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Republican: Homosexuals Purposely Infected Women to Pass AIDS Into the Straight Population to Force US Into National Suicide

An incoming Wyoming state representative is under fire for highly controversial statements the Republican wrote in a book about AIDS – and he’s sticking by his claims.

In his 1984 book, titled “The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety”, state representative Troy Mader wrote that “homosexuals purposely infected women to pass AIDS infection into the straight population.”

He went on to claim that “many homosexuals demand the right to have sexual acts with children of any age, including infants.”

When asked by The Star-Tribune if he stood by his comments, he said he did, even if the research was “a little outdated.”

Of course, the book doesn’t focus on science as much as it does on his conspiracy theory that homosexuality was designed to force America to commit “national suicide.”

In his book, Mader wrote “There are admitted homosexuals in congress as well as in many other branches of government. Moreover, congress has many members that are sympathetic to the homosexual cause.” He says that this coalition exists because “homosexuals have very strong, well-financed political activists who are constantly attempting to get legislation passed in favor of homosexual/lesbian rights.”

He adds that one of the reasons for the spread of AIDS were “Bisexual men who participated in homosexual acts, became infected and then passed it on to wives, lovers, prostitutes and most off-spring born after infection…”

In another writing, on his website, Mader argues against even the idea of tolerance, saying “I believe tolerance is characteristic of a person who hasn’t any virtue left. And don’t forget the hypocrisy of this issue: ‘Tolerant’ people have no tolerance for those of us who dare to say ‘Right is right’ and ‘Wrong is wrong.’”

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  • Diane Rhodes

    Ass. Hole. Clueless. Primitive. Worse than useless.

  • champaignjim

    Diane seems to sum it up quite well. This guy is an elected official. Tells you something of the nature of those that elected him.

  • Conswela Johnson

    This is a mess, made by crazy people who we vote to put into elected offices, clearly a lot of Politicians need psych evaluations because they are just messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mischelle Sowell

    I was only 13 at the time but I am pretty sure the 1st woman diagnosed with HIV got it from a blood transfusion. That’s when we changed the name from GRID (gay related immune deficiency) to HIV.

    • Goforride

      There ya go again, dealing in facts. 🙂

  • Beverly Brown

    Everybody else goes before the court and get sentenced. Whose bringing charges against this idiot.

  • Joseph Davis

    I wonder how he would explain the Kimberly Burgess case. Never had sex, but contracted and died of AIDS related diseases anyway.

  • sean lancaster

    Just as Fred Phelps passes away, Troy Mader appears on the scene to carry the terrible human being torch.

  • david

    Why DOES this PIECE of SHIT get a Voice..??? How does “HE” Know SO MUCH…???!!!

  • connlyfox

    There is psychological evidence that those who are the most homophobic are have the most trouble dealing with their ow sexuality because of possible gay tendecies , so I would dare say that this man has homosexual trates!

  • Jodye Rudolph

    Lol! I can’t stop laughing! HIV doesn’t even kill you. It only screws up your immune system which leaves you open to viral attack. This is AIDS, which also doesn’t kill you. It is the next virus attack that kills you. Also, it has recently been discovered that HIV can kill cancer.