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Republican Candidate: Disabled Children Are God’s Punishment For Abortion

Republican Virginia State Delegate and congressional candidate Bob Marshall has doubled down on his previous statements that disabled kids are God’s way of punishing women who have had an abortion.

In 2010, Marshall had said “Nature takes its vengeance on subsequent children. It’s a special punishment, Christians would suggest.”

Yesterday, Marshall said that he stands by those comments as he campaigns for a House seat and made some additional statements just in case anyone thought he was going to tone down the rhetoric.

Marshall accused Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy of being gay after he supported marriage equality. “For all I know, Kennedy’s a homosexual. You can’t be doing some of these things without this kind of conclusion,” Marshall asserted.

He then turned to the topic of abortion, saying “the number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion who have handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the firstborn of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children.”

When asked if abortion should be illegal in cases of rape and incest, Marshall replied “What if incest is voluntary? Sometimes it is.”

Marshall has a long history of pretty ridiculous comments. He spoke out against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, saying that the move would “jeopardize our alliances” and noted that “it’s a distraction when I’m on the battlefield and I have to concentrate on the guy 600 yards away, am I worrying about this guy whose got eyes on me?”

He’s called Obamacare “economic rape,” saying “this is a fight over whether you are a citizen or a serf. It’s not your wallet they want, it’s your soul, it’s your family. Indeed, the individual mandate is not voluntary commercial intercourse, it is forcible economic rape.”

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  • mjjracer

    Idiot. The Dems have some doozies too, but for true bat-s**t crazy, you gotta go Republickant.

  • whatcom_bassist

    Even given the amount of GOP whack jobs we have to endure, this is amazing. Who the fuck would vote for these people?

  • Debra Ranson

    He makes me wish abortions were retro-active……

  • diablodejalisco

    i dont understand how these people get elected. its scary to think there is that many people that will vote for them.

  • Nanatosix

    This man gives stupidity a bad name. Where does he get his misinformation? Please Virginians DON’T vote for this crazy man.
    What does he know about voluntary incest? Has he participated in it with a child of his?

  • Coolcooker

    From what rock do some of these people crawl out from under? I think it isn’t nature that is vengeful as much as some people.

  • sls_19

    That sick son-of-a-6!%#(-)

  • proud east sider

    Well I hate to tell this idiot this but ive never had an abortion, my oldest child’s is autistic and he is my gift from God, so you basically dont know your a$$ from applebutter, so do us all a favor shutup!

  • Bill Roberts

    When are we going to condemn this Christian culture that turn good, intelligent, reasonable people into hateful, cowardly children that only care about spreading their hate and fear? If that’s what makes a good Christian than your god is an ass!!!!

  • Ramses II

    What manner of evil should be held to account for the existence of Robert ‘Bobby’ Marshall?

  • Jodye Rudolph

    What about me? I’m disabled but my mother never had an abortion in her life. My sister has some disabilty too, and she was the first born. This is why we need to send a strong message to republicans about their behavior by refusing to vote for them. “Rape is NOT an act of god.” “Disabled children DO NOT come after abortion.” My cousin had to have an abortion to save her life. Her next pregnancy ended with the birth of a beautiful little girl that is NOT disabled in anyway.

  • Stephanie

    I find this to be a load of bull since neither I, nor my mum ever had abortions and she ended up with a disabled kid(me – Asperger’s) and my middle kiddo is disabled.

    The level of idiocy that he and others that think like him suffer from is just plain frightening.

  • Chris

    AH so it’s legitimate economic rape then? Just wanted to clarify on that…