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Tea Party Leader: God is Against Efforts to Reduce Income Inequality

Rick Scarborough is the head of Tea Party Unity. Apparently, he also has a direct line to God as the Tea Party leader said that God is on the Tea Party’s side and opposed “the work of progressives to reduce income inequality.”

Scarborough also set up a conference call with former California Republican state lawmaker Howard Kaloogian in which the Tea Party Expresser said “I think it’s very important that churches get involved and that Christians follow the dictates of biblical principles in casting their vote. I think it’s clear that God has a position on many of the things we deem political today, from life to theft to the doctrine of covetousness, which by the way seems to be the promotion of the left. You know, they talk about ‘income inequality,’ well what is that but covetousness? So how could somebody support that cause if they’re biblical believing Christians?”

Scarborough noted that God will “intervene on behalf of the Tea Party in order to save America from collapse.”

“If we do our part then I’m confident that the God of Heaven will intervene,” Scarborough said. “This country has been on the brink of complete disaster and collapse in several occasions in our national history. During the Roaring Twenties, socially this country was on the brink and deserved judgment; go back during the pre-Civil War era when we were buying and selling human beings, we deserved God’s judgment. But there was always a thread of Christians active in politics who didn’t lose sight of the prize and did what they could and God intervened, and that’s what I pray for and work for in this latter period of our national history. No matter what we do, if God doesn’t intervene the country is lost. But I know this, all the prayers in the world won’t change this country and God’s not going to act if those of us who I call the remnant don’t get involved, pay the price, like you’re doing, so I encourage you to continue doing that.”

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  • Louis Perez

    He has GOD mixed up with SATAN.

  • Gene Bridges

    God loves the Tea Party. That’s why He supports their constant racism and incessant violations of the 9th Commandment. He’s also got an interesting view on covetousness. Income inequality is one of the major driving forces behind covetousness. There’s no more sure way of maintaining conditions that lead people into discontentment and coveting what others have that vast income inequality. Has he never read the Old Testament, in which the prophets indicted the rich for extorting the poor via the tax system? Has he never read texts like this? Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Seriously, this man is biblically illiterate.

    • klhayes

      I was just thinking “he’s never read Proverbs, the Prophets or the Book of James”. And yes the OT is very clear about how we treat the poor.

      • Leigh Williams

        So is the New Testament. Jesus talks about poverty more than any other topic.

  • Barbara Bowman


  • Susan Tague

    This guy is a piece of work.He’a biblical idiot ate most RWNJS. These people need to go away.That will save this country.

  • liberalinlove

    Yes, bring back slavery and make the tea party supremely pleased with themselves!

  • diablodejalisco

    this man is very confused but i am sure his weak minded flock will believe every word he says.

  • Dewenda Cooper

    Such a idiotic yes man. They tea baggers didn’t even included him in their racist circle. To say that Our Heavenly Father is against economical equality and view it as being covetenous is a ideology straight from the father of lies satan. This shows that the teabaggers and republicans (so called Christians) will stop at nothing, even the loss of their souls.

  • G. W. Markle

    The Christian Dilemma:

    The greatest threat to America, and indeed to the rest of world, at this point in history, comes from the staunch advocates of right wing ideology, and I must submit this warning to you: There is a grave problem with the right wing movement, in that; they seem to possess a distorted sense of entitlement. They’ve set themselves apart, and seem to think that their faith gives them the right to view the world from a platitude of conceit, through condescending eyes, and with a false sense of superiority. They actually believe themselves to be superior beings, with a manifest destiny and some strange notion that God is on their side. A people with a desire to conquer, under the false guise of Christianity, seeking to dominate in the name of Christ, their view of humanity being reduced to nothing more than a matter of
    “us” and “them”.

    What they fail to realize is; if the Christ you believe in leads you to view other humans as lesser beings, then you are a follower of the
    anti-Christ. The plain truth is; God doesn’t have a religion and God doesn’t discriminate. Any religion that professes to be the only true religion, or that they‘re special in the eyes of God preaches false doctrine. If the Spirit of God is truly with you, it will only be known by acts of “unconditional” love and charity. No religion can claim exclusive rights to God. He belongs to all that He has created, and to foster a belief in “us” and “them” is to divide humanity, not unite it.

