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Republican: Jews Are The Problem, Cause of All The Problems in The World

Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin, who now serves as the executive vice president of the Family Research Council, was caught on a hot mic after a panel at the National Security Action Summit telling a reporter from Israel that “Jews are the problem” and the “cause of all the problems in the world.”

Boykin wasn’t done there. He turned to another reporter, saying that President Obama “identifies and supports Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and uses subliminal messages to express his support.”

Boykin, who is second in command at the FRC, a massive conservative Christian lobbying group that was founded by James Dobson, is no stranger to alienating comments. His statements came following a panel at the National Security Action Summit, held down the street from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), for conservatives that weren’t invited to speak at the gathering.

It’s no surprise that Boykin wasn’t invited to CPAC, he has repeatedly accused the American Conservative Union, the organizers of CPAC, of being tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boykin was instead invited to speak at the NSAS at a panel called “Benghazigate: The Ugly Truth and the Cover-up.” After the panel was broadcast on the web, the video feed went dark but the microphones remained on. Aside from the above mentioned statements, Boykin asserted that Obama’s “first real public appearance overseas was in Cairo. The notorious apology tour. If you understand anything about Islam, there are subliminal messages. I understand you and I support you.”

He continued, saying “Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and everybody else are taking advantage of this support and the opportunity that they see that they have a president that identifies with them, that has been supportive of them inside the United States and is unwilling to go against them.”

In the past, Boykin has made some fascinating statements about other religions. He has said that the First Amendment does not apply to Islam. He has also stated that there should be no mosques built in the US.

It’s not just Muslims, he’s not a big fan of Jews either. He has previously said that Jews must be converted to Christianity and that American Jews don’t understand Hitler and that’s why they support Democrats.

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Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh

  • Debra Ranson

    These people are the exact reason I am no longer a Christian….they talked me right out of it! I will NOT be included in their number.

    • connlyfox

      Debra these people are not Christians they are what is deemed some kind of holy rollers they are in there with the Governor of Wisconsin they hear voices along with other bs. Please don’t give up on those of us that just believe in being good to our neighbors an that kind of stuff because we hate these kind and wish there was some way we could make laws to get rid of phoney religions. I am truly sorry!

      • Sherri G

        My daughter (who is high functioning autistic and just turned 15 but developmentally 13 1/2) was sexually assaulted while at a “christian” small youth group at the Assistant Pastor’s home. The pastor is siding with the boy (16) because he’s friends with their son. Cops wont do anything!
        Screw the “christian” religion and all it stands for. We believe as the Buddhist and Native Americans do with each INDIVIDUAL taking the journey to find their inner spirit. No man-made gods here.

        • Steve B

          What happened to your daughter is horrible. You should put the pastor’s name, the rapists name, and what town you live in online. Let them get a taste of hell on earth…

          • Sherri G

            I filed a report on the harassment but because of their age and state rape/sexual assault laws, I can’t do anything about it legally and we have moved on. His family was contacted by high school officer and the deputy we spoke with and hoping this is the end….haven’t gotten any texts in 24 hours.

        • Rory

          See that what am talking about.the ones that do crazy stuff
          in the name of Christianity.The person that did that is sick.WOW! A GROUP OF PEOPLE CAN DO THAT MUCH DAMAGE.So sorry…

      • daren III

        you’re the reason a lot of other people are not christian; hypocrisy

        whenever a christian does evil you say “he’s not christian” …

        • liberalinlove

          By their fruit you will know them! I see rotten fruit all the time from those who will bear false witness and refuse to use the whole of Jesus’s teachings as opposed to the parts convenient for them.
          Loving your enemy, being a peacemaker, caring for your neighbor as yourself, Loving God more than money, seeking justice, speaking up for justice…
          You don’t get to pick and choose.
          Those people are called religious.

          • Lets_Think_Again

            Very true …so called “Christianity” WITHOUT “Love your enemy; be a peacemaker; care for your neighbor as
            yourself; Love God more than money; seek justice; speak up for
            justice…” is nothing but hateful far-right Republican identity politics — it’s “CHINO” (Christianity In Name Only).

        • Rory

          That’s what i LOVE about GOD HE WILL BE THE ONE TO JUDGE
          EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF USE based on our obedience and relationship with him. It’s out right scary if we had to go as a group.
          THANK GOD for having a personal relationship GOD.So let pray before we leave the temporary place for compassion.

    • albert

      Debra- if you let something like this “talk you out of being a Christian”, then I don’t think you were ever there. There will always be a**holes out there.

    • liberalinlove

      Fundamentalism of any kind is dangerous! As a Christian I speak out as loudly as I can against this kind of thinking!

    • Rory

      One thing for sure being a Christian is a great reasonability
      and not always a cake walk. But it’s no one on this earth will make me change Christianity.
      I find myself sad not for the non -believer .But the ones that do crazy stuff
      in the name of Christianity . It makes me read my bible even more and only to relies this to
      has been going on since B.C. So I just pray and ask GOD for compassion, patients,understand and slow to anger. Having a personal relationship with GOD WILL MAKE

  • George O’Hagan

    What a disgrace…to America & the uniform I wore proudly. He’s happy now in the stew of psychopathy that is the “family research council”…time to research all the pedophiles in your own crowd there, general scumbag.

