congress & on both sides, I am sure this guy is not the only one, most don’t blurt out such comments.. He is not from my state & I would never have voted for him…..

          • Debra Ranson

            I think you are confusing him with Dan Quayle…

          • Anita

            Quayl & Obama have more in common, Obama thinks we have 57 states & miss spelled Respect whentalking to the song. “” both on live tape””

          • dacr555

            Ridiculous! Obama does not THINK there are 57 states. Like all presidents he slilpped up and really meant to say 47 – because that IS the number of states he had already visited at the time. And speaking of spelling errors – you misspelled “misspell”. Guess you have a lot in common with George Bush.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Oh God enough with the 57 states thing. It was a slip of a tongue. He meant to say 47 states, said 57, and then corrected himself. He does NOT, nor did he ever, think there are 57 states. You’ve never had a slip of the tongue before?

          • Marco52

            slip of the tongue, are you kidding me if you are president you had better know what you are saying don’t you think…

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            President’s are still human beings, everyone mixes up their words sometimes. Heck, Bush did it every time he spoke. Besides, he wasn’t President when he said it. It was one misspeak -saying 47 instead of 57 – that he immediately corrected during a campaign event 6 years ago, and you guys are still harping on it. Pretty sad.

          • Tawanda the Avenger

            Yeah, like Dubya, right?

          • Paul

            Yawn…he was speaking of the 57 territories in the Democratic primary and said states. Jeesh, good thing George W Bush was never around a microphone, huh?

          • Anita

            YAWN yourself find a newer subject this is months old.. & spelling is one thing but he clearly said he had been to 57 states & still had three to go.. on live tape

          • Paul

            Love how you’re so desperate to try and make Obama make dumb, and you can’t. Yet right wing heroes like Bush and Michelle Bachmann PROVE how dumb they are every day.

            There is a clip from 2008 about the primaries. I know that one, and every intelligent person knows he meant “territories” and didn’t mean “states.” I also love how this proves you’re not intelligent enough to get it.

          • Anita

            I am not going to comment on this very old article from a
            stupid comment from back in 95 any further nor left or right wing. I’ve read some of your other comments & your basic comments for
            everything is downgradeing or say a person is stupid & everyone is right
            wing if disagreed with.. facts don’t seem to matter..

            States that refused to increase the Medicare plan did not
            refuse it because they did not want to give the poor healthcare they refused it
            because it would bankrupt them.

            Complaint that only the very upper class incomes have grown,
            it is true.. middle class is shrinking & their are more people on welfare
            today than ever.. trouble is people have decided why should I bother to work (I
            do not mean those who are in real need & have fallen on hard times) living
            on welfare has become a way of life for far to many, free housing, free food,
            free education, free medical, free cell phones.. I wonder why I bother
            working myself.. the more benefits the more attractive it becomes & in
            several states welfare pays better than many jobs.. today 48% of the population
            is receiving some form of government assistance, both black & white about
            equally, Asians & Hispanics hardly any at all. That is deplorable. The gap
            is widening between the have & have not’s not because of how much CEO’s make
            but because of apathy, you can raise wages all you want, you can tax wealthy all
            you want & give it all to the poor or lower incomes… all it will do as it
            has in the past, raise the prices for everything, bankrupt companies (think
            about all the companies we have already lost in the past few
            years(Airlines, Mont. Ward, Circuit city & dozens more) or drive more of
            them overseas. We no longer have incentives to work or get ahead instead we
            discourage those who are working and increase the numbers living off of Gov.
            assistance & it was a good idea at first (this is not a Dem. or Rep. issue
            in truth)The middle class can no longer afford to support those who have opted
            out from the responsibility of looking after themselves & the pride that
            comes from standing on their own two feet, those who would live off of mom &
            dad till they pass away if not kicked out, smoking dope or doing drugs rather
            than get a job. Parents are only responsible for raising the children till they
            are 18. where dose it say the government is responsible for them the rest of
            their lives? If a person dose nothing to better himself why is it everybody
            else’s job to support them? Again I do not mean those why are truly in need.. I
            would be happy to help anyone who is downfallen for real to get back on their
            feet or who is unable to work but as many people today I am tired of working
            hard & supporting lazy people, those who have a dozen children & demand
            the gov. pay for their support while they sit at home.

            We are a Democracy not a Socialist country, even those
            countries who lived under Communism are now thriving & growing under free
            enterprise while we are heading down hill.

            You call everyone stupid.. Open your eyes to the real

            Our dollar is almost worthless & China owns most of our
            debt & we can loose our position as the worlds bank currency, countries such
            as Russia & the oil rich countries are talking of only trading in gold for
            oil, China is uniting with other nations to stop using the dollar for any trade
            what so ever & if we devalue it any more our precious economy will go the
            way of the British Pound Sterling.. Our economy will fail & our dollar will
            be worthless, prices of everything will quadruple over night.

            It dose not matter what political party a person is with..
            those are the real facts as to where we are heading.. not 30-40 years down the
            road, but 2-3-4 years if we don’t turn things around

          • Paul

            Wow, I love it when a wingnut posts such idiocy at once, and stuff that’s not only wrong but so easy to prove wrong.

            BTW, my basic comments are to call out moronic wingnuts like you. Those other posters were wrong as well. I don’t make you post right wing drivel that has no basis in truth: own it.

            Those red states that refused the Medicaid expansion did so for NO other reason than petty politics, only this time the “pettiness” is going to deny millions of America’s poorest citizens health care coverage. We’re all LAUGHING in your face as the first few years the federal government is paying the ENTIRE cost of the expansion and no less than 90% in the future. so your moronic talking point is defeated there.

            There are not that many people on “welfare”. I love it with ignorant wingnuts like you try and put the deficit on people on social welfare programs….when those programs have been cut and cut again since 1980 (in terms of real benefits). The real reason for the ongoing deficit is that the middle class is making less AND the people making the most pay less and less in taxes, if they pay them at all (see Mitt Romney and his Cayman Island tax shelter).

            More idiocy from you. While the real incomes for the Bottom 90% have barely grown in 30 odd years (and many are making LESS), the pay for CEOs has gone up like 200%. It is not only TRUE that increased CEO pay (and for those at the top) is the driving cause of why the rest of us are getting less, it’s basic math. Productivity gains have gone up some 300% in 30 years. Nearly all of those gains have gone to the Top 10%, and the Top 1% most of all. Look at their inflation-adjusted incomes then and now, and everyone else’s. Look at their net worth then and now, and everyone else’s. If nearly ALL of it goes to the top, then there’s NONE to go to the rest of us.

          • Anita

            The top three wealthiest people in the country & their
            rankings in the world are posted next to them This FACT according to FORBES..
            they just happen to be.. oh yes DEMOCRATS
            1. world ranking
            Bill Gates
            Net Worth: $76 B
            Source of wealth: Microsoft
            4. world ranking
            Warren Buffett
            Net Worth: $58.2 B
            Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway
            5. world ranking
            Larry Ellison
            Net Worth: $48 B
            Source of wealth: Oracle

            The OBAMA’s purchased a posh estate in Hawaii just after the
            election valued at $40 million… But when they vacation they don’t stay in it
            but opt to spend taxpayer money on staying in lush resorts costing tax payers
            millions not to mention his million dollar golf weekends with the boys.. Pres.
            Bush.. vacationed at his ranch ..
            So don’t give me your hollier than though BS about Republicans… look to your own

          • Paul

            I love how you keep posting nothing but wingnut FAIL and keep getting owned by liberals like me.

