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Columnist Accuses Obama of Blasphemy, Desecrating Easter by Making it a ‘Celebration of Everything Gay’

Jeff Allen, the senior editor of conservative website BarbWire, has written a column blasting President Obama for “desecrating Easter” by making it a “celebration of everything gay.”

In the column, aptly titled “Blasphemy: Obama Picks ‘Gay’ Bishop For Easter Prayer,” Allen writes “President Barack Obama hosted about 150 Christian leaders at the Fifth Annual Easter Prayer Breakfast on Monday. At the conclusion of the event, the president chose to desecrate the Easter observance by spontaneously inviting the Episcopal Church’s first self-avowed, practicing homosexual bishop to offer the closing prayer. In his and the culture’s celebration of everything “gay,” apparently nothing is sacred.”

This column comes on the heels of another piece Allen wrote, slamming Nevada Republicans for dropping abortion and anti-gay positions from the party’s official platform. Allen wrote “Well, the slow, agonizing process of political suicide has officially begun. On Saturday, the Nevada Republican Party struck the precursory blow in the torturous bludgeoning death of the GOP. At a state convention which pitted the establishment, Ruling Class Republicans against conservative Tea Party members over political endorsements, the Nevada delegates did, however, manage to make the controversial decision to abandon their stance on sodomy-based marriage and abortion.”

He then added “they seem to have conveniently ignored the fact that the homosexual agenda has been rapidly eroding the personal freedoms of people of faith, forcing them to violate their consciences and stripping them of other First Amendment protections.”

Allen concludes his piece with a warning to Republicans, writing “Despite the Nevada Republican Party’s suicidal tendencies with regards to the social issues, it is imperative that we elect a conservative Republican who will staunchly defend marriage and the rights of the unborn. Or else the party is history. And talk of a third party will pick up more steam.”

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