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Right Wing Rant: Obama is Ordering Christians to Kill Children

Gordon Klingenschmitt has made many headlines of late while discussing the president on his Pray in Jesus Name show and most recently warned that Obama is forcing Christians to kill children as part of “a spiritual war to save or destroy unborn babies and the elderly.”

In an email to his followers, Klingenschmitt discussed the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case, writing “How dare President Obama order Christians to kill children? How dare any Justice consider ordering Christians to kill children? It’s bad enough they kill children on their own without our help. But now they demand we pay for it to?”

He goes on to cite the abortion statute in the Affordable Care Act, saying “Democrats lied when they claimed to prevent public tax-payer funding of abortion, and mandated private funding of abortion (as if that should be allowed either). And Planned Parenthood clearly lied in their analysis of the law, when they claimed “forcing individuals to write two separate checks (both of which are out of private funds) and requiring health plans to administer two different payments of private funds is not necessary to insure public funds are not used for abortion care.” No public funds? Really?

“They lied, plain and simple, because the law quoted above now reads ABORTIONS FOR WHICH PUBLIC FUNDING IS ALLOWED through the Department of Health and Human Services, subsidizing child-killing of innocents with your tax-dollars, so welfare-moms can kill their child for a $12 co-pay, while Planned Parenthood gets rich charging YOU thousands of tax dollars against your will. No wonder both Stupak and Nelson were labeled traitors by every credible pro-life group in America.

“Friends, our nation stands in the midst of a spiritual war to save or destroy unborn babies and the elderly. You and I stand in this battle together. We must stand strong!”

Of course, the language that he cites doesn’t quite say what he says it says. Representative Ron Kind explains that “The Hyde Amendment specifically is not included in the bill though the language included in the bill accomplishes what the Hyde Amendment seeks to do – preventing federal funding for abortions except in the instances of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act maintains current law regarding federal funding for abortion services.”

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  • sunshipballoons

    How dare this jerk order Christians to ignore the all-important apostrophe!

  • diablodejalisco

    whats really amazing is how many people will believe him.

    • Cindy Kaes Neal

      No, it is frightening!

  • fella

    It looks like people understand very little English: nobody is pro abortion!!!
    There are people that are pro -choice as in deciding for yourself what to do with your life or your own body for that matter. Nobody in the right mind wants to have an abortion but sometime it is a necessary route/option and women should have it, it is their right.
    And contraceptives-morning after pills included- are not an abortifacients.
    From all this self righteous people that are so hard against birth control and the likes, why don’t you take on the raising of all children that are not wanted or the result of rape, incest etc. But when it comes to that they defund anything that has to do with helping those children in need. They have a problem with contraceptives but they don’t see a problem in invading countries for no reason or sending soldiers to certain death in places that we have no business.
    One must wonder: what in God’s name is wrong with them?

  • Lake girl

    It is not a child until it is born. Exodus 21:21-22. God said that if two men are fighting and a woman loses the fruit of her womb, then the men pay her husband for the lost (of property), but it the women dies then it is a “life for a life”. Adam was not human until the breath of life was breathe into him.