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Ted Cruz Fail: Asks Facebook Friends if They Are Better Off After Obamacare, Gets 47,000 Yes Votes

After posting a Facebook poll that he was sure would get plenty of people to vent about the “ills of Obamacare”, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was surprised to find that 47,000 of his closest Facebook friends had voted “Yes” to his “Are you better off now than you were [before Obamacare]?” question.

On March 24, Cruz posted a survey on his Facebook page, saying “Quick poll: Obamacare was signed into law four years ago yesterday. Are you better off now than you were then? Comment with Yes or No!”

The poll didn’t quite go his way as 47,000 “Yes” votes flooded the comment section.

One commenter, Lori Newell, posted “Yes!! Much better off today!! And so are a lot of friends and family members who were either previously not insured, or were paying exorbitant rates due to previous illnesses. The ACA may need some fine tuning, but it’s an enormous step in the right direction.”

Lili Ann Fuller added “YES, best law ever! And way overdue! I spent all my retirement savings on overpriced insurance in order to save my life when I got cancer in 2005. I had no income and now have no savings. If it had been in place back then, I wouldn’t be looking at a poor retirement, but at least I am not worried about having care anymore.”

Another commenter, William Springer, replied “Yes, very much – both because the new benefits in the ACA will be saving me quite a bit of money, and because I got one of the good jobs created by the stimulus.”

Anne Wittig Pryor noted that “I don’t have Obamacare, but someone I know who had bad mouthed it for the past for years, recently had to get coverage after her husband recently passed away. The first words out of her mouth, “Thank God for Obamacare.” She is a staunch Republican and believes everything she hears on Fox News. And those who are saying they won’t comply are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Wake up!”

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

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