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Republican Candidate Who Said Abortion and Gays Are Responsible For Tornadoes and Autism Wins Her Race

Susanne Atanus, an Illinois Republican House candidate who made headlines after she said that autism and dementia exist because God is angry about gay marriage and abortions, has won her primary race in the state’s ninth district.

Atanus defeated fellow Republican David Earl Williams III by a 52.4 to 47.6 margin.

In the primary debate, the two GOP House hopefuls squared off on the issues, with one taking a noticeably heavy-handed approach. When asked about abortion, Williams said that he is pro-life but thinks the decision over abortion should be left up to the man and woman rather than the government.

Atanus took a different stance. “I am a conservative Republican and I believe in God first,” she said, before proceeding to tell the audience that she believes that God controls the weather and uses tornadoes and diseases like autism and dementia in response to gay rights and legal abortions. “God is angry. We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions. Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it’s in our military it will weaken our military. We need to respect God.”

The Windy City Times asked her to elaborate on those views. She did. “Everybody knows that God controls weather,” she said. “God is super angry. Gay marriage is not appropriate, and it doesn’t look right, and it breeds AIDS.”

After her comments, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Jack Dorgan and Chicago Republican Party Chairman Adam Robinson both denounced her statements and leaders asked her to drop out of the primary race.

She didn’t, winning the Republican primary by a five-point margin. Now the party is growing worried that Atanus will be a liability as she’s running against Democratic incumbent Jan Schakowsky who wasn’t even opposed in her primary.

Whether Williams would have had much of a chance in the general election is another question. Schakowky has represented Illinois’ 9th district since 1999 while being largely known as one of the House’s most progressive members. Clearly the district leans left as the longtime Congresswoman has won every election she has run in with at least 66 percent of the vote.

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  • rosa

    wow, what an angry god she serves that takes out his anger on helpless babies and children instead of the people he is supposedly really angry at. so she is saying that if I am gay, god is going to strike some baby in California , even though I live in Va., with Autism, cancer, or a tornado for something I did?

    • colbey

      actually, the Old Testament has quite a number of instances where that deity did just that type of thing. the OT god either did that, or ordered it done by “his people,” or condoned it when it was done by one of “his people.”

      so, yes…many christians serve an angry, violent, sadistic god. they won’t ever admit that, but they do.

      • Greg Van Ho

        Colbey, if you are crrect most of the natural disasters are in the south and in the Midwest. Does that mean the he is mad at the conservatives? I hope so, because CCs ad Rednecsdserve or.

        • colbey

          how to answer….it’s not if I’M correct, but if christians who believe in a literal interpretation of their Bible are correct. note how certain “christians,” like pat robertson, will immediately jump on a natural disaster in SOME places and claim that it was because “God” was angry at those people living there. and note how he/they do NOT do the same for natural disasters in certain other places. like…the south and the midwest.
          because that just ruins the whole fixation on there being an angry, vengeful “God” who will smite those who “sin”–meaning homosexuals, single women, any woman who believes she’s worth the same as a man, etc.
          so if “God” smites an area full of conservatives and people robertson and his fellow “christians” consider “Godly” people, then that just doesn’t compute.

  • whatcom_bassist

    What kind of fucking idiots would vote for this lunatic?

    • Donna Sharpe

      ILLINOIS…you are so screwed…LOL.

      • Thomas W. Yale

        Wonderful. I need to get the hell out of here.

        • randalltx

          Don’t move to Texas! The nutjobs here are worse.

        • ErrolKuhn

          Get out and VOTE!

          • Thomas W. Yale

            I do. I’m surrounded by non-voters and other voters who apparently don’t know any better.

    • J. Kevin Michel

      Illinois Republicans.

  • rogerrramjet

    I would demand a recount and make the people who voted for give a rational explanation? The woman in batsh!t crazy. OH wait, she is against gay, abortion and Obama…no brainer, she wins, reality be damned.

    • Rick Van Frank

      She represents the Republican Party of today. This is why the party is doomed.

  • Beverly Harper

    That’s ashame. This hateful woman running around using God’s name to support her bigotry. I despise cowards that hide behind the curtain of “religion”. My God is a God of love, and grace. I don’t know who she’s serving, but I won’t be bowing down to that hateful pagan.

    • colbey

      most pagans don’t bow down to hateful deities either.

      that type of hate- and anger-fueled activity is all over in the christian Bible’s Old Testament. i realize that most christians believe that the war god of the Old Testament suddenly transformed into a god of love and peace in the New Testament (until you get to Revelation, where he’s a war god again), but the bigotry you despise is well supported in christian holy texts.

  • Joel Colquitt

    So which sin in particular caused God to make this woman the ugliest fat bitch I’ve ever seen? She looks like a fucking linebacker in drag! Go take your hate elsewhere, you overweight hutt of a disgusting blob! I think there’s a defenseless pizza over there!

    • Gregory Geddings

      She looks like Elmer Fudd in drag. Is it wabbit hunting season yet? She’s bound to shoot herself in the foot at least half a dozen more times.

  • deamonbite .

    wonder what pissed god off enough to make her look like a man

  • Michelle Mauler

    Proving that they know their base. They don’t believe these things themselves, but they know that idiots will vote for them if they say this stuff loudly and consistently.

  • thomasbone63

    Another Michelle Backman.

  • lizardo

    Here is a great example of Americans voting against our own best interests. It is unfortunate that the type of egomaniac who is usually drawn to run for public office is also the worst type of person to serve in such a position; the wisest and most responsible among us have much better offers.

  • Scott Jamieson

    And when God is especially angry, He strikes you with male pattern baldness!

    • I’m sorry.

    • Kristin Marie Callaghan

      I think he is just parting the sea of hair. So the lice may cross

  • Rob Carlson

    Old news…she still fugly though

  • Steve Bohne

    Well, If I had to look at her for very long, it would make me celibate. Eisenhower has to be rolling in his grave…

  • LostSok

    Democracy: you get the government you deserve.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    Another Tea Party primary win that will be followed by a loss this fall. The same thing will happen in Virginia.

  • Bartleby

    who is this hideous-looking beast? Clearly, this is just a reflection of her fetid insides.

  • Tawanda the Avenger

    Looney Tunes in the heartland…depressing.

  • RavyRavin

    how??? Illinois just passed gay marriage!!! (: yay. btw in case she wanted to know…gay people can’t reproduce on their own..so sorry im not the cause of autism. nice try though

    • Kpilk

      She probably buys into the whole “vaccines cause autism” lunacy.

  • Louise

    Are people dumb enough to believe this pig? illinois is doomed

    • Kpilk

      Yes, we are.

  • Emma Dudley

    Where do these idiots come up with these ideas and then people allow them to be in a position of power and control …

  • Kpilk

    I am ashamed to say I live in down-state IL. I didn’t vote for this POS.

  • Aaryn Manhattan

    Where on earth did she receive her education… or lack of it!

  • Stacy Turner

    Wow. Illinois, you know people know about this now. You should hire a PR firm and begin damage control before the gods murder you for having piercing and tattoos too. Eating shellfish causes impact craters, pray with a gun real hard.

  • Pipes229

    They wouldn’t… There is no way with responses like that, that it is possible this idiot won anything.. I wonder how many dead people voted for her???

  • Jared McC

    And “God” loved her so much he gave her male-pattern baldness LMAO

  • MJ Wilkerson

    LAWD! Are you serious!? And she won!? What kind of people live in Illinois!? Oh my, you have GOT to be kidding me. I swear, God bless her and the people that support her