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American Family Association: ‘Gay Gestapo’ Poses Greatest Threat to Religious Liberty, Bringing Back Jim Crow

The American Family Association is not happy with the defeat of the “right to discriminate” bill in Arizona and the group’s president took to the internet to warn Christian families of the rise of the “Gay Gestapo.”

In a letter on the group’s website, AFA President Tim Wildmon warns that the “Gay Gestapo” is using the law to “punitively enforce their political and social agenda.” In a poll included on the page, the AFA asks members to vote for who they think “poses the greatest threat to religious liberty in America today.” The options were the Human Rights Campaign, American Humanist Association, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Wildmon believes the defeat of the bill, which would have allowed business owners the right to deny service to gay people based on religious beliefs, is tantamount to the government forcing a Jewish or black business owner to do business for a hate group. He asks “Should the government punish the Jewish photographer because he refuses to take pictures for a gathering of Skinheads? Should the government levy fines against an African-American printer who refuses to print posters for a Ku Klux Klan rally? Should a homosexual painter be forced to paint signs for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka that reads ‘God Hates Fags!’”

The letter comes just a month since AFA spokesperson Bryan Fischer took to the group’s video channel to call opponents of the Arizona bill “jack-booted homofascist thugs” and said gay rights groups are bringing back Jim Crow.

Fischer said “Yes, Jim Crow is back, but it’s because of the work of Big Gay and their allies, including the NFL,” referring to the league’s threat that they would move the Super Bowl from Arizona if the above mentioned bill was not defeated.

Fischer added “In other words, what the NFL is saying to Arizona [is that] if you don’t bow the knee to the God of Gayness, you cannot sit at our lunch counter. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is Jim Crow.”

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