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Affluenza Teen Avoids Jail a SECOND Time

Texas teenager Ethan Couch made headlines when a psychologist described him as having “affluenza”, allowing the teen to walk despite killing four people while drunk driving. Well, Couch has avoided jail once again as a judge has sentenced him to attend a “rehabilitation center.”

Last December, Couch was sentenced to 10 years of probation despite killing four people and injuring two others while drunk driving. Couch lost control of his Ford F-350 and plowed into a group of people who were helping a woman whose car had broken down. He also had seven passengers in his car, and injured two that were sitting in the bed of the truck. One is paralyzed and is still unable to speak.

According to authorities, Couch, who was 16 years old at the time of incident, had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and had drugs like Valium in his system.

The sentence outraged families of the victims after a psychologist said that the teen’s “behavioral problems were influenced by a troubled upbringing in a wealthy family where privilege prevented him from grasping the consequences of his actions.”

The psychologist, G Dick Miller, told CNN that he regretted using the term “affluenza,” saying “Everyone seems to have hooked on to it. We used to call these people spoiled brats.”

Instead of being put behind bars, Couch was merely told he was no longer allowed to drive or use alcohol or drugs. Now, another judge has avoided sentencing Couch to a prison term, and instead “ordered the teen be placed in a lock-down residential treatment facility, where he will remain for an undisclosed period. She ordered his parents to pay for the cost of his treatment.”

Prosecutors had asked the judge for a 20 year sentence.

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    who gave this rich bitch alcohol? the person that did should lick the crap off the bottom of my shoes.

    • RealCowboy1011

      They stole a lot of it from Walmart in Burleson. It is not known if he has ever been charged with the shoplifting. But, no chance of prison there, either. Crime wasn’t bad enough.

  • Beverly Brown

    Really. And the psyc. doc said he wished he hadden used the word affluenza, well if he didn’t call it that the public surely would have reconignized the boy as being rich. We already knew that rich people hardly ever go to jail. This kid will probably end up in street justice.

  • Peter Rocca

    It was a perfect opportunity, now lost, to “cure” the boy of his “affluenza” and finally teaching him that his actions DO have consequences and that mummy and daddy’s money ISN’T going to bale him out everytime.

  • Karen

    Not only should the parents stand the cost of his “rehab” but should also made to do community service for the recommended 20 year sentence. After all, it sounds like the kid is looking for attention, but has accepted the fact that negative attention is better than nothing…

    • Eddie M. Love

      Karen I agree with u wholeheartedly. What is wrong with the justice system other than one sided.

  • joannejohnson

    What the hell?

  • Iain Sherwood

    Lock the little bastard away in a facility where ODCs (that’s Ordinary Decent Criminals) will teach him the error of his ways every night. Repeatedly….

  • Aaron Robinson


  • Aaron Robinson


  • Paul Knopf

    Remember this took place in texass rich people do not go to jail in texass only poor people like a good red state

  • Margie

    Pure unadultrated bullshit. Both these judges and parents should be in prison for their act of ignoring the law/

  • John_St_John

    That smarmy little s.o.b, and yes his mother is as far as I am concerned, needs to have that smirk wiped off his face and applied to his ass. And the judge needs to be drowned in a vat of rancid whale piss in the public square for good measure.

  • Karen Croft

    Why is a 16 yr old driving with 7 ppl in his truck. should be 18 to drive.Period! He deserve a jail sentence of at least 20 yrs with out probation ,he will find out quick about the real world !

  • Dan Root

    wtf and this is legal how? it’s beyond time to get rid of these asshole judge’s enough is enough!

  • ChanceChance

    And his parents are barely even paying for rehab… Taxpayers are paying for most of it.

  • Norman Poisson

    Hopefully the next few people he kills will be the rich children of judges.

  • Alexis

    that paralyzed *friend* of his in the car who can ‘t talk anymore, his family should be suing the pizz out of his family. i would take them for every dime they ever made. and, seriously, that kid has $$ and he’s dressed like THAT?