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Traditional Values Coalition Links Obamacare Mandate to ‘Islamic Shariah Law,’ ‘Population Control’

Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition sent out an email to members pushing them to support the Hobby Lobby’s efforts to challenge the contraception coverage mandate in order to stop Obama’s and Planned Parenthood’s “agenda of population control.” Lafferty adds that the mandate is part of a greater attack on Freedom, along with the “IRS scandal and Islamic Shariah law.”

In her message, Lafferty begins with “We are just one breath away from freedom.”

She continues with “The world is seeing it for what it is. Even the media has started to turn on Obama. Families faced with crippling increases have nowhere to turn. But the Obama administration is bent on pushing its agenda of population control. Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration have been scheming for this for the last six years. This is their time – their only time – to cram it through.”

Lafferty then inexplicably connects the dots between the Hobby Lobby case and, well, everything evil that Republicans believe is happening. “Hobby Lobby is just the tip of the iceberg. Between the IRS scandal, the attacks on the religious liberties on military chaplains, the silencing and shaming of those standing up to the horrors of Islamic shariah law both at home and abroad, few voices have the courage to stand up and do what is right – even when it’s unpopular.”

This isn’t the first time Lafferty has spun current events into her off-beat narrative. In 2012, Lafferty used the Sandy Hook school shooting to try to rally support to defeat the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. “People are really upset because of this tragedy up in Connecticut and protecting our children and we’re going to see some devastating effects,” Lafferty said. “What they did in Florida is they passed a measure which affects adults, teachers, staff and kids. Our concern is that transgender children in schools are a different issue than teachers and staff. What we’re going to see is people with some real issues playing out their personal problems in the classroom.”

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