            So the top three richest guys are registered (are they? source?) as Democrats. Does this change an iota of what I already wrote? NO. Some inconvenient facts for Anita. Those three may or may not be Democrats, but one thing they DON’T do is spend millions and millions of that fortune on influencing everything from the presidential race to statehouses around the country for the Democrats and liberal causes. Unlike people on the right like the Koch Brothers. So the fact that they are the three richest people in America has no connection to the political party they belong to.

            Of course, only a wingnut moron like Anita would even try and make such a lame argument.

            Oh, the “Hawaii estate purchase” is complete BS, from a looney tunes right wing website. Love how you keep FAILING by going to the right wing propaganda well that blows up in your face. And who can forget how George W. Bush bought that ranch just before he started running for president, and then sold it once the PR need for it vanished as he was leaving office. Not to mention the record number of vacation days he spent there.

            Man, another total beat down of the wingnut Anita. Obviously she likes getting schooled by smarter liberals.

          • Anita

            You want facts I wont bother with just BS talk..

            Fact ..In the
            fourth quarter of 2011, 49.2 percent of Americans received benefits from one or
            more government programs, according to data released Tuesday by the Census

            In total, the Census Bureau estimated, 151,014,000 Americans
            out of a population then estimated to be 306,804,000 received benefits from one
            or more government programs during the last three months of 2011. Those
            151,014,000 beneficiaries equaled 49.2 percent of the

            Fact… the OBAMA’s purchased a posh estate in Hawaii just
            after the election valued at $40 million.. mind you their combined new worth was
            only supposed to be $24 million… But when they vacation they don’t stay in it
            but opt to spend taxpayer money on staying in lush resorts costing tax payers
            millions not to mention his million dollar golf weekends with the boys..

            Fact.. the Obsma’s week at Martha’s Vinyard alone cost tax payers $7 million

            Fact… Pres. Bush.. vacationed at his ranch…cooking BBQ .. not with 8 privet chefs on 24- 7 call just in case mummy in law or a guest might want a snack
            …So don’t give me your hollier than though BS about Republicans
            … look to your own party & who is lining who’s pocketd

          • Paul

            I LOVE it. More beatdown for this wingnut MORON Anita.

            Never mind you keep avoiding the FACTS I post. Never mind you can’t source anything. Never mind it’s not a “fact” that the Obamas purchased that home. Source it. When we see it’s from a right wing site with zero credibility, we’ll laugh in your face again.

            But here we go with some SOURCED FACTS to hose down Anita’s debunked talking point-

            “Again, if you are about to write off this 49 percent of the population as lucky freeloaders, be sure to keep a few things in mind. First, you would be writing off all of those people who paid into the large social insurance programs over their lifetimes and are now collecting on those contributions. This includes grandma and grandpa receiving social security and medicare, your brother who was recently laid-off from his job and is collecting unemployment benefits, or your neighbor who served in Iraq and is receiving veteran disability benefits. Secondly, much of the participation in means-tested programs, like Food Stamps, waxes and wanes with the boom and bust cycles of the broader economy. Since the current economic recovery has been stubbornly slow, participation rates in these programs have been high, but this by no means suggests that these people will stay on program rolls. Participation in most means-tested programs (with exception to Medicaid) is expected to go down if and when the economy improves, as it has done in past recoveries.

            Statistics on household receipt of government benefits can be misleading when put into certain contexts. As soon as people hear that “49 percent of households receive government benefits” they tend think only of means-tested programs, like TANF or Medicaid, and not some of the largest parts of the social safety net (i.e. Social Security and Medicare). Pundits and politicians use this misunderstanding to their advantage when trying to convey that dependence on government assistance is too high.

            On the other hand, the statistics gathered by the Census Bureau in the above table can lead people to believe that dependence on government assistance is lower than it truly is. The Census Bureau’s statistics don’t include the myriad array of programs built into the U.S. tax code, called “tax expenditures,” that give credits and tax breaks. In budgetary terms, these tax expenditures behave just like traditional social safety net programs and also “redistribute” wealth. However, most tax expenditures tend to target middle and high-income households. The deductions and breaks on mortgage interest, charitable donations, inheritances, or corporate health insurance and pensions are some of the largest tax expenditures. Political scientist Christopher Howard went so far as to say that these tax expenditures constituted a massive “Hidden Welfare State” for the well-off because they are so rarely discussed.”


            Boom goes the dynamite…..another wingnut troll eats it.

          • Anita

            you truly are the typoical blind sided Moron.. kindly don’t bother replying

          • Paul

            ” Typoical blind sided Moron” says you. So lame, and so funny.

          • vancall

            I refudiate that statement! Via Sarah Palin.

          • Tawanda the Avenger


          • vancall

            Check out some of the criticism of recent statements via Bangor news.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            There’s a difference between being intelligent and being a good public speakers. Plenty of smart people cannot give good speeches, and plenty of not so smart people can give great speeches.

      • GaLiberal

        No Anita its your job as a voter. Speak about not being very bright.

        • Anita

          I do vote, I call my state Reps as well .. Nothing can be done to any idiot or perverted minded person between elections & I am notfrom his state… So no it is not my job to get him out of office,, I find him disgusting… Dose not change my statment Biden not veing much Brighter & will add Obama is not either, with his speach of having been to 55 states & having two more to go… man dose not know how many states we have

          • Yankeegirl49

            LOL, I guess you are the expert on dumb. When calling others dumb, it is usually a good idea to proof read your own post..otherwise you end up looking….dumb.
            Speach? Dose?

      • Treva Eley

        Well… he’s no “decider” but I would listen to him talk any day.

    • GaLiberal

      Doesn’t matter if people don’t get off their lazy butts and go vote these asshats out of office.

    • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

      By 2016, they’ll have a bunch of new, fresh ones.

  • Muffin Man

    Hey GOP, if you want to label a mother as a host, that makes the baby, by definition, a parasite. Choose your words carefully.

    • Tim

      Not necessarily. “In biology, a host is an organism that harbors a parasite, or a mutual or commensal symbiont, typically providing nourishment and shelter. ” -Wikipedia.

      Parasite is just one type of living being that uses a host.

      • Noah

        A baby doesn’t provide a mother with a non-mutual symbiotic relationship. A baby takes nourishment and shelter with no reciprocation; rather, the mother is often harmed, through nausea, headaches, hormonal changes, cravings, or other means. That’s THE definition of a parasite. I don’t even have to quote wikipedia on that.

        • Bob Bobson

          And all a baby does after it’s born is become a financial parasite. Your point?

        • Marco52

          maybe you should ask a mother before you make stupid comments, the closest mutual relationship is between a fetus and it’s mother.

          • Noah

            I have asked my mother about abortion and we have very similar views – she agrees with my so-called “stupid” comments (which have 40-something thumbs up, by the way). I would assume that a fetus that can’t communicate with their mother other than possibly through occasional kicking would be a bit distant though, don’t you think? “Closest mutual relationship” – yeah I doubt that. At least when I talk to my siblings or even my cat, I receive an actual response instead of a wave of nausea.

