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WND Editor: Obama is a “Tormentor of Christians”, “Enemy of God”

Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily, has written a column saying that President Obama is not a Christian and is “an enemy of believers – a tormenter of Christians, a persecutor,” who thinks that “God is truly the enemy because He is the author of liberty.”

In his column, Farah writes “Today it’s growing increasingly clear that far from being a believer, as Obama claimed in 2008, he is an enemy of believers – a tormenter of Christians, a persecutor.”

“I believe Obama and the agenda he personifies have used abortion and homosexuality as battering rams against the Christian faith,” he continued. “For the proponent of unlimited government, God is truly the enemy because He is the author of liberty. He is the enemy because no one must serve a higher god than government. Men have been placing themselves in God’s place, divining right from wrong, since the Garden of Eden. There’s nothing new under the sun. It always leads to one end – disaster, catastrophe, death, destruction, misery, hopelessness.”

Farah concludes his column, saying “Obama can scarcely take all the blame for our arrival at this ungodly destination. Believers are more responsible. They let it happen. They continue to allow it to happen. They have the power to direct the nation in a reverse course – just as the children of ancient Israel had the power.”

Farah is no stranger to misled hyperbole. He recently called on Jan Brewer to “resign in disgrace” over her decision to veto Arizona’s anti-gay discrimination bill. He has repeatedly stated that the United States is “becoming the persecutor of Christians” and that Obama is leading to the “next Holocaust.”

If you Google Farah and “next Holocaust”, you’ll find a lot. Apparently everything is leading to “the next Holocaust.”

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  • Bill_thompson95

    Another right wing psychotic. Nothing new to see here people, move along

  • Stephen Milhollin

    Joseph Farah’s assertion that the President is the personification of his agenda really makes no sense at all. I guess Farah doesn’t know what personification even means, or how to apply the concept to his assertions. President Obama believes in democracy, which includes freedom of association, speech, and religion. Farah is actually the enemy of our nation’s ideals. He doesn’t think that gay people should have the rights afforded to the rest of us by the U.S. Constitution. Since we have freedom of religion in the United States, we don’t have to agree with or abide by any religious beliefs espoused by Farah, or the god he believes in. Farah claims that his god is the author of liberty. How much liberty did the little innocent Midianite children have that were prisoners of war of the Jews in Numbers 31? Not much, since Moses led an attack on these children, killing them all (except for the virgin females that he allowed his troops to take home). Farah has no patent on morality, given this outrage in the Bible. Farah should shut his mouth and learn what democracy means.