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Religious Right ‘Historian’: Atheists Will Kill Millions of Christians if They Take Over Military

Bill Federer, a Religious Right “historian,” appeared on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s “Pray in Jesus Name” show where he alarmed viewers over the great threat atheists apparently pose to Christians.

“We ask ourselves,” Federer said, “will the people that are pushing [an anti-Christian agenda], once they get in charge of the guns, do we really expect them to be more tolerant than they are now? Or, will they be tempted to use their new powers to force their agenda?”

Federer than cited Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot as leaders who have used their “atheistic military” to kill millions of people in their own country.

“So we see that terrible things can happen when you get a military that no longer has a belief that every person is sacred because they’re made in the image of God,” Federer continued, “it just becomes a tool to push an agenda. And so this is a concern a lot of people have.”

This isn’t the first time Federer has made ridiculous accusations about the Administration’s alleged anti-Christianity. In an interview on the 700 Club last year, Federer accused Hillary Clinton of using “Saul Alinsky tactics” after Benghazi as a way to create a “hurried rush for Americans to give up their free speech rights.” If you’re not sure how he made the connections, you’re not alone.

During the interview, Federer said “the question is was Benghazi just inept actions by our government, was it something to put down negative speech that could affect the President’s reelection campaign or was it an Alinsky tactic to push an agenda to forbid free speech insulting Islam. We’re talking about a global goal of establishing Sharia law and we came very, very close to it happening right after the Benghazi attempt with this effort to forbid free speech insulting Islam.”

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