          • Treva Eley

            HOLD ON! These are two completely correct stances but you are both talking about different things here. Physically, yes, the fetus would be a parasite, but EMOTIONALLY there is not a stronger bond. What my children gave to me in utero was morning sickness, swollen everything, an endless need for more sleep, and nothing was more exciting than the butterfly feeling that men could compare to gas moving through the colon. However, as the baby grows and the kicking gets stronger, (aside from bruised ribs which my second son gave me) there were reactions to voices in the form of kicking or moving when, say, dad came within earshot. It is all so simultaneously disgusting and too beautiful to describe that this is the best I can give you. You are both right.

          • SheRa King

            Yeah, but you were an expectant mother who wanted to have a baby, not, say, a rape victim who was being forced to have a baby, or like the mothers in conservative states who have been forced to carry dead fetuses to term because of “late-term” abortion bans. To you there was an emotional connection because you wanted to have a baby. To someone for whom the baby is truly unwanted, already dead, or detached, it is a parasite and there is nothing emotionally beautiful about it.

          • Treva Eley

            well….that is not exactly true, but I really do not wish to air my private business. Let’s just say I can see all sides and I love all of my children but I am glad there were options on the table.

        • Dan Ortiz

          Did you just make the point that a baby is a harmful parasite?… Tell me what is the difference between you and that idiot republican in the OP?….. You are exactly the same.

    • Pixie Schrimpf

      Muffin man; that is the most succinct verbiage. I love that.


  • Yo Momma

    This dude should be shot in the face

  • justinkeiththomas


    • Guest

      Not it isn’t a great statement, but it isn’t meant to be taken literally.

    • justinkeiththomas

      Yes it is offensive, but not to be taken literally.

  • She Codes

    I can’t understand the GOP’s preoccupation with rape. It’s creepy.

    • Anita

      one stupid person dose not make either party & since when is the GOP preocupied with Rape? They are occupied with the Constitution, Balancing the Budget, Free enterprise, less goverment control of our lives

      • Anvita

        Look up “illegitimate rape.” Pay attention to the world around you, it’s not quite as fascinating under your rock.

      • dacr555

        They’re only interested in less government when it suits their purposes. They are using their positions IN the government to try to push their own narrow ideas onto everyone else and to try to keep others ideas from coming to the forefront..

      • Tammy Marlow

        Hahahahahahaha u r funny

      • vancall

        Todd Akin, anyone?

      • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

        Yeah but hundreds of stupid people…It’s hard to say this is an isolated incident and people from the GOP keep saying things like this every week.

      • Tawanda the Avenger

        “One stupid person?” Where have you been? The number of Republicans making outrageous comments about rape and women has grown exponentially over the past few years.

      • Treva Eley

        You mean free enterprise like Haliburton getting all the contracts? More freedom like the Patriot Act? Balancing the budget by increasing defense spending based on false intel about nukes in Iraq? That kind of less control? All put in place under…. hold on to your hat… REPUBLICANS!

        • Anita

          Who is a republican.. I voted dem. for years, I wont any more… I opted to open my eyes & take a very hard look at where we stand in the world today, we are on the verge of loosing our standing as the curency of the world bank, we don’t even rank in the top 25 countries in liberty, X Russind countries rank higher than we do,our children rank below the top 25 in education, 48% of the population is living on gov. assistsnce in some form.. we have regulated business so much ( more than any country in the world) that they had no choice other than going elsewhere. I used to support the Dem. party.. I can’t anymore.. I am now just an Independant.. nothing more

          • Treva Eley

            The recession exploded in 2008. Obama did not take office until Jan 20 2009. The bankruptcies started in 2003 and jobs started going away around that time as well. I live in Ohio. GM.. gone DELCO gone…ALL BEFORE any person cast their ballot to elect Obama. Empty homes liter the entire state. As for X Russind countries… I am positive this was a typo but I cannot figure it out. Education… I have 4 words for you 1) No 2) Child 3) Left 4) Behind. (Thanks G’dubs!)

    • Woogy Lewis

      Reminds me of the time that they declared that rape “is how championship horses are bred”. Rape fantasy much, dear Republicans?

  • Kathi Geukes

    These old, white men are scared to death because women…Dems and Progressives….scare the hell out of them….we’re taking over and pushing them OUT…which is where they need to be….gone!!!!

  • geneb2000

    Don’t lump this lunkhead in with all conservatives. Opposition to abortion is a very personal and passionate matter. This guy is an idiot, but, then again, so is Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi says some incredibly stupid things, too. Not excusing this clown, just saying stupidity seems to be prevelant in politics these days.

    • Anita

      This is true… I doubt even the people who voted for him even knew he was such a loon till he was in office… Just look to the Whitehouse for how a person changes or shows their true personalities. One makes such wonderful speaches butter woud melt on ice but can’t get the number of states right, theother is kept from speaches because he get’s everything wrong.. the Supreme court has members so old they can’t even stay awake for a group photo… what a wonderful country we have today

      • vancall

        Do you have spell check?

    • vancall

      There is making mistakes when speaking, like not thinking through what you are saying. Then there is blatant stupidity and crassness, which many conservatives seem to be expert at.

    • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

      I’m sick of right wingers saying “don’t lump ____ in with the rest of us”. Sorry, when people from your party keep using this type of language and get in trouble for it week after week, it reflects on your party. If you don’t want it to reflect on the GOP, kick them out! Nancy Pelosi has never said something as stupid as a man should have the right to rape…

  • Joseph Scott Jr

    But Republicans are still voting for Congressmen and Women with attitudes like this misguided Soul!

    • Tim

      Both Republicans and Democrats do. That is America

  • Stephanie Ruth Vaughan

    I propose a new federal law called the “DADDY DNA Test” to test the baby’s DNA at birth for every unwed mother in the USA. Then give the “real DAD” a bill for half of the cost of raising that kid until the age of 18. According to the latest records, half the cost averages $125,00.00. That would stop some of the unwanted pregnancies and it should definitely become a law if abortion is not available! Is anyone with me on this?

    • edmond

      you’re not going to stop unwanted pregnancies by only punishing the father. And many times the fathers don’t even want to children. You stop unwanted pregnancies by not rewarding unwed mothers from having children that they know will give them more govt assistance, more welfare dollars and more food stamps for every child that they have.

      • Crowffinated

        The easiest way to stop unwanted pregnancies would be proper, medically accurate education in schools and easily accessible birth control. Abstinence only education has never been good enough.

  • edmond

    I don’t think a man should have to pay child support for a child that the woman knew he did not want, or was not aware that the woman was having. But to say that a man has the right to force himself on woman is completely outrageous. But then again, these people keep getting elected by the same voters in their districts. So at the end of the day, I can’t blame the politicians. I blame the fucking idiost to vote for them…

  • Jared Pryatel

    You people are twenty years too late to get upset about this.

    • dacr555

      Being 20 years too late never stopped a republican from dredging up and being “upset” over something that happened 20 years ago.

      • Jared Pryatel

        Well Uh, 9/11 was over 12 years ago, and I don’t see many Americans not using it to justify everything.

