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Republican Candidate: Obama Like Hitler, Stalin

Tim Donnelly, a Republican Assemblyman running for Governor of California, compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin over Obama’s stance on gun control.

In a tweet sent on Tuesday, Donnelly posted a photo of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others that he says stood for the right to bear arms (It’s unclear what Jefferson’s stance was on AR-15s). He then sent another tweet, a photo of Obama next to Hitler, Stalin, and King George III as people who stood for gun control.

Running for governor, Donnelly has made gun rights his core issue and has publicly criticized other Republican candidates for not being stronger supporters of gun rights.

At a recent fundraising event, Donnelly went after fellow GOP candidate Neel Kashkari, saying the former Assistant Treasury Secretary “wants to trample your rights and seize your guns.”

Of course, prior to this campaign, Donnelly was likely best known for being arrested for bringing a handgun to an airport in 2012. Donnelly said he accidentally left the gun, which wasn’t registered to him, in his briefcase. The Assemblyman received three years of probation as a result of the incident.

California Democratic Party spokesperson Tenoch Flores quickly went on the attack after Donnelly’s tweet, saying “It’s despicable and more than anything shows the degree to which this Republican gubernatorial candidate lives in an alternate universe populated by right-wing tea party delusions.”

Of course, Hitler comparisons are nothing new for the country’s conservative wing. From singer Hank Williams Jr. likening Obama to Hitler and later being fired from his Monday Night Football gig to Senator John McCain comparing Obama shaking hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro (at the memorial for Nelson Mandela, no less) to the infamous Adolf Hitler-Neville Chamberlain handshake, the right has found many reasons why President Obama is similar to one of history’s most notorious tyrants.

In fact, the right has created an entire Weimar Republic fantasy for themselves, believing that the country is on a slippery slope to…something. Earlier this year, billionaire Tom Perkins took to The Wall Street Journal to compare the hate that America’s top 1 percent of earners is seeing to the hate that Jews saw in the leadup to the Holocaust. Of course, the difference there, is that the left isn’t looking to put Perkins in a concentration camp, merely get him to pay a couple more percent in taxes.

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