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Republican Candidate: GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is ‘Ambiguously Gay’

Dave Feliciano, a police officer and one of six Republican primary challengers to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, made some headlines at a campaign event this week, calling the high-ranking Graham “ambiguously gay.”

Speaking to a Republican audience at an event with three other GOP primary challengers, Feliciano said “It’s about time that South Carolina [says] hey, We’re tired of the ambiguously gay senator from South Carolina. We’re ready for a new leader to merge the Republican Party. We’re done with this.”

Feliciano, an Iraq War veteran, has made gay issues a significant part of his platform. The former SWAT team member says “My opinion is that if your state values gay sex like California or Massachusetts then they have the right to enact laws that promote it. However, I do not believe South Carolina is a state that values gay sex and I will always fight for the right of South Carolinians to have their opinions heard.”

He goes on to say “to some, not all, homosexuality is not a choice. There are some who were born legitimately desiring the same sex. Then there are others who are recruited into that lifestyle. (My gay friends know exactly what I am talking about……).”

Feliciano adds “Why would you have a parade declaring to the whole world the type of sex you have in your bedroom. It seems a little disingenuous. I am raising two kids and they will not be exposed to sex until it is age appropriate. In my opinion the whole thing ought to be shut down. Straight people do not celebrate the sex they have in the streets because sex is meant to be a private act.”

Of course, if you’ve ever seen an ad for anything from soda to beer to bubble gum, you know that straight sex is widely publicly celebrated across television screens, billboards, sides of buses, etc.

To cap it all off, Feliciano plays the “intolerance card,” saying “The majority of Christian religions around the world prohibit gay sex and consider it a sin. Therefore to have a gay marriage would be offensive to Christians. It is also not very respectful or tolerant of their religion.”

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