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Conservative: Thomas Jefferson Would Start a Second Revolution to Make Schools Teach Creationism

In an interview with the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins on Washington Watch, religious right activist Frank Turek said that he believes that public schools have “effectively declared that the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional” and that Thomas Jefferson would start a second Revolution just to make schools teach creationism.

“If these bureaucrats are going to say that we can’t mention Creation anywhere in school, Turek said, “I ask them this question: Are you telling me that the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional? Because the Declaration of Independence talks about our Creator, it says we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, it says that we were created.”

“Please don’t tell me the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional,” Turek said. “I think I know what Thomas Jefferson would do, the man who said that taxation without representation is tyranny, if he were to come back to America today and find that his tax dollars were going to pay public school teachers to teach his school children that his Declaration of Independence was unconstitutional, I think he’d start the Second American Revolution.”

To this, Perkins merely replied “I think you’re right.”

Earlier this week, another Perkins guest made headlines when Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of famed Reverend Billy Graham, asserted that Obama’s Administration is anti-Christ. “They are hostile to Christians,” Graham said, “and a lot of this is coming from this administration and it is being pushed by people within the White House, and when I say White House I’m not saying the president because I’m not sure how much of this he’s aware of, but it’s people who work for him that have power that are sitting in offices and they are hostile to Christ, they are anti-Christ in what they say and what they do and they are pushing this agenda into the military and it’s scary.”

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  • Danny Davis

    The Declaration of Independence predates the Constitution of the United States by 13 years. Between the Declaration and the Constitution was the failed Articles of Confederation. The Constitution is not related to the Declaration is the product of intense negotiation. I do not know if the Declaration would stand a Constitutional review by SCOTUS. Besides, the two are of completely different import. The Declaration is a document elucidating the causes for a people to separate themselves from a government and establish a new government. The Constitution of the United States is a document forming a government. Quite different purposes.

  • Deborah Murphy Ross

    So sick of these knuckle draggers getting face time with their warped sense of reality.

  • Yeah Jefferson would probably start a revolution but the big difference is he would be just as pissed about conservatives and their hypocrisy and blow hards like this guy are pussies and dividers they would be the last to fight a real fight for anything. They would expect someone else to do the dirty work. I just as soon see these pussies and cowards shut up or put up and for morons like Franklin Graham be taxed and told to shut their mouths until they pay taxes. Graham is a fraud just like Robertson and those before him…as well as their tea party bastard moron flock.

  • Thom Perkins

    Jefferson was a southerner, what does anyone expect??????