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Texas Cop Suspended After Video Shows Him Violently Breaking Teen’s Arm in School

A Texas police officer has been suspended without pay after he was caught on video violently breaking a young high school student’s arm while breaking up a fight.

The video shows two young men fighting in West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas. Police say the two students had previously fought several times before. A female security officer tries to restrain one of the students but he breaks free. The student is then brought down by the female officer and male police officer, Stephen Rivers.

Rivers grabs the student’s arm and pushes it forward. A loud snap can be heard as the arm breaks while the female officer is still holding the student down to the ground.

One student yells “Oh my God!” to which Rivers replies “It’s alright.” Meanwhile, the young man is screaming in pain on the ground, at one point yelling “My arm broke.”

Clydell Duncan, the Beaumont Independent School District Police Chief, says that Rivers was suspended because he used an improper handcuff technique, pushing the arm forward instead of backward, resulting in the arm breaking.

The incident occurred in March and Rivers remains suspended without pay. “Once the video was distributed, we were able to view it and there were concerns. We have not determined the circumstances for improper technique,” Duncan says.

The video has now made its way all over the internet and viewers have very different takes. Martin Scott notes “The young man was refusing to comply with the officer, and once again we don’t see what happened to cause the officer is trying to subdue him. Officer says “don’t move,” you don’t move. Don’t condemn unless you know the whole story.” Another commenter replied “The cop(s) clearly had the upper hand and he used his leverage to break the kids arm. It takes a lot of force, and the kid was already down with a knee in his back. This cop should go to jail for assault. He wasn’t defending himself, he was acting like a vigilante.”

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