        The point was that lots of people are treating this article like it’s something he said just yesterday. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t nearly the same level of support for minorities. I’m mostly agitated because I saw a post on tumblr that was choosy about which exact sentences they used, and basically turned this article from “he’s apologizing” Into “he’s insulting all of you”, because apparently people will do anything underhanded to further bolster their agendas.

        • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

          I still hear people using Saddam’s actions in the 80s to justify invading Iraq in the 2000s. The GOP is attacking Hillary Clinton with affairs her husband had in the 90s. Obama still gets in trouble for people he once sat on a board with in the 90s. The past doesn’t erase itself…

          • Jared Pryatel

            No, but people who can’t move beyond the past will stay stuck there forever.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            But that doesn’t mean you cannot look to the past to see why things are the way they are today, or that you cannot look at a persons past to judge their character…

          • Jared Pryatel

            That’s true. But we all do and say stupid things we later regret.

          • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

            Yeah maybe slip ups and stuff. I doubt many of us say that men should have the right to rape women…

  • Esther

    Is this evidence time travel is possible? This man must be from the Stone Age.

  • Sy2502

    No insult that comes to my mind is strong enough to describe this piece of human garbage.

  • Xy

    Normally I would just shake my head in shame except for the fact that he said all this in 1995. Therefore, non of this should matter anymore.

  • Stu

    Does he not have a right to say what he wants? Were those comments not made 20 years ago ? What kind of BS witch hunt is this article about ??

    • NoFightingInTheWarRoom

      He has the right to say what he wants, but he’s a politician, so people have the right to vote against him for what he says. This is a pretty dumb question, has there ever been a politician who is not held responsible for saying stupid things?

  • dacr555

    “…… At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”
    Neither does castration!

  • Kindred

    I assume their heads make a grinding noise when they try to think. They should really get that looked at. I’m not sure if they need a doctor or a mechanic.

  • Jared Stauffer

    everyone is taking this the wrong way. hes not saying rape should be allowed he is saying abortion is as horrible of an act as rape

    • Sage

      I just reread what he said and you must of failed the comprehension portion of your edu.

  • devious_minds

    I love Maine Lobster and I miss the MAINE-iacs. Beyond that I know nothing about Maine. This does not encourage me to know more.

  • Angela Day

    Hear is the real question. Are these people real voted in again or have they changed the vote? Before you say no, look at how they react and feel they are boldly in the right for doing anything against someone they believe is wrong. I bet they have been changing the vote for years!

  • James Waldmann

    I agree he’s a stupid, stupid person, but why bring this up now? Why wasn’t this an issue in 1995?

  • Christopher DeAngelis

    How did this guy get elected? One of the many bigots that’s voted for who is obviously not mentally stable…

  • kari

    he is born about 200 yrs too late…

  • Sam

    Ok lets follow this politicians logic shall we. If we give a man the right to force himself on a woman, than we need to give a woman the right to kill a man for that ‘attack’. If we give a woman the right to kill, then we need to give the man the right to kill. If every one has the right to kill then there is no longer a need for police because there is no more law to police because we can do what ever we want and if people don’t like it we have the right to kill them so it doesn’t matter. I hate to admit I’m republican but man my party is really screwed up right now!

  • Patrick Moore

    If both sides are now resorting to going back 20 years to find inflammatory statements then hang on, things are about to get even more crazy than they already are…the worst of this was said in 1995, by the way.

  • SmarterThanYou

    Granted– “forcing” himself on a woman is likely the only way that this butt-ugly closet-case could ever BE with a woman.

  • lynn

    If a man rapes a woman, she should have the right to castrate him with a rusty spoon

    • SKAN ONE


  • Brettny

    …because she was made out of one of his ribs?

  • Caged Bird Okdf

    Is it so boring in Maine that ppl are dredging up news from NINETEEN NINETY FIVE?

    • androphiles

      No, it’s that he’s been continuing for all the years since then. He’s not sorry for anything and he hasn’t changed his mind about anything. It’s just not as acceptable as it used to be to say them.

    • GHDJ

      Ask Hillary Clinton if retelling a story from the mid 90s is fair in politics.

      the fact that he’s still in office means this is still an issue.

  • Serge Boucher

    This is mental illness. He is deeply disturbed. Surprised he is from Maine. It is usually the Bible belt that these ignorant nut jobs come from.

  • Serge Boucher

    He is obviously sexually frustrated with women. Why else would he make such a bizarre despicable comment about raping women? I think he is talking about his own sick fantasies.

  • Wendell Craig Woods


  • Marianne Flanagan

    It is scary to think that people voted for an abomination like this. Even scarier-her is allowed to breed.

  • Gene Christianson

    Do these types of people even have three brain cells to rub together? Sweet Hay-Zooz … save us from (some of) Your followers.

  • Eady Trice Morgan


  • Devilsfan23

    Passionate about hate just like all Republicans

  • Kimberly Miller

    This is as preposterous as comparing a woman’s right to breast feed in public to a man’s right to masturbate in public. Abortion and rape are not the same and many times abortions are caused by rape. How can such ignorance be voted into an office of public service????

  • Metal

    What an asshat

  • vancall
  • Jill Ferguson

  • Dean

    The mind of some republicans is a disgusting place.

  • Teresa Frey

    Do we have the right to castrate this pig? Lets get that female republican to do it, she has experience!

  • Calvin Rydbom

    Im as liberal as anyone, card carrying member of the ACLU/Sat on committees for the ACLU/work security at Gay Pride Parades Liberal. But it does concern me a little the only date the article uses is 1995. I know a whole lot of people whose beliefs changed over 20 years, and while I doubt his have I have concerns with calling people out on beliefs they held longer ago than people who can vote were born.

    • Jezzer

      I’m sure he’s stopped making those statements because he no longer thinks that way and is now absolutely dripping with tolerance, not because his political survival skills kicked in.

  • Astromyxin .

    Ha. Let’s isolate one thing that certain politicians do. That’ll really solve the problem. Whatever we do, let’s not address the root cause.

  • Steve Bohne


  • Please don’t shut this guy up. Push him to the top of his lunatic party. Make him a spokesman, make him chairman of the campaign committee. Let him make the keynote address at the convention. He is golden, he is stardust. He is democratic votes.

    • Hunter Lucas

      Maybe… but I doubt it. Crazy right-wingers have been saying batsh!t insane stuff for decades now. They’re still right where they’ve always been. :

  • Samantha Ann Warren

    Yeah freaking say that to women who have been sexually assulted because I’m sure me and a ton of other women would make sure you changed your mind…..

  • Pixie Schrimpf

    He is passionate about his beliefs; he just has no idea what these beliefs are. imo

  • Jodi Koontz Prows

    There is so much hate and blame coming from both sides. No wonder kids are killing kids. We have a young soldier sitting in a jail cell in Mexico, our national debt is out of control, and our government is lying to us about Bengazhi. Instead of focusing on this d-bag, how about getting together, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

    • jen

      How blind are you when you read an article like this without realizing that gods are the problem?

      • Jodi Koontz Prows

        Jen, I am not the one who is blind. Why is the media just now bringing this to light almost 20 years after he said those hideous words? Maybe to distract everyone from what’s going on in our country? What if this man told us we have small minds and needed to be governed by a sovereign? Would you be upset? Of course you would because he is a Republican. Let me tell you who said that. The biggest person with a god complex, King Obama. I am not the one who is blind here.