  • Carolyn Thompson

    a village has lost its idiot.

    • John_St_John

      And they do not want him back.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Did this guy at one point command American troops? What a scary thought.

    • Lets_Think_Again

      He did, in Somalia — and he told them, in a big speech to the troops, that their enemy was “a guy called Satan”. Not exactly what you’d called Military Intelligence” — or even rational. No wonder that military intervention in Somalia was a catastrophic failure.

  • Tiajuana seemynuts

    I don’t give a fuck

  • Dan Mackey

    Wait a minute, I thought Republicans loved the Jews and Israel.. Aren’t Republicans depending on the Jews to kick off all that armageddon,, end of the world, and rapture stuff. That’s their get off of earth free card. With out that, they would have to worry about taking care of the environment and doing something about global warming. This guy must be a Libertarian, but doesn’t want to admit it.

    • Jeff_Selbst

      Nope. Actually the Orthodox Jews and the fundamentalist Christians are using each other, and each group thinks the other are “useful idiots”. All the mutual love is strictly for public consumption. It’s cynical and disgusting.

      • Dan Mackey

        They might both be right about the “idiot” part.

        • Deuce Prez

          But Boykin’s BEEN AN IDIOT!! He made that crystal clear when he was lying while bashing and trashing Islam and Muslims.

          But people turned a deaf ear because it was Islam and Muslims he was defaming.

  • TexasMike

    Hitler would have loved this guy.

  • timothy wolf

    Prejudice, lack of respect and understanding…this is the cause of many of the world’s problems. Jews, Christians, and Muslims fighting because they all believe they are right. They fail to see that all 3 religions build on the base beliefs of the Torah (first 5 books of old testament). We all follow the same GOD. Jews follow the Original teachings. Christians have the same teachings, but with a more forgiving GOD as Jesus died for forgiveness of sins. Muslims believe in the words of Jesus, but interpret his words , through Mohamed, to fit the theme of a less forgiving GOD as set in the Torah. How many of our wars have been fought over religious prejudice. Self-righteous, closed minded people, who have lost the true message have gained control of the GOP and taken on too many followers as they preach in false witness. They have created a situation where we as Americans have taken sides and fight amongst ourselves. Religion has a place in our lives, to guide us as individuals. But none of GODs religions have been intended as a display of power or prejudice.

  • Aaron Robinson

    the scary thing is just how high he ranked in the military. this man commanded hundreds of thousands as a general.. his prejudice is not due to ignorance or lack of education. and worse yet,,,,HE IS NOT ALONE!!!

  • Sapphire Possible

    Pride goeth before fall…

  • nidur

    As Ecclesiastes says: “there is nothing new under the sun.” This so called person proves it.

  • Deuce Prez

    I told people that Jerry Boykin was a bigoted idiot. But some didn’t listen because he was only lying against Islam and Muslims.

    Now that he’s doing the same to Jews, people are now and belatedly getting upset.

    Well…..where were you when he was doing the same against Islam and Muslims….?!

    • Artie412

      I agree with you, but that holds for most of humanity: We don’t notice until it is OUR ox being gored.

  • richard

    Here’s something to contemplate….considering the obvious dichotomy between what Jesus preached and what modern-day Christians espouse and practice, could it be that the Christian religion, in some kind of great evil joke, has be usurped by Satan Himself to advance His own purpose on earth? How else do you explain the hate being spewed by so-called Christians that we see on the news and media in the 24/7 news cycle? Did you listen to Sarah Palin during her NRA speech? This is contemporary Christian thinking? It’s more like the work of the Devil.

    • Artie412

      It is frightening, Richard. The speech and institutionalization of what folks espouse as Christianity is go antithetical to what the Rabbi Jesus taught his Disciples and flock. Shameful.

  • conservativesarefunny

    Poor white boy has dementia.

  • madisontruth

    Old conservative religious Republicans are on the fast track to extinction. That should temporarily solve the problem.

  • diablodejalisco

    or, could it be the evangelical christians in the world? they are a dangerous bunch with big mouths and not a lot of brains.

    • Artie412

      And remarkably un-Christian, ironically.

  • W Kelly

    Dude is whacked out, plain and simple, thats all there is to it.

  • Andre Breville

    That’s terrible. He’s a complete disgrace to all Christians and republicans who would never blame everything on the Jews. Hitler also used the Jews as scapegoats. Therefore, he’s not a real Christian or republican.

    • Lets_Think_Again

      ..oh, he’s a real Republican all right. A poster boy for all their hatred and bigotry.

  • iralarry

    I’m certain this guy meant to say th Fews. The Fews are the problems of all the world ia in the Fews who represent the 1%.

  • Lets_Think_Again

    This example is just another demonstration of how the pseudo-Christan hate cults that populate the insane far-right of American politics have NOTHING to do with the actual teaching of Jesus Christ as found in the four gospels. Whatever happened to “blessed are the peacemakers”?? Or the parable of the Good Samaritan? You’ll never hear a word of that New Testament teaching by JC from hate-filled Old Testament primitives like Boykin.

  • poohead

    Politically correct is pure BS that is basically lying. Ask yourselves who is behind PC? It is a mind control tactic. General Boykin is correct about Jews. Do some serious research, you have all accepted the propaganda as truth, also known as revisionist history. Stop being played.