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Cop Who Shot Hofstra Student in the Head Goes Free

A police officer who accidently shot a Hofstra student in the head while looking for an armed robber has been cleared of any wrongdoing and is free to return to his job.

The Nassau County District Attorney has announced that officer Nikolas Budimlic “acted accordingly” when he shot the 21-year-old student in the head.

According to the DA’s report, the officer “reasonably perceived threats of deadly force against himself and others and acted accordingly.”

The incident happened last May when 30-year-old Delton Smith walked into a house near Hofstra University wearing a ski mask and brandishing a gun at 2 am. Smith forced the victim, Andrea Rebello, and three other students up the stairs and told them to give him all their valuables.

One of the students offered to go to the ATM and called 911 after she left. As the cops arrived, the incident turned into a hostage standoff.

“What now? I’m going to kill her! I’m getting out of here!” Smith reportedly yelled at officers.

According to the DA’s report, “Smith ignored numerous commands shouted by Officer Budimlic for Smith to drop his weapon. Smith, alternately pointing his gun at Andrea Rebello and Officer Budimlic, threatened to kill both of them.”

The officer opened fire, hitting Smith with seven shots, immediately killing him. One of the shots hit Rebello in the head. According to police, Andrea’s sister’s boyfriend ran out of the house to taunt the armed robber, yelling “That’s what you get,” only to find his girlfriend’s sister with a bullet in her head.

The young girl died at Nassau University Medical Center.

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