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Times Editor: Transgender Equality ‘Endangers Every Single Female’

Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller took to the op-ed pages to decry a new Maryland bill that aims to protect the transgender community from discrimination.

Last week, Maryland lawmakers approved a bill called Fairness for All Marylanders Act, aimed at stopping discrimination against transgender people in housing, credit, employment, and public accommodations.

Miller, however, believes the “bathroom bill” will lead to an increase in sexual assaults and thinks that men will use the opportunity to just start wandering into women’s bathrooms.

“The most dangerous impact of this new law is that a man cannot be stopped from going into a women’s bathroom, locker room or pool changing room,” Miller wrote. “The state does not specify that a person must have undergone a sex-change operation to have their legal rights of ‘gender identity’ protected. A man doesn’t even have to dress like a woman. To be considered transgender, you just have to give a ‘consistent and uniform assertion’ of believing you are supposed to be the opposite sex. Or, a person has to provide evidence that the non-biological sex is ‘sincerely held as part of the person’s core identity.’”

Miller went on to assert that “No one knows exactly how many people believe they were born the wrong sex and want to act out on it. A Los Angeles County Department of Public Health report in 2012 estimates that 0.2 percent of the population is transgender. Even if we accept this very high count, that means 12,000 of the 6 million Marylanders will benefit by this law that endangers every single female.”

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  • c1h2r3i4s5

    I dismiss her based on her being an editor at the far right wing paper the Wash. Times run by the King of America,yes I said King of America !!!!

  • Susan Tague

    Freedom for one group of America NEVER endangers another.Paranoid bitch..

  • tiedtotheair2

    I’m sorry. I’m about as liberal as they come and I agree that you should not discriminate against a person because they are gay. But because a man chooses to dress like a woman does not mean he is a woman and should be allowed free access to a woman’s bathroom, changing room or locker room. That’s taking it a bit far. Transgenders and gay is not the same thing…

  • mjjracer

    True, there is nothing to stop transgender men from walking into womens bathrooms. Of course, there is nothing stopping ANY man from walking into a womans restroom. I know of no law preventing that.
    Geez, stupid people.