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Radio Host: Poor ‘Ought to be Kissing the Ground on Which The Rich Walk’

Radio host Bryan Fischer appeared on his show yesterday to remind the poor that they better thank the rich for all the great free stuff they get.

Fischer cited a Wall Street Journal article that noted that the top 1 percent of Americans account for almost 30 percent of all federal tax revenue though they control, according to him, 17 percent of the wealth. To him, that seems like a lot. Maybe it is. If his numbers were more accurate, maybe he wouldn’t have such a hard time wrapping his head around it. The top 1 percent owns 35 percent of the nation’s wealth, not 17, ergo, not really a stretch that they would pay that much in taxes.

Regardless, Fisher then said that “Rather than the poor and the middle class being resentful of these people, they should be kissing the ground on which they walk.”

He continued, saying “Who’s paying for the EBT cards? Who’s paying for food stamps? Who’s paying for subsidized housing? Who’s paying for Medicaid? It is the top 1 percent.”

Technically, they pay for 29 percent of EBT cards, food stamps, and Medicaid, but, you know, to hell with facts.

He went on, saying “They ought to be given ticker tape parades once a week in all of our major cities to thank them for funding welfare for everybody.”

Who is this everybody? And why is the 29 percent of the federal tax revenue that the rich are responsible for somehow more important than the other 71 percent? If anything, the top 1 percent is paying about six percent less than they should in federal tax revenue since that amounts to 35 percent of the wealth they own, using Fischer’s own logic.

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