        • Hunter Lucas

          Lol, dat quote that isn’t a quote. Priceless. Your political bias is showing with that Benghazi crack, by the way. Why is it you’re willing to give Dubya et al a pass on 9/11, but insist on doubling down with Benghazi?

          • sonaliraq

            She’s also giving W a pass on the 12 or so embassy attacks in which over 40 people were killed when he was in office. And you’re absolutely right, Obama never said that.

          • Jodi Koontz Prows

            I am not giving any one a pass. I dislike all politicians equally and in fact think the Bush’s orchestrated 9/11. And that is a quote from Mr. Obama. Wake up. Think for yourself. Don’t be a sheep.

          • Jodi Koontz Prows

            No bias. I am not a dem or a rep. In fact I believe the bush brothers were behind the 9/11 attack. What I don’t like are my rights being taken away one by one. That is a quote, said by Mr. Obama. Wake up and stop being a sheep. Or don’t. Bury your head in the sand!

  • crazymonkeylady

    They should be ashamed. What about their wives? Daughters? Mothers? They have gone too far and need swift rebuke.

  • Michael Reed

    Folks, this miscreant has allowed us to see his true colors. He is clearly out of touch with any reality that most of us understand. Good that he outed himself so clearly. The quote below is the sort of thing that truly disturbs me. When we believe that Democrats are good simply by virtue of joining a political party.
    Carl Kruger was “one of eight New York Democrats to vote against the state’s marriage equality bill, which failed to pass the senate.”

    I am much more concerned that 8 members of a party that is supposedly progressive and liberal would vote against any state’s marriage equality bill. In comments on this post someone makes a statement about old white men of the Republican party being on the way out. Old white men are still there and will continue to be there in large numbers in both parties. Frankly as an old white man, I am deeply offended, as I am progressive and am very much for equality in marriage, and many other liberal and progressive ideas. I believe in the outmoded idea that the Constitution affords everyone equal rights under the law without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion,gender, sexual preference, or any other distinction we might make between ourselves. Person not party. Voting record not public statements. Track record not ability to creatively campaign. These are the virtues we need to be looking at or we all go up in smoke.
    Yes, Lockman should be a disgrace to the people of Maine, and shame on them for allowing such backward and bigoted trash to represent them. But look closely at what your representatives are actually doing, don’t be distracted by this guy.

  • Juli Richmond


  • Abigail Mouat Askew

    How did this man get elected? Maine Republicans have a lot to answer for.

  • intheknow

    I wonder what rock this roach crawled out from under?

  • Esperance Dawson

    This guy is a moron.

  • Vicki Trusselli

    this dude is a sociopath and misogynist . how awful. how does he get elected other than by idiots who believe and say eve was created by adman’s ribs…damn this holy miscomputes. I see they are blinded by the light that is not the light at all but a discourse from the reality I believe in the creator and do not believe in this man nor any may that hates women and believes rape is okay. they are evil.

  • Alan Sabath

    10-1 says he is a closet homosexual

  • Alexander Aultman

    Talking about politics on the internet is always a good idea.

  • Michael Burns

    How did this guy get elected? Did Maine catch him from a toilet seat?

  • akansan

    What an idiot. He is what is wrong with the Republican Party. I hope they are smart enough to clean up their own mess.

  • Gregory Geddings

    Maybe, just maybe the pain that underlies Mr. Lockman’s statement is personal. Perhaps his mother was raped and the real child was soon thereafter aborted. Could it be that the smirking asshat in the suit is just the sentient after-birth raised by wolves?

  • Henry Westin

    If you’re Islamic or Christian Fundy, you already have a god-given right to force yourself on women.

    • sonaliraq

      Muslim does not equal rapist, your bigotry is showing.

  • karlleuba

    How did this man manage to be electable? His insane public posturing started nearly 30 years ago. Are we to assume that more than half of his Main Constituents think like he does?

  • Tawanda the Avenger

    And the beat goes on…I only hope enough sensible people see this latest iteration of Republican lunacy and will vote accordingly to keep them from taking both the House and the Senate in the next election.

  • alex

    Can we put him in a jail cell with tiny. So he can

    be free to use his superior strength to force himself on him?

  • Chris Diaz

    These guys are idiots but, INB4 angry ignorant feminists.

    • Hunter Lucas

      You know, I see a lot more angry ignorant men jabbering about angry ignorant feminists on the internet than I do actual angry ignorant feminists. Funny, that. Go back to /redpill.

      • Chris Diaz

        You must not go on a large portion of the internet.

  • Ally

    REALLY? It’s apples and oranges…and also bullshit!

  • James Nimmons

    if a man tries to assert this right.. then the womans family has the right to kill him slow and painfully. and enjoy it because who feels bad for a rapist? i dont.

  • John Belrose

    Wow… just wow… dude.. not cool… not cool at all.

  • Cindy Wrenn

    Let’s face it. Some people are just plain stupid. Unfortunately, we the people elect them to a government office. What is wrong with us? This guy has no idea what it is like to be raped. It doesn’t kill a person, but it sure does screw them up mentally for the rest of their life.

    • Decere Tiozon

      We vote for them because they’re incumbents. Plain and simple.

  • Laura

    Can we all please stop thinking in terms of Republican and Democrat, and start thinking in terms of basic human compassion? Women are people. Homosexuals are people. Innocent civilians who are killed in the path of drone strikes are people. Lockman, and those like him, who refuse to give certain groups of people the compassion they deserve are wrong, plain and simple. These people exist on both ends of the political spectrum, and until we learn how to behave decently and treat everyone with respect, we’re never going to fix any of our problems. Stop arguing like small selfish children. Get over yourselves, and your political polarization, and behave like adults.

    • sonaliraq

      False equivalence. Stop talking down to people and really look at who the people are who say things like this, 99% of them are Republicans.

  • Holly Hayes

    I just got accused of being a radical feminist for posting this article on Facebook.

    Because there’s nothing more radical than thinking that saying rape is okay is wrong, I guess.


    This man has a point!

  • Xwingfighter1138

    People just don’t understand sarcasm when they hear it. Especially 18 year old sarcasm.

    Whatever. It’s not going to make Guam tip over.

  • Nagichan

    Makes me sick. Is this even real? According to this person I guess murder should be legal too right? After all it’s just someone using their superior strength to get exactly what they want. Rape, murder etc is all considered VIOLENT crimes. I can’t even comprehend this douche-bag! I honestly hoped beyond hope that people like this were starting to die out….

  • jimfay

    “Years ago” he made statements. He hasn’t retracted any !

  • nedonedo77

    I want this mentality to EXPIRE once in for all!

  • RavyRavin

    I’m gay and i still do not have th right to get married. Really? Everyone has their opinions and some might not be the best but in all reality, i want the right to my body just as much as any other girl but i do not believe in murder so i am against abortion. Even if raped, you do not have to keep the child…people adopt. People like me. So just putting it out there, killing children is not so great either. No men should not have the right to force themselves upon me but maybe he is pointing out that if one wrong will treated as right….maybe they all should?!?!?!

