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Republican: Who Uses Birth Control? Irresponsible People

Alaska State Senator Pete Kelly has come under fire for comments he made while talking about reproductive health, saying he believes birth control is used by people “who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly.”

The comments were made as the lawmaker pushes an effort that would place free pregnancy tests in bars, restaurants, and businesses around Alaska. He was questioned whether he would do the same with birth control and replied that such “thinking is a little opposite.”

“Birth control is for people who don’t necessary want to act responsibly,” Kelly told the Anchorage Daily News. “I’m not going to tell them what to do or help them do it. That’s their business.”

Kelly went on to question whether birth control itself is a responsible measure. “Maybe, maybe not,” Kelly said. “That’s a level of social engineering we don’t want to get into.”

Instead, Kelly wants people to skip right to the step where they’re already pregnant. “So if you’re drinking, if you’re out at the big birthday celebration and you’re kind of like, ‘Gee, I wonder if I…?’ You can just go in the bathroom and there should be a plastic, plexi-glass bowl in there, and that’s part of the public relations campaign, too. You’re going to have some kind of card on there with a message. If we have a pregnancy test, because someone just doesn’t know, that’s probably a way we can help them,” Kelly says.

Of course, Alaska has opted out of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion which would provide birth control. So, maybe there is another way that he can help.

Earlier this month, Fred Dyson, another Republican Alaska lawmaker, said the state shouldn’t cover birth control because it’s inexpensive. “Even the most [sexually] active folks don’t need to spend more than $2 or $3 a day for covering their activity. No one is prohibited from having birth control because of economic reasons,” Dyson said. He then asserted that “women can buy condoms for the cost of a can of pop and get the pill for the price of four to five lattes each month.”

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  • elaine stenzel

    there is so much talk on birth control ,what about viagara ,you know it take two to tango.or does the woman do that by herself also.

    • connlyfox

      No birth control, no male sex enhancement aides like viagra or pumps to help get a hardon!

  • Jessica Balukas

    Wow. Politicians really need to stay out of people’s reproductive decisions. Politicians seem to think that only women who are sleeping around are on birth control. Many people in long-term relationships are on birth control but just aren’t ready for children (or already have as many as they want). How is birth control irresponsible in any way? Insurance companies providing birth control without a co-pay MAKES ECONOMIC SENSE. Pregnancy-related costs are much higher than birth control costs.

    • wifenum2

      I am in a long term marriage: 18 years in October and we just did not want them . Our choice and we are the better for it that we made that choice. We raised puppies instead!!

  • wifenum2

    Well I can truly say since I have no children that I also have no discipline problems, needed no assistance from the state, and am fairly sane compared to my sibling. I above any politician know what I can handle and 24/7 responsibility that never goes away was not it.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Does he understand that birth control pills have to be prescribed by a DOCTOR? Does he know that IUDs have to be inserted and positioned by a DOCTOR? Does he know how much it costs to see a doctor without insurance coverage? Does he know that for a lot of women–you know, the minimum wage earners that he probably barely registers as human beings–the cost per day of “one or two lattes” is more than they can afford? Does he know that a lot of married women need birth control? Desperately? Because they can barely afford the children hey have? God, these people are SO DAMN CLUELESS!

  • Tahirah Waliyyuddin

    Well this married woman to a vet will stop taking her birth control have quite a few more babies maybe 15 more..on top of the three grown children I currently have.. I’ll do it Duggar style..then ask the government for snap benefits even though I and my husband work but there is no way I could afford that many packs of ramen noodles for 15 children more. This will akl be attributed to me doing the rhythm method of sexual responsibility with my legal husband because birth control pills or contraception is no longer affordable. Thank you government for living in my vagina and implanting your stupidity into my womb.