    And so it will be, in The End, that those who have set themselves
    apart from their fellow man will find that they have set themselves apart from God. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more, nothing less. Woe to those who have taken the widow’s mite and built castles and empires in His name. They have incurred a great accountability, their suffering will be unending.

    Even Jesus will not claim to be Christian, but will only proclaim the glory of the Father. And when He returns they will shout: “Here we are Lord!” And He will respond: “I never knew you”. They have forsaken the Word and have become prisoners of the Numbers.

    Those who have put themselves first will be last.

    • ozarkmichael

      G.W. Markle posts that little sermon everywhere. Click on his name and see. The same thing over and over.
      The problem with his little sermon is that he generalizes a bad quality onto millions of people, and then on the basis of his political labeling, he procedes to condemn them all to hell(as followers of the anti-Christ). And he means it!
      This mixing of politics with religion is dangerous. I don’t care who does it(Left or Right) or for what cause. G.W. Markle is a Leftist version the head of Tea Party Unity, Rick Scarborough. He runs religion into politics too much, with his”God is on our side… and God hates the other side.”
      I don’t think its good for politics. I don’t think its good for religion either

      • Tony Mitchell

        Nice try.

        • ozarkmichael


      • diablodejalisco

        i kind of like it. teabaggers need to understand that they are not in good standing.

        • ozarkmichael

          Does Occupy also need to be “in good standing” with its political opposition? No. Occupy should simply remain true to whatever principles it is standing up for.

          But if I were top say that Occupy “needs to understand that they are not in good standing” doesn’t that sound a bit threatening? as if something bad could happen to them and I am making a subtle nod of approval?
          Well, I would never say that to an Occupier. But you have said it to the Tea Party.

      • tracy two crows

        And apparently,needs to continue doing so,until selfish snottwaffles such as yourself get the darn message through your heads.

    • RuralStupidity

      Absolutely brilliant. Nothing to add. And, thank you.

  • Angel Rivera

    Greed is bad. If you are wealthy and help your fellow man, that makes you a good person. If you are wealthy, fight tooth and nail to reduce pay of people that are not making enough money anyway, then you are evil.

  • jacque sawyer

    . This man is everything that is wrong in America today.

  • There are all kinds of Evil, but using the glory of God as an excuse to lie to the country about your personal agenda to steal is just wrong..Do you know why Born Again Christians never have Jesus on the Cross? Or display anything that remotely represents the Christ? Because when they become “Born Again”, they haven’t recieved the grace of God, they’ve openly denied any and everything he ever stood on. Just like the 10 commandments.. They pick and choose what serves them, and not the Lord…. Buyer BEWARD…

  • CCurtis

    Are all or rather most American Televangelists insane?. The arrant nonsense they spout, certainly from a logical standpoint,does seem to be the ravings of a Lunatic. Do citizens of the USA take these Nutters seriously? or is this a Comedy show. Unbelievable. I do not believe in Heaven or Hell. Certainly would not wish to go to Heaven..May have one of these imbeciles as a neighbor…May the Ancestral Spirits save me from these lunatics in the afterlife.

  • diablodejalisco

    you would probably be surprised at how many people will believe him and support what he is saying. what a shame.

  • liberalinlove

    Interesting that in Jesus time their were many “messiahs” roaming the area. The Jews, or the faithful were those looking for someone to establish a theocracy on earth! Yet Jesus said the kingdom of God is within, and those who truly know God will love their neighbor as themselves!

    Apart from the fact that “just” opportunity is good for the country, we see people capable of self-care when given the chance!

    As our president has repeatedly said, If you work hard, are responsible, and want to, you too should be able to share in the American Dream!

  • Truthforme

    “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:23-26

  • RuralStupidity

    And his followers will fall right into line. Sad.