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Glenn Beck: Everything God Warned Me About Is Now Happening

In a morning meeting with staffers, Glenn Beck told his employees that his “longest running, unspoken prophecy” is becoming a reality.

Beck told his employees that the “prophecy” is being “fulfilled right now.” “It is one that I haven’t spoken and I still am not going to because it is the one most personally frightening to me.”

Beck then discussed his conversations with God. Yep. Beck said “I even argued with him (God) a week ago, saying ‘not possible,’ ‘won’t happen, not possible.’ And it’s happening. And I know it.”

Beck went on to say “It’s going to get ugly, but now is the time. The Malcom X/Martin Luther King time is here. It’s happening.”

This was all repeated on his radio show as well when Beck warned “It is something that I have avoided at every turn. And just about the last two months I have been arguing with God, because I have that kind of relationship with him, that it’s not even possible. Won’t happen.”

He added “I do believe we are entering dangerous times. They are the times that have been foretold, they are the times that I have, on a different scale, seen coming as well. I believe what has been set in motion now is new and different and will tear us apart.”

It’s fitting, no? An unspoken prophecy? A “new” thing that cannot be spoken off but will tear us apart? Beck is literally moving away from painting Obamacare and gay rights as the boogeyman that’s coming to destroy America and literally inciting fear over a boogeyman that no one else can see and he can’t tell you about.

By the way, isn’t arguing with God a sign of serious mental instability?

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

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  • J. Kevin Michel

    Can someone please adjust bothe his dosages AND his voltage?

    • BO_stinks

      instead of the personal attack what can you say? must be a liberal.

  • Carol Dale

    Glen Beck is nuts! Why would god tell him when he speaks hateful thing all the time! He is actually getting rich over being a fear monger.
    He seeth with hate for President Obama. God is not a God of hate people! No he making it racial by mentioning Martin L. King a non violent peacemaker!

    • BO_stinks

      Nuts? no that would be Obama’s former pastor and mentor of 20 years who said “God damn America”

  • Aaron Robinson


  • Sapphire Possible

    He worships the devil.

  • NorwegianPower

    Glenn is becoming even more unhinged.