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Ann Coulter: Only Liberals Have Noticed ‘Browning of America’

Appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference, conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter asserted that “only MSNBC has noticed and celebrated the ‘browning of America’,” referring to conservative’s inability to corral Hispanic votes.

She went on to note that while MSNBC celebrates it, “if you don’t celebrate it (the browning of America, that is), you’re a racist.”

“It’s not as if people crossing the border illegally in the back of trucks marked pico de gallo, hiding in barrels, running from the border guards — it’s not like they did not know what they were doing was wrong,” she continued. “Everyone acts like they stumbled into the country.”

She also called on the conservative crowd to oppose immigration reform because it could help the Democrats. “You want the Democrats who want more immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, because they need brand new voters, just warm bodies, more votes,” Coulter said. “Amnesty goes through, and the Democrats have 30 million new voters. I just don’t think Republicans have an obligation to forgive law-breaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters.”

The comments were made during what was supposed to be a debate between Coulter and the Daily Caller’s Mickey Kaus, though it wasn’t much of a debate as Kaus basically agreed with Coulter. “Democrats have a perfectly good reason to be for amnesty, which is craven ethnic pandering that’s going to ensure our power for the next two generations, but what is the Republican excuse?” Kaus said.

Of course, another CPAC panel drew some outcry from Texas Republican Lamar Smith, who said CPAC wasn’t conservative enough. Speaking about a panel called “Can There Be Meaningful Immigration Without Citizenship?”, Smith said “You have to wonder when a self-described conservative organization stacks an immigration panel with amnesty advocates. For the second year in a row, CPAC has featured a panel where all but one speaker supports the agenda of liberal Democrats and the liberal national media.”

When asked if he himself was invited to argue this cause at CPAC, Smith’s spokesperson said “Congressman Smith declined to participate on such a biased panel since they already had three pro-legalization speakers.”

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