    • misterprecedent

      Roe v. Wade protects a woman’s right to choose to give birth if she wishes. As the Supreme Court pointed out, without Roe, the government could FORCE abortions. Ask women in China what happens when the rights to a uterus belong to the government instead of the woman.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Not my Circus, Not My Monkeys.

  • gailillly

    Are you a moron??? If a woman has an abortion she is doing something to her own body, If a man rapes a women he has forced himself on her, therefore he has no dam right. you talk like a fool.

  • Louise

    i honestly don’t get the logic here..

    • TytoMetatron

      That’s probably because you’re not sufficiently brain-damaged…

  • jabekitten

    How in the world do people like this get to where they are? What a jerk!

  • Decere Tiozon

    You know what? I’m just waiting for them to die. They’re old. They’ll be gone soon. I’m just done. I really do hope their views do not pass down to our generation.

  • Howard Treesong

    I honestly don’t understand how someone like that can get elected to a political office in the United States. Here is a guy who says it’s basically ok to rape a woman. Seriously, I’ve got nothing. What do you do after that one? Roast a baby on the lawn of the White House?

    Thousands of women are victims of sexual assault and rape and this clown is ok with that because a woman wants to have an abortion.

    And then, to really rub it in, they close down Planned Parenthood sites and defund hospitals and clinics where women can be safely helped. So he’s getting to eat his cake and have it too. Not only is it ok to rape a woman because she wants to have an abortion. Now she also can’t have that abortion anyway. So there!

    In every election republicans walk out with about half the vote. Somebody needs to explain to me like I’m a 5-year-old how that is even possible.

    I’m beyond being offended by this character. His position is so far off the scale that he’s become an official freak of nature.

  • Guest

    Glad to see a politician that says it how it is.

  • Joe swanson

    Glad to see a politician that says it how it is!

  • Pallas Athena

    So this is how low the Republicans can go. Just when you think their morals have turned to a pile of crap, they go even lower. WHO on earth could read this and think, “That’s MY PARTY!” ????? These people should leave the country and move to some island where they can have all their guns and hate all their women.

  • BonnieHalfElven

    Is it a slow news day that you’re dredging up stuff that people said in 1995?

  • Generally, people who espouse these disturbing views are radically repressed homosexuals. It’s kind of like that cat that screams and growls and puffs itself up because the last thing that it wants to do is actually get into a fight.
    It’s OK Larry, the 90’s are over. You can come out now.

  • Emma Dudley

    They should have got rid of him in 1995 ….. Democrats and Republicans both make stupid comments

  • toni frank

    This guy must carry a club and drag his knuckles

  • James1754

    Lock an is an idiot. But I just love the way the article smears all republicans because of one idiot.

  • wat

    The scary thing is that this is what the typical every day republican thinks.

    This is what America, the world, and the dream of one day living in an enlightened society, are up against.

  • puchuumetal

    There is no common ground between rape and abortion in most cases. For him to even say that just proves how stupid these people really are. I’m tired of these people talking about a “free America” and they prove time and time again that they couldn’t actually care about the American people just their own agendas.

  • Martin Sellers

    This was 19 years ago! Sad the dems want to drag this up….seems like there could be other issues to talk about.

  • Ryan

    Hey everybody, shut up. Instead of splitting hairs, arguing about political differences, why don’t you open your eyes and realize the REAL PROBLEM? The real issue is that rape is still an issue. The real issue is that women are still treated as lesser than men. The real issue is that women have to be afraid to walk alone, because there are men who are raised to believe that they are above women, and therefore have the right to force themselves on women. The real issue, is that rape victims are the ones who receive the blame because of this society. Quit avoiding the real problem, and do something about it.

  • Tony Coletta

    are there no men left up in Maine ? it would seem like some one should be beat the crap out of this low life, not letting him run for public office.

  • Jiminy

    I’m amazed that this guy is still alive. Given the statements and the clear lack of brainpower that gives rise to that much stupidity, how did he manage not to forget to breathe? And how did he manage to argue at the time that his continued use of oxygen was justified rather than a perverted and depraved crime against humanity?

    • Anita

      The article is from 1995, people from both parties blurted out
      things in their pasts that were moronic & articles like this appear on
      different public postings from believers from both Dem & Rep they are
      inflammatory at best & meant to be, they distract everyone from real issues,
      while bolstering their own readerships.. I am tired of this blaming each other
      parties for who said what to who 15-20-30 years ago.. we need to start pulling
      together as a nation again while we still have one & quit with this petty
      kind of meaningless & useless kind of discussion on both sides.
      Look at what really is important & where the country is
      really heading, don’t just look at one side of issues but both sides, try to be
      truly open minded. Who said what so many years ago is no longer relevant, it is
      just a distraction and totally un-important today

  • Amanda Mitchell

    What a repugnant, misogynistic buffoon.

  • Americanguy

    He makes a lot of good points though

  • Arch Angel

    Not sure what is more disgusting, this pig or the vile that votes for this pig!

  • Rita Ryack

    Vote this deluded pig OUT.

  • Judith Legendre

    he is a male chauvinist pig

  • Judith Legendre

    Ever think these people get voted in because of there low IQS…?

  • Rita Ryack

    It is amazing to me how these discussions degenerate into partisan insults. Ben Grant is a disturbed, delusional individual who clearly has no regard for women nor the gravity of rape as a crime, which does, indeed, sometimes result in the woman’s death. To say that men , by virtue of their superior strength, should have the” right “to “force themselves on women” is ignorant, stupid, insensitive, violent, disrespectful, and hostile. This guy has no place in public service, period. “Freedom for all Mainers” does not include mens’ freedom to rape women willy nilly; and it is not “freedom” for women to fear for our own safety. What gives this guy the expertise to speak on “learned” behaviors? His church? Where does his fear, contempt and paranoia come from? Get this twisted guy out of office. We demand more than an apology for his idiotic remarks. And while we’re at it, how about self-defense programs for women as part of a physical education program sponsored by the state, if men are so incorrigible?

  • Shelley Crescenzi

    Maybe Lawrence Lockman wants to force himself on Women! His Mother must be beside herself to hear this Grown Man (her son) say these Horrible Unrealistic things…he needs to GO AWAY!!

  • Susan

    this man needs to GO

  • Don Griffin

    No one said a man should have a right to rape ! They are comparing the fact that an abortion is MURDER ! If you get an abortion, you killed a child ! State approved murder, the statement is meant to be ridiculous ! Because the state sponsored, and state paid for murder is ridiculous !

    • misterprecedent

      According to the 14th Amendment, constitutional rights exist as of BIRTH. A woman has been born and has rights. A fetus has not been born and therefore does not have rights. A rapist does not have the right to be inside a woman’s body against her will and neither does a fetus.

      • Don Griffin

        holy cow, ” Uh…a few words, interpreted however we feel like, says, unborn babies can be murdered in the womb” , just wow, you sicken me. I can’t believe the utter hypocrisy that spews forth from the mouth of liberals/progressives.

  • barfpile

    Lock up the RINO.

  • How do people with douche bag written all over them actually get anywhere in life? Wondering how this guy even has a job, a family or a life with an attitude like that. This guy should not be in office, or be able to speak on behalf of any other living animal – ever.

  • Jennifer Michelle Gellar

    Whether the do are not; doesn’t stop them from doing so in the first place!!!

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    Dear Sir,

    I had males force themselves on me when I was seven years old. I have had it happen as an adult too. it has changed who I grew to be in my life, and it will always be with me no matter what. I cannot tell you the level of which this offends and saddens me and I hope no one you love ever has to experience being raped at any age.

    That said, SHAME ON YOU for saying this. SHAME ON YOU.

    F you, you douche.

  • ninjaduck

    That is a terrible way to put it. Comparing rape and abortion is not going to make people want to abort less. It’s just going to piss people off and make you look ignorant.

  • Ron West

    Some of these ol’ boys are genetically incapable of rational thought and must say and do stupid stuff. It’s in their DNA. At least that’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain their inability to make sense on a variety of important subjects.

  • Zerest

    This guy’s a very special person.

  • clearthinker

    I can’t support this guy. Wow. I’m as conservative as there is and this is crazy.

  • Jacob Mazac

    Hm. Don’t know what to think. How about no to both..

  • pondering in oshawa

    Why anyone votes for Conservatives, in the U.S. or Canada (where the Tea Party is invading) is a mystery to me.

    • Not such a mystery.

      It’s because on a daily basis their unfocused anger is stirred up by corporate news outlets like Fox and hate radio. They are too intellectually lazy to investigate subjects for themselves and to make up their own minds so they rely on other people to tell them how to feel on most subjects. These voters seem the world changing around them, and many of those changes involve a lost of entitlements (or actually an equalization of entitlements) and it frightens them. They want to keep things as they once were and so they vote for deceptive politicians who make promises about returning America back to its finest hour.. around 1957.

  • Claire

    Fetuses are not sentient. The women and girls who get raped on a daily basis, however, ARE sentient.

    • You had better define sentient. You think people who have been brainwashed by Fox news would have a clue to what the word means?

  • Paweł

    Is everyone here kidding me? He is not saying it’s ok to force yourself onto a woman, he is saying that both acts are equally abhorrent, and that we need to see that. Granted, his choice of words were not commendable, but I really dont see how everyone is taking this out of context.

    • Sonja

      Not taking it out of context..Supreme court gave a woman her right to choose to have an abortion legally. A woman raped does not have a choice as to being raped and its repugnant you would state its taken out of context for those of us whom are shocked a man, especially a legislator would make such a vile comparison.

      • Paweł

        So you’re saying that just because the Supreme court gives someone a right, that makes it morally justifiable? Just like the woman doesn’t have a choice in being raped, the unborn baby also doesn’t have a choice on whether or not it wants to be aborted. Also, why do you think the statement is shocking because it’s a “man” saying it. Would you not have been equally as offended had a woman made the statement?

  • Nick P

    Although I totally agree with the conclusion that if abortion should be allowed, then rape should be allowed, on this page I have not read any actual refutations of the man’s point. It could be said that argument exists on a pyramid. From the bottom of the pyramid (the least productive/effective argument) upward, the levels are: Name calling; Ad Hominem; Responding to Tone; Contradiction; Counterargument; Refutation; and Refuting the Central Point. See: Graham’s Pyramid of Argument. So far, everybody has only used (according to what I did read) contradiction-level argumentation or below. Nobody has actually given a counterargument which contradicts the original point and then backs that contradiction up with reasoning and supporting evidence. This just leaves me thinking, “Wait, so, I want to hear -from someone else- why this person is wrong; what is wrong with his logic, exactly?” No wonder hard-right conservatives dominate politics. They can say insane things knowing that everyone is so apathetic or stupid that those people will either just accept what the conservative politician has said or fail to actually refute his point (despite knowing what’s wrong or right).

    • misterprecedent

      Constitutional rights are recognized by the Federal government as of BIRTH (14th Amendment). Every American woman has the right to liberty (14th Amendment) and to be secure in her person (4th Amendment). A rapist doesn’t have the right to be inside a woman’s body against her will and neither does a fetus.

    • Committing rape is not the same as having an abortion.

      The argument being made by Mr. Lockman begins with the assertion that it *is*, which makes the rest of his “logic” self-referential or circular in terms of its force of reason.

      Rape occurs when, in his example, a man acts against the will of a woman to pleasure himself sexually by assaulting her. This physical act transgresses the will of the woman since the man is doing something that she does not will on her own. She does consent even though she has consciousness with which to choice whether to consent to sexual acts or not.

      Abortion occurs when a woman chooses to exercise her will to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This does not transgress the will of the fetus since it is not conscious in a way that it might exercise any choice. It has no power to consent at all. It does not exercise any will of its own as a living being, regardless of any other involuntary bodily functions, that it may have depending on its physical development.

      THAT is the argument refuting Mr. Lockman’s statement(s).

    • I understand what you are saying but this is an emotional and an extremely controversial topic and the motive for making such a ridiculous remark was to stir up violent emotions. I doubt very much this man actually believes what he is saying but the test would be if he were willing to defend a rapist of his wife or mother or daughter on those views.

      Back to your question, though, a woman’s right to have an abortion was supported by the Supreme Court. A man’s “right” to rape a woman is a crime in every state in the nation. So to compare the two things, (however you might feel about abortion) is offensive to most people. It is related to the basic human right of every person to be in control on his/her own body and be forced to relinquish that right to a government, to a rapist or to anybody else. That’s the best answer to your question I can come up .. on short notice. 🙂

  • John Rarere

    He is just stating philosophy basd ideas in a tabloid type format Probly th angle requird t address th issues at hand as talkn nicely abt murder sodomy and tolerance to pressure groups is falling on deaf ears

  • Glenn Gallaher

    Stupidity is not just for those in the private sector but can be best seen in those that the public elects. Stupidity shows no favors to those who have it, it just makes the rest of us look real dam smart in comparison. Einstein stated.
    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

  • Skelephant


    • Zekov


      • Skelephant

        #Some*Republicans, don’t generalize, or I could say something along the lines of #AllDemocratsAreLazy (note: I am a democrat but that’s beside the point.)

      • Skelephant

        or #MostDemocratsAreLazy

  • Christie

    You guys are all just missing the point about any of this all together. Women should be allowed to do with their bodies what they will. You can tattoo and gauge the crap out of every piercing and get pierced virtually anywhere on your body. You can get blown to pieces in the military. But if you want an abortion to help yourself, and also the country’s economy as a whole by not being a “welfare mother” (no insult meant there but there are a select few who do abuse the system this way), it’s blasphemy. We also have stated by the second amendment and what is also called the Bill of Rights because it is the most basic rights of any human being that is alive. Not a priviledge to those that have money and superior enough intelligence to make the man testing them believe they are fit to own a “killing machine” but we don’t do the same tests for people that are black belts. Own knives and swords, bows, pens, straws, cards. Anything can be a weapon if the user knows how to use it. Are we going to make it so you have to sign off just to buy a deck of playing cards at your nearest dollar store? It’s ridiculous that we question why someone would need to defend themselves when by law you are allowed to use equal force (including lethal force if necessary) if you FEEL your property (this includes land, home, and all belongings), papers (another form of property but it’s more about your information such as SSN, bank account info etc.), self and/or family/loved ones, are at risk and are being threatened. I’m sorry if someone breaks into my house whether it be a petty thief or someone with “authority”. If my well-being is threatened I should have the full right to defend myself in whatever means I deem necessary.

    • marytg

      welfare mother are not having abortions. More children more money

      • Christie

        I understand this; I was talking about those people that don’t abuse the system in that way and abort so they can better their life so in the future they can provide for a child without worry of financial instability as well as a stable living situation and home. Some people don’t want to live off the state.

  • Kelly McIntyre

    These “men” should b raped and force to carry a 30lb weight in their stomachs for nine months then raise a child with no help from anyone. But the saddest part is they are so stupid they still wouldn’t get it.

  • Ex Derelict

    I’m confused. Did I just wake up in Idiocracy?

  • HarveyA

    Translation: I’ve been told not to discuss social issues. Couldn’t you just forget what I said in the past?

  • ZenZero

    I know somebody who just made the top of my” people I’d love to choke the f^^k out list”

  • Good To Be Alive

    That was 1995, almost 20 years ago. much has changed since then? You can’t take something someone said in a different era and compare it to todays understanding or general mentality. . . although i am still sitting here trying to understand the logic in what he said. . . . No… I still just don’t get it, but that may only be cause i’m not living in 1995.

    • Good To Be Alive

      Also its obviously not meant literally, he’s just making a provocative point.

  • jhobrien

    this is advocating violence towards women … i’d like to meet him in the ring and discuss his views with him man to man … no holds barred …

  • madsween

    Someone took him to the wood shed.

  • Mike Atencio

    Incredible… He doesn’t deny it at all. As if because a few years passed by, he has magically changed his beliefs. Yeah, right. Like I believe that. Saying this in 1995, 1885 or 2050, this is the same archaic mentality that is still spewing out of the Conservative side’s politicians. Don’t agree – visit Texas while these people are running for office and listen to the garbage they spew. There are some decent Republicans that know this crap is wrong but they lack the backbone to stand up and say so for fear they’ll lose their financial political backing. Two words – Grow some!

  • Silver Rose

    I wonder how many woman, has he raped…..

  • Lea Wyman

    What a F#cking PIG!!!

  • Robert Klemme

    Well these statements all make sense to me. While it may come off as a bit offensive to some, what he says is true.

    • marytg

      robert can post here if Godforbit you daughter,granddaughter or someone you love is raped. I am sure you will tell the man that did it it is ok don’t worry about it and them blame your loved on

  • Claire

    Seriously? Yes saying that comment was wrong and terrible but it was almost 20 years ago! I would like to meet one person who hasn’t said an offensive comment in their life time. He apoligiged for all of these comments and most of them were taken out of context and spun. How about you focus on how the world is falling apart NOW and Obama is golfing.

    • marytg

      this is what you people say all the time.. But then a democrat says something you all start screaming or you twist it

    • marytg

      yeah go back and see when Bush was playing golf and see what happened I know Fox news will never tell you anything like that. If you looked it up Bush has taken 200 more vacation days than Obama. Also loook at see what was happening on days when both your Saint Reagan, and liar Bush were playaing golf. Yep we don’t hear what they are saying Its ok to rape a woman. Clair shame on you. I guess you don’t know anyone who has been raped and you blame the woman. MAybe you should visit a rape crisis center.. According to you Its ok to rape a woman, child, baby

  • Eric Foto Anderson

    What? That kind of takes from the woman’s right to choose? I mean I am pro life, I do not think abortion is a form of birth control Nor do I want to pay for it. Either take birth control or have some sort of protection available before you do the wild thing. Now if it was rape that’s a whole nother can of worms. This guy is, well, ain’t afraid to speak his mind. So when did having an abortion make rape ok? As far as the HIV and other stuff he said, he obviously is not educated in the subject’s. Not going there.

  • Matt Burks

    And Republicans wonder why they’re losing popularity. People, stop voting for these cretins. It’s time to send the Republican party a strong message. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated in the 21st century.

  • Daniel Porter

    Please-although I think ALL pro politicians are P O S crooks, the stupidity coming out of his mouth is no dumber than what many libs spew…but that was years ago-at this point :”WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

  • LarryECollins

    I wonder if some politicians even listen to what comes out of their mouths. Sheeeshhh. What an idiot!

  • MJ Wilkerson

    Oh wow! I am too through with this country -_- I SERIOUSLY don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

  • law

    reading the article and reading through 435 comment it appears most of you really missed the boat over all.
    The main focus was on comments he said over 20 years ago and 20 years ago many people were ignorant on both subjects.
    What should matter is what is he doing today and what you are doing today to better our country. You all need to stop dwelling and living in the past that’s history and you need to start getting off your rears and stop the bickering and useless cry and take action and set the record straight for this country. Most Americans are totally out of touch with reality and blindly walk through life. You should take a look form the outside in and get the real picture of how the world really sees America and the fools we have as leaders and media.

    • marytg

      so it was ok to rape a woman 20 years ago ? because some one was ignorant ..

  • Clarissa De Castro Lima

    this is so embarrassing to be in an article in the first place, why would any sane level headed person say a thing like that for??? The real criminals are running political parties and are greedy and power hungry, their morals out of a book that gets interpreted as they wish….what have we come to…

  • Taylor

    Honestly, this is like saying: If you have health care, I am aloud to stab you 37 times

  • lulujack

    Just wait. Soon we will learn something from HIS victims. He’s got some dirt in his closet.

  • disqus_9xeDQGZZk4

    They breed

  • Carvel Rease

    That’s the kind of sickness woman have to deal and put up with, a fool like Republican Lawrence Lockman. Republicans say they do not see a war on women, they don’t see it because they are that war. The war is within them, in their sick controlling minds.

  • notlopsided

    I would love to meet a few of the morons who voted for this thing.

  • disqus_1cTVU3dkZo

    It’s TERRIFYING that people like that represent anything. Anything. Shame on Maine for electing him. May he live forever to see all he loved die before him.

  • Marsha Ekunfeo

    Does this man have no daughters, aunts, mom? Or would he feel it was his right to force himself on them or allow his compatriots to do so?

  • Bridgitt Lee

    This is just utterly sad and mind boggling, no words. I guess some people don’t believe in equality, and treating people decently, i.e respecting boundaries, not forcing yourself on someone.

  • Jacqueline Hester

    In case you were wondering why most women who are Republican have something mentally wrong with them, this guy has followers. I’m specifically not Republican, I’m not democratic or independent, just anti Republican.

  • tikitools1

    What is worse, inflammatory comments made 20 years ago by some guy pandering to his constituents or a President ordering the murder of 4 citizens without due process?

  • Harnley Barn

    He reminds me of the guy years ago that said “rape victems should feel that being raped is the best thing that ever happened to them.”

    I don’t usually say the S word, satan. But Maines got political troubles with (GOP R) Lawrence Lockman.

    We need to toss all of those bumbs out of office. And start over.

  • Chloe DeShong

    If a man has the right to rape me I hold the right to cut his balls off because at least that way no one dies.

  • babyowl53

    Lawrence Lockman….sorry to burst you bubble but rape isn’t about sexual freedom….it is about control and hate.. What a jackass you are.