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CNN: Was Missing Flight 370 Swallowed by Black Hole?

There are no shortage of theories on where missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 may have gone but CNN’s Don Lemon has introduced by far the most entertaining one, asking a panel of experts whether the plane may have been swallowed up by a black hole.

Listing conspiracy theories that he has heard, he asked the panel “It preposterous to consider a black hole was involved?”

“That’s what people are saying,” Lemon added. “I know it’s preposterous — but is it preposterous you think, Mary?”

Former Inspector General for the US Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo chimed back, “Well, it is. A small black hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it’s not that.”

Turning to all of the other possibilities that Lemon had thrown out, she added that “The Bermuda Triangle is often weather. And ‘Lost’ is a TV show. So I think — I always like things for which there’s data history, crunch the numbers. So for me those aren’t there. But I think it’s wonderful that the whole world is trying to help with their theories and I absolutely love their theories.”

As the blog Wonkette jokingly adds, there has been a potential sighting of plane debris off the coast of Australia and if that “turns out to be the actual wreckage of the plane, the black hole theory will not be disproved, of course — there’s every possibility that any wreckage is just what was ejected from the alternate-universe version of the airliner that flew through a wormhole in their universe and emerged into ours.”

Earlier in the week, Lemon was equally confused about the many possibilities, saying “We go to church, the supernatural power of God…people are saying to me, why aren’t you talking about the possibility — and I’m just putting it out there — that something odd happened to this plane, something beyond our understanding?”

Clearly Lemon needs to spend less time on Twitter and more time watching Fox’s “Cosmos.”

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