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Mission America President: ‘Anti-Child Gay-Stapo is Bullying Youth, Corrupting Children With LGBT Indoctrination Courses’

Linda Harvey, the head of Mission America, has written a column for BarbWire, claiming that the LGBT community is not bullied by the right, rather “vicious homosexual bloggers” are “the real bullies.”

In her own vicious blog post, Harvey writes that Christian students are “increasingly the victims of troubled gay adolescents whose destructive actions went unpunished.”

Harvey asserts that instead of punishing the “gay bullies”, schools are “embracing bullying prevention programs from the gay-stapo who are corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit gay sexual messages in their mandated LGBT indoctrination courses.”

Harvey believes that “Activists both inside and outside America’s schools are pushing kids toward homosexuality and gender change while demonizing conservative values that would steer them elsewhere. The teacher’s unions are on board, and the gay-stapo hopes no concerned parent or astute student recognizes that hand grenades are being thrown into the school environment.”

Harvey continues, saying “The real tragedy is that these groups in reality exploit vulnerable and fragile kids, all the while espousing great compassion and, disingenuously, “tolerance” as a motive. And let’s just be frank: there’s one type of bully in the current climate almost never held accountable: the verbally combative homosexual, lesbian or cross-dresser who taunts and insults others. In the adult world, this is personified by vicious homosexual bloggers who spread lies, distortions, and have called me and others vulgarities I’d never attribute to my worst enemy, but to them, it’s their daily bread.”

She concludes her blog post with “But if anyone thinks these desperately discontented people will stop their assault at Christians, think again. First, they came for the Christians and the children…”

According to Mission America’s website, the organization was founded to equip “Christians with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences.”

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  • LyndaLBD

    These people are going off the deep edge like lemmings… we need an amendment to the first bill of rights to read Freedom From Religious Persecution…. ASAP!!!!

  • Kathi Geukes

    I know a lot of so called “Christians” who will be thrown into the fires of Hell for being so damn stupid!!!!!

  • J. Kevin Michel

    WOW!!! I hope she keeps that tin foil hat polished so evwryone can see her coming. She needs to keep her towel handy so she is ready to catch a ride on the next Vogon ship at flies by earth.

  • George O’Hagan

    Such hatred, and teaching such hatred to their children is a sin these “christians” will never confess. I’ve had the honor of going to 2 Same Sex Weddings, and the only threat to my marriage as a result of marriage equality was the premature death of my wife. These professional christians need to follow the teachings of this jesus they profess to love so much. I remember something about judge not, lest you be judged. This vile creature deserves every possible obscenity and curse that can possibly be